Sri Lalitha Sahasranama For Next Gen-Learn In 5 Easy Steps-English Lyrics Video-With Karaoke Video- Prana Kishore

Prana Kishore worldwide release is on 16th Oct 2020 when the Navaratri begins. Sri Lalitha Sahasranama For NextGen is 1000 powerful names of the Lalithambikai .This is the FULL VERSION UNLIKE OTHER SONGS.Prana Kishore used Naadha Yoga composing to make it easy to listen and learn by any one in 5 Easy Steps and sang this divine powerful song. This is a lyrical video with lyrics in English

How Is Prana Kishore Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Song Different from Others?

1-CLARITY OF LYRICS-2-PRONOUNCIATION-3-NAADHA YOGA STYLE COMPOSING -4-EASY TO LISTEN & LEARN-5-Healing Benefits Recording-6-Blessings for Your Wishes to Come True

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam came directly from Lord Shiva,who passed it to Nandi.From Nandi,it went to Lord Hayagriva and then to Sage Agasthiyar. Maharishi Vyasa then conveyed it to the world.

Its renowned for the description of beauty of Sri Lalithambikai from head to toe.The song is also about the Biggest War Story how she fought the war and won is contained in the first 84 names of the first 34 slokas of Lalitha Sahasranama and all together contains one thousand names. This is also called the Rahasya Nama Sahasra(the thousand secret names).There is a saying that one can sing this sahasranama only if she blesses and that’s why its important to learn the Sanskrit lyrics perfectly to get her blessings to sing.Prana Kishore took 4years to compose and sing this song with one goal that it should be easy for anyone to listen, learn and sing with perfect Sanskrit pronunciation and get blessed. Its recorded in HD 8 Directional sounds

Reading this sahasranama, Listening and Meditating on the meaning of the names would lead to the fulfillment of all your wishes.

How to Listen and Enjoy this song:





How to Listen and Learn the song in 5 Easy Steps

1 Print the Lyrics or Watch the Lyrics in the video and sing

2 Capture the main tune of the song sang by Prana Kishore

3 Follow the Lyrics Word by Word and Observe Closely How Prana Kishore Pronounced the words

4 Sing along with Prana Kishore Voice

5 Sing Alone Without his Voice (Karaoke Version in my Prana Kishore You Tube Channel FREE) Search in this blog for KARAOKE VERSION OF THIS SONG WHERE YOU CAN SING TO MY STUDIO RECORDING WITH YOUR VOICE)

Also search here for the story behind this Sahasranama and word by word meaning.



How to Listen and Learn the Song In 5 Easy Steps With Karaoke Song

1 Print the Lyrics or Watch the Lyrics in the video and sing (Check in prana Kishore You tube Channel Original English Lyrics Video Song to capture the Tune and Pronunciation)

2 Capture the main tune of the song sang by Prana Kishore

3 Follow the Lyrics Word by Word and Observe Closely How Prana Kishore Pronounced the words

4 Sing along with Prana Kishore Voice

5 Sing Alone Without his Voice (Karaoke Version in my Prana Kishore You Tube Channel FREE)

Close Your Eyes and Listen only with Head Phones and Observe the Vibrations in your Body and Mind changing your mood. Subscribe to Prana Kishore You Tube Channel to get this album Free and get Blessed


Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram (hymn which praises) occurs in Brahmanda purana (Old epic of the universe) in the Chapter on discussion between Hayagreeva and Agasthya.Hayagreeva is an incarnation of Vishnu with the horse head and is believed to be the storehouse of knowledge. Agasthya is one of the great sages of yore who is one of the stars of the constellation(Great Bear). At his request Hayagreeva taught him the most holy 1000 names of Lalitha.

The devas faced a very great enemy Sura Padma who had a boon that he could be killed only by a son of Shiva and Parvathy. So to wake Shiva from his deep meditation the devas deputed Manmatha , the God of love who shot his flower arrows at Parama shiva. Parama shiva woke up and opened his third eye and burnt the God of love into ashes. The Devas and Rathi Devi the wife of Manmatha requested Parama shiva to give life to Manmatha. Heeding for their request Parama shiva stared at the ashes of Manmatha.From the ashes came Bhandasura Who made all the world as impotent and ruled the city called Shonitha pura.He started troubling the devas.The devas then sought the advice of Sage Narada who advised them to conduct a fire sacrifice. From the fire rose Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari.

