Sri Rama Jayam For Next Gen -Prana Kishore

Sri Rama Jayam For Next Gen

Generation X-Y-Z and Millennials grew up in a fast changing world in technology,culture,economy and relationships filled with stress. All they witnessed were problems,misery and devastating incidents.In the process they could not find a role model in the society to look up to and follow.Values deteriorated and became an acceptable standard in day to day life.

Sri Rama Jayam album is released to help the Next Generation that you can adopt Sri Rama and Sita as role models in your life by bringing back the importance of religion into your life to solve your problems with the blessings of Sri Rama and celebrate your victory as Sri Rama’s victory or Sri Rama’s victory as your victory – Sri Rama Jayam

Prana Kishore sang and composed in this album “Sri Rama Jayam for Next Gen” with his daughers Keerthana Kishore and Sitara Kishore released just in time for

Sri Rama Navami on 8th April 2014.Sri Rama’s birthday and also anniversary of Sri Rama and Sita.May this album bless young boys and girls to get married happily fast and may all their dreams come true victoriously.

Next Generation are so busy that they do not have time to pray,the 6 tracks here will help them pray daily, meditate by listening and develop the positive attitude to succeed in life

Parvathi always asks lord Shiva for easy solutions. She asked if there is an easy way to sing,narate 1000 names of Vishnu (Vishnu Sahasranama).Lord Shiva said singing or narating just 4 lines of Sri Rama Mantra-Sri Rama Rama Ramethi is equivalent to saying Vishnu Sahasranama.This is one important track in this album.


Ramayanam Book is considered very lucky to keep at home..Eka Slokam Ramayanam is Ramayanam in just 4 lines.Listening and singing these 4 lines is very good and makes you very happy

Bhagavatham book is also considered lucky to keep at home.Eka Slokam Bhagavatham is Bhagavatham im just 4 lines.Listening and singing these 4 lines is very good to keep peace and happiness in your family.

Listen to the Universal powerful Mantra in 3 lines Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha combines the power of Sri Hanuman and His Lord Sri Rama all in one.

Om Shri Venkateshaya Mantra has powerful vibration just like in the Tirupathi Balaji Temple when you are about to see the Sri Balaji Idol.

Tara means star cannot been seen by humans.Avatar means Tara coming to the world in human form to be visible to humans.

Sri Rama is the 7th avatar out of the 10 avatars of Vishnu.Rama Avatar is the only avatar close to Humans.

Sri Rama-the all powerful divine magical name “Rama” is known

as the Taraka Mantra. It is said that the syllable “Ra” is from the Ashtakshari mantra RA from “Om Namo NaRAyana” and the syllable “Ma” is from

“Om NaMAh Shivaaya”. So the single name of Rama combines the divinity of both Shiva and Vishnu. as RAMA.

The question whether the Lord’s Name (Nama) or the Lord Himself (Nami) is superior. Narada has proved in the story with Sri Viswamitra through Sri Hanuman that Sri Rama’s name is superior and powerful than Sri Rama himself.(Read Prana Kishore Blog on Sri Rama Jayam on

when Rama crossed over to Lanka to battle against Ravana, the monkeys helped him to cross the sea by building a bridge of stones. These stones floated in the water because they had been inscribed with the words “Sri Ram” before throwing them in the water. This enabled them to float thus creating the bridge.Hence, people believe, writing name of “Srirama” will help to overcome problems leading to success.

Photo of Real stone floating on water taken from Dhanushkodi city in india where

the bridge was built from india to sri lanka

Prana Kishore sings Sri Rama Astothara Satha Namavalli-108 names of Sri Rama.108 Deferent names of Sri Rama to help you understand Sri Rama.Listen to this song closing your eyes after 12 minutes you will find total peace in your mind and heart.

“Sri Rama Jayam” powerful 3 words are written before you start to write any

examination,project,wedding card,planning for wedding, or anything of importance in India.

Pl read all about how to write Sri Rama Jayam 1 crore time and its benefits in prana kishore one page Hinduism blog. Rama Koti Likhita Japa is writing Sri Rama Jayam or sri Rama or Rama daily is like you meditating on Rama and will help you focus in life,bring inner peace leading to success in your life.

Prana Kishore launches “Sri Rama Jayam-Rama Koti Movement” to spread the powerful word of Sri Rama to the all generations and families.

All you need to do is to take a paper and write the 3 words “Sri Rama jayam”daily 3-9-27-54-108 times as and when you have time till you complete one crore.After that you can send few books to Rama temple keep few books at yr home,distribute few pages or books to your children for them to give to their grand children as your family tradition for success.

Imagine if you are given the Sri Rama Jayam book written by your parents,

grand parents,great great grand parents in their hand writting…..

what a treasure…..what a blessings…what else do you need….

Sri Rama Jayam.

May Sri Rama be with you in your life leading you to victory

May you become Sri Rama in this world since Rama is in every human being

Sri Rama Jayam-Nothing is Impossible

Join the Sri Rama jayam-Rama Koti Movement at and

2 thoughts on “Sri Rama Jayam For Next Gen -Prana Kishore

  1. krishnaweny gannasan name is from malaysia..i wanna ask tat…i love one guy..can i wrote this mantra and how to wrote..i wanna he oso love me n married me,,,coz now im here coz him..he the wan change my life come out from my past…i felt if he became my life partner sure im happy…please help many people askig for bad oso..but im asking for life plz help me

    1. Sorry for my late reply.I apologize as I was busy with music composing and releasing my divine music world wide.Sri Rama Jayam is like meditation which brings you peace happiness when you write.Yes it will help you solve your problems.There is nothing wrong in being Gay.Be bold and declare it with no fear as you did not do anything wrong.God will love you for being you.
      wishing you all the very best and may you dreams come true
      Prana Kishore

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