Why Did Sri Krishna Meet Adidev(1year)Avantika(3yrs)For Sri Krishna Janmastami 2017 ?-Prana Kishore


Hindu Dharma Sri Krishna Is coming 3000Sri Krishna Janmastami 14th Aug 2017 and Every one is so Happy waiting for this day all over the world from kids to adults.
Why Did Sri Krishna Meet Adidev 1 year Avantika 3yrs For Sri Krishna Janmastami 2017 ?
Adidev Robin Panicker aged 1 year and his sister Avantika Robin Panicker aged 3years are both devotees of Sri Krishna.They learn all about Krishna by painting and coloring Krishna and as they do they ask lot of questions to their mother who answers them and motivates them to do more.How Krishna foot can be drawn is explained here.How Laddu krishna can be decorated and pampered is shown here.As both the children keep painting till finish it creates lot of excitement to them and viewers.Finally Avantika asks the most important question to her mother “Is Sri Krishna the only Supreme God” This is explained beautiful in simple words.

The greatest Gift you can give to your children is to teach them how to paint or color or pray God.Children can learn about Gods as they color them through Prana Kishore sketches free from http://www.pranakishore.com

Adidev Robin Panicker (1year)
Avantika Robin Panicker (3years)
Children of Divine family and Parents
Sri Robin R Panicker and Smt Aswathi Robin
Please share this video in your social media and with your children and encourage them to paint,color and pray Sri Krishna our creator
Hare Krishna
Prana Kishore

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