Sanatana Dharma Chart- Spiritual Evolution

Gitananda has developed this beautiful chart “Spiritual Evolution of Sanatana Dharma ” with Mention about

Jainism and Budhism as they are all similar to Hinduism which can be also called as Sanatana Dharma.

This is an easy to understand Chart in just One Page.

5 Sanatan Dharma Chart Edt 2

2 thoughts on “Sanatana Dharma Chart- Spiritual Evolution

  1. The chart was brilliant .Thanks. Interesting to find your blog as I happened to have started something similar ! Same old but different. I hope.

    1. Hi Anu,
      Glad you liked the post.Feel free to use any contents from my blog to your blog
      as its going to help children.Just mention my blog name.Check out my other blogs
      too on Gandhi, Ramahanuman raksha, Prana Life Style,and my music site
      and Prana Kishore chanel on you tube.You can embed those vedios on yr blog.

      Prana Kishore

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