Ms Danielle Riordan says “Iam Gauri Maheswari and Iam a Hindu”

Ms Danielle Riordan says “Iam Gauri Maheswari and Iam a Hindu”

She explains in simple terms Basics of Hinduism by Gauri Maheshwari (Danielle Riordan)

Raised Catholic, and considering herself spiritual for many years, Danielle decided to convert to Hinduism.Hinduism is a way of life for Danielle. In fact, it is the very essence of life and gives her purpose in all she does. It makes her a kinder, gentler person because she realizes that God is in everyone and so she must treat people the way she would treat God.

Prana Kishore placed this link only to show how Ms Gowri explained so well  about Hinduism.Great Questions simple answers by her.


9 thoughts on “Ms Danielle Riordan says “Iam Gauri Maheswari and Iam a Hindu”

  1. vivekanand kola

    I am Proud to be an Hindu and salute to my dear sister. I am big worry about our Hindu(Lions) changed to cheep(christian) in birth place of Hindu(Bharat or Hindu stan).My name is Vivekanand i am big fan of swami Vivekananda he is the one of the world guru.
    I am strongly believe Lord Shiva he is only created Vishnum and Bhramma…and all the others..

    1. Hi Vivek
      Thank you for your views.I think the first think a Hindu can do is practice Hinduism in his home,listen,learn,practice then teach other Hindus.If we do this
      we will be stronger inside and outside with our religion.About conversions one can convert the body not the soul and very soon poor people who got converted will convert back.Once born Hindu he would like to die as Hindu.Thats the vedam.Thats the truth.The more knowldge we can put it out there helping next gen the better they will be in life.Join me in this movement to empower our next gen through vedas,healing mantras,healing music.

    1. Sorry She does not like to be disturbed.There are too many requests.One must find their own path of discovery in their life.She has chosen her path after reading,understanding about Hinduism.

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