Battle Between Rama And Hanuman Why Rama’s Name Is More Powerful Than Lord Rama Himself

Hanuman’s life is another glowing testament of the glory of God’s name. Throughout his illustrious life, Hanuman demonstrated how a devotee could perform superhuman feats by unconditionally relying on God. One example illustrates this point. Once, there was a disagreement between Sage Vishwamitra and Sage Vashishta. The two were debating about the greatest power in the universe. The former contested that Lord Rama’s arrows were supremely powerful, while the latter argued that God’s name was most powerful, even more powerful than God Himself. To test the validity of their theories, they proposed a test that was to be executed by Vishwamitra himself.

In those days it was customary for householder devotees to receive guests, especially holy ones, with great reverence. One failing this duty would often be the recipient of a curse or fall prey to unpleasant circumstances. Vishwamitra was aware of this and intentionally visited a devotee-king, Chandrabhanu, while he was in deep meditation. Since the king was in a trance, he failed to receive the saint reverentially. This infuriated the sage and he rushed to Lord Rama, who held holy ones in high esteem and went to great extents to appease them. Vishwamitra was aware of this fact and he tactfully made Rama take an oath that the one who insulted Vishwamitra would be killed by His infallible bow. True to His promise, Rama set out on a quest to kill the one who had offended the great Vishwamitra.

In the meanwhile, Sage Narada informed Chandrabhanu about the imminent danger. Frightened by the sure prospect of death, he sought Narada’s counsel and requested him if there was any way to avert the tragedy. Narada advised Chandrabhanu to seek protection from Hanuman. He further suggested that Chandrabhanu should reveal the source of danger only after he had extracted a promise from Hanuman.

As advised by the sage, Chandrabhanu held Hanuman’s feet and sought his protection. Hanuman took an oath in Rama’s name and promised to protect the king even at the cost of his own life. The stage was well set. On one hand the Lord was bound by His oath, while on the other His most loyal and beloved devotee Hanuman was bound by an opposing oath.

To fulfill his promise, Rama sent His powerful army to kill Chandrabhanu but it was vanquished by the valiant Hanuman in a trice. Rama then sent his brothers and ministers. They, too, were defeated by Hanuman. Finally, Rama Himself came to the scene to see the one who had given succor to Chandrabhanu. He was surprised to find Hanuman, his most beloved devotee, protecting the one who stood against Rama. The Lord immediately ordered Hanuman to give up, but the latter, with great humility submitted that he had taken an oath in Rama’s name and would never do anything to tarnish its glory. On explaining this Hanuman stood still, but every pore of his body was reverberating with Rama’s name.


Rama then lifted his divine bow and let loose a foray of arrows, all of which miraculously turned into flower garlands decorating the neck of the valiant Hanuman. Vashishta explained the astonished onlookers that even through Rama’s arrows were invincible, they were no match for His own name. It was then that everyone, including Vishwamitra, realized the power of God’s name. Rama was extremely pleased with the devotion of Hanuman and blessed him profusely. To keep his beloved devotee’s oath, the merciful Lord forsook His own and granted forgiveness to Chandrabhanu. Such is the power of the name. It can protect one from almighty God Himself, what power is there to fear then.


Version 2

Bhagwan Ram was seated on his royal throne. DevRishi Narad, Rishi Vishwamitra, Guru Vashishta and many other sages were also present in the court four counseling him.  They were all contemplating on some religious issue. Right then DevRishi Narad said, “hey scholars, please let me know who is more powerful. “The God himself or His Name”. After a long debate the questions remained unanswered. Then DevRishi Narad himself declared that “His Name” is higher than the person name and went to the extent of proving the fact before the dispersal of the royal court. Then Narad  Ji called Shri Hanuman Ji and said, “when everyone was about to leave the court”, “You will bid greeting to every Sage but not Vishwamitra because he is a king”. Then turn to Rishi and said “He does not deserve the same respect and honor as others present here”.


Hanuman Ji agreed and obeyed Maha Rishi Narad. RajRishi Vishwamitra was very upset by seeing this rudeness of Hanuman Ji. As he was trying to compose himself DevRishi appeared before him and said, “Did you notice the arrogance of Hanuman? He know that you have done mare favor for his lord Shri Ram by giving him the knowledge. It was because of you he could marry Devi Sita, still Hanuman ignored you and paid obeisance to all other saints and sages. He has insulted you intentionally”. Provoked by DevRishi Narad, Rishi Vishwamitra became very angry. He went to King Rama and said , “your devotee Hanuman has insulted me publically, so he should get the death penalty before sunset tomorrow for his arrogance. Rishi Vishwamitra was Shri Ram’s Guru and Ram could not disobey his Guru at any cost, so he had to punish Hanuman Ji for his disrespect shown to the Guru. Shri Ram was dumb-founded for a moment because Hanuman was his most beloved devotee. The news of the death penalty of Hanuman by Shri Ram became the talk of the town and it spread like a wild fire. Hanuman Ji was very said two. He repented for his misdeed and went to DevRishi Narad and request him to protect him from Rishi Vishwamitra’s wrath and from the arrows of Shri Ram. I did that because of your suggestion. DevRishi Narad replied very calmly. “Don’t worry Hanuman”. Don’t be dismayed only do what you has been advise to do. Get up early in the morning and take a bath in the Saryu River. Then stand on the banks of the river and start chanting Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. I will guarantee you, that nothing will happen to you. The next day Hanuman Ji did as DevRishi Narad told him. People from all over the kingdom gathered there to see the harvest test of Hanuman’s Devotion and Shri Ram’s strict values and rules (Maryada Purushottam). Then Shri Ram Ji came and stood at a distance from Hanuman’s Ji and started looking at him with kindness, but he is called Maryada Purushottam so against his will he started shooting arrows at Hanuman who was fully engrossed in chanting his name Jai Ram Shri Ram Jai Jai Ram. None of his arrows could touch Hanuman Ji. Shri Ram was exhausted but Hanuman Ji was only looking at his Lord with total surrender, love and devotion. Shri Ram used the most powerful weapons he had never used before but nothing could not harm Hanuman Ji. Then Shri Ram aimed his Brahmastra on him. Hanuman Ji kept chanting Shri Ram Mantra and did not move at all. The crowd of on-lookers was under a spell. They were calling out loudly victory to Shri Ram Bhakta Hanuman repeatedly. When DevRishi Narad notice the culminating Brahmastra he went to Rishi Vishwamitra and requested him to stop the unique battle. He said oh great sage, Hanuman Ji was very ignorant about your grace but does that make a difference in your greatness in anyway?. However this was a little drama that I directed to show the significance of “Ram Naam”. Do you agree now that Naam is more powerful than Shri Ram Himself. Vishwamitra was convinced and ordered Shri Ram to stop. Hanuman Ji came and prostrated himself on the feet of Shri Ram. He expressed his gratitude and apologized from Maharishi Vishwamitra. RajRishi not only forgave him but blessed him too, that his devotion towards Ram will be the loftiest example in time to come. “So the Greatness of Ram Naam was established”.

This is the reason why Rama’s Name is more powerful than the lord Rama Him Self

This is the main reason why people even today have been writing Sri Rama Jayam or Jai Sri Ram for the last 5000 years for success to all your problems in 21days 

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Om Sri Rama Jayam

Jai Sri Ram

Sita Ram

Om Sri Rama Hanuman Raksha

Prana Kishore

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