The devas prayed her to kill Bhandasura.When she started for the war with Bandasura, she was accompanied by the powers called anima, mahima etc, Brahmi, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Mahendri, Chamundi, Maha Lakshmi,Nitya Devaths and Avarna Devathas who occupy the Sri Chakra.While Sampatkari devi was the captain of the elephant regiment, Aswarooda devi was the captain of the cavalry.The army was commanded by Dhandini riding on the Charriot called Giri Chakra assisted by Manthrini riding on the chariot called Geya Chakra.Jwala malini protected the army by creating a fire ring around it.ParaShakthi rode in the center on the chariot of Sri Chakra.Nithya Devi destroyed a large chunk of Bandasura’s armies , Bala Devi killed the son of Bandasura, and Manthrini and Dhandini killed his brothers called Vishanga and Vishukra.When the Asuras created blockade for the marching army, Sri Lalitha Tripura sundari created Ganesha with the help of Kameshwara to remove the blockade.Then Bandasura created the asuras called Hiranyaksha, Hiranya Kasipu and Ravana.The Devi created the ten avatars of Vishnu and destroyed them. She killed all his army using Pasupathastra and killed him with Kameshwarasthra.The gods then praised her.She then recreated Manmatha for the good of the world. This story is contained in the first 84 names of the first 34 slokas of Lalitha Sahasranama .and all together contains one thousand names. This is also called the Rahasya Nama Sahasra(the thousand secret names).Reading it,meditating on the meaning of the names would lead to the fulfillment of all the wishes of the devotees.



Thank you

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Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam For Nextgen By Music Composer Prana Kishore

Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam For Next Gen with Real Sounds of Nature At 3AM In Tirumala Hills

Prana Kishore Composing To Learn in 5 Easy Steps In the language of the Gods-Sanskrit

Prana Kishore Composed and Sang Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam For Next Gen capturing the real sounds on Tirumala Hills at 3am with rain,birds, and sounds of nature because that’s when this song is played daily. The Healing Powers of the Suprabhatam comes with 8 HD 8 Directional Sounds recording for listeners to experience Suprabhata Seva in their mind through the divine music. The release is on 19 the Sept 2020 for Brahmotsavam Festival at Tirumala. Worldwide distribution through Apple Music,Amazon, and Over 100 Distributors in the world.

How Can You Enjoy This Suprabhatam ? and Why Is this Suprabhatam Different From The Other Versions We Heard So far ?

1 Experience Tirumala Hills at 3AM

Close Your Eyes and Experience the Real Sounds of Nature,Rain,Birds at 3 AM At Tirumala Hills

2 Meditation

Close Your Eyes and focus on the main beat, which is selected to keep your mind awake while your body relaxes making your stress to vanish. This will also help you to appreciate the beautiful lyrics in Sanskrit

3 Experience Suprabhata Seva At 3 AM

Specially Recorded in 8D HD  for many devotes who cannot visit Tirumala  for them to experience Suprabhata Seva with  Front Row experience seeing  Sri Venkateswara Swamy

4 Healing Powers Of Suprabhatam with 8 Directional Sounds

The Power of the words of Suprabhatam, combined with the real sounds of nature enhance the  Healing Powers of Suprabhatam to make your problems vanish

5 Listen,Learn Suprabhatam in 5 Easy Steps With Lyrics in English

Specially Composed For Nextgen to Listen and Learn Suprabhatam in  5 Easy Steps With Sanskrit Lyrics written in English. NextGen can learn to pronounce Sanskrit lyrics perfectly.Composed to make it easy to learn by persons of any age

6 Mood Changing Tune For Casual Listening While Driving

7 Dance To Suprabhatam With Joy

7 Suprabhatam Karaoke Audio with Lyrics (Launch Dec 2020)

Subscribe to Prana Kishore You tube channel to get Specially Written Sanskrit Lyrics in English Along with Suprabhatam karaoke Audio FREE

Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam For Next Gen Composed sang by Prana Kishore


Govinda Govinda Govinda

Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam was composed around 1430 A.D. by Prativādibhayaṅkara Śrī Anantācārya (also known as Annangaracharyar, and P B Annