MERE TO GIRIDHAR GOPAL-Eternal Love Of Meera For Sri Krishna-15th Century Real Life Love Story-Prana Kishore Worldwide Release For Sri Krishna Janmastami on 14th Aug 2017

Mere To Giridhar Gopal 3000

Voice and Music By Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli With Special Performance by Dr ( Col) M Sitaram Renowned Cardiologist From  Andhra Pradesh India.

Prana Kishore as name itself suggests, Kishore means Sri Krishna and he is a huge devotee of Sri Krishna.He has been singing Meera Bhajans and Ghazals from younger days having learnt them from his teacher, Smt Priyamvadha (All India Radio ) who is known for it in addition to classical music.Prana Kishore started his musical journey with Tabla which is perfect match for such kind of music.

There are so many who sang Meera Bhajans and what makes this song so special and deferent?

Prana Kishore used rare instruments which were used during the time of Meera Bai in the cities she travelled and modernized the composition to appeal to the NextGen for them to appreciate and learn what Real love Is from Meeras Love For Sri Krishna in this 15th Century Real Life Story between a human being like Meera and Lord Sri Krishna.

Dr ( Col) M Sitaram a very close relative,  friend,mentor and doctor of  Prana Kishore  family who took care of both Prana Kishore parents, this collaboration is very dear to Prana Kishore heart.

Please listen with head phones to the beautiful composing and melodious voice of Prana Kishore as you feel the love of Meera for Sri Krishna making you wonder is it

MEERA KA KRISHNA YA KRISHNA KA MEERA BHAJAN Who is in love with whom more ???

This song “Mere To Giridhar Gopal” is the NO 1 song loved by both Meera and Sri Krishna this is the reason why only this song was chosen among over 1200 Meera Bhajans.


Prana Kishore wanted to make this very very special since its all about Sri Krishna

The following instruments were used many of which like saxophone and trumpet are used in rock music were used here.Here is the complete list of instruments used in recording this song

  1. Tabla
  2. Classical Violin
  3. Saxophone
  4. Trumpet
  5. Flute
  6. OUDH Rare
  7. Mouth organ
  8. Guitar Accoustic
  9. Guitar Real
  10. Chorus Philharmonic
  11. Base Trillian
  12. Effects Shaker on Tabla
  13. Organ chords
  14. PADs
  15. DUDUK Rare
  16. BAZUKI Rare
  17. kango AgainstTabla
  18. Tabla In Both Channels
  19. Stylus RMX
  20. Special Effects Traingle

Main Instruments in Back Ground Music 1 Violin and Saxophone like western music

Main Instruments in Back Ground Music 2 Oudh/Violin/Duduku/Flute

Main Instruments In Back Ground Music 3 Violins of 3 deferent kinds/Saxophone

Here is the main Secret

95% of singers sing to music already composed by listening to the music called the Track

Track is music without the voice and singer sings to the track listening to the music which is so easy for the singers.

Prana Kishore does the opposite which is very very deficult.

He sings without ANY instruments just his voice and records his voice first, he sings first and then adds one instrument after other mostly 20-50  instruments.

Then he sits down with the recording engineer and records each instruments one by one from the opening to back ground music 1-2-3.Finally he mixes and masters the song to 7.1 surround sound system.He wants his listeners to be in the center of his music or the theme of the song.

How is he able to do this?

Prana Kishore base is TABLA he learnt this instruments for 3yrs as a child and he is so comfortable singing without ANY instruments since rhythm he feels it while singing.

Prana Kishores ardent follower of his music,his adviser and mentor Sri Bala says

” Listening to all his devotional and non devotional music I came to one conclusion,It’s as if all the instruments know Prana Kishore so well like their  friend and Prana Kishore also loves all his instruments as much like his friend, this is like Meera Loving   Krishna and Krishna loving Meera all in the mind.No wonder Prana Kishore quotes Music is life is Music as he thrives for the nextgen to enjoy his new kind of Prana Music to relieve their stress as they get curious to know more about the  music and God

Now listen to Prana Kishore most deficult songs he sang all without ANY instruments and then added one instruments after other

Sri Rama Hanuman Chalisa

Sri Hanuman 108 Names

Sri Hanuman Sahasranama 1008 Names Of Hanuman ( 1 .30hours song)

Why No Photo of Prana Kishore On Cds or Videos?

Prana Kishore was recently asked ” Why we do not see your photo on CDs or in videos? All singers have their photo on CDs”

Prana Kishore replies humbly ” 90% of my music is devotional and what is important is the photo of my God Sri Rama,SriKrishna or Sri Hanuman more than my photo  Iam just a simple messenger.I want listeners to feel the God and his vibrations through my Prana Music and real sound effects from nature” 

Prana Kishore added” We must do our work without expecting any fruits from it nor any credit since all credit must go only to the GOD as per Gita”

Prana Kishore will be releasing one more album exclusively on Meera for Meeras Jayanthi (birthday) in Oct 2017

Hare Krishna Hare Rama

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli  ( subscribe to my channel for all my music and videos all FREE



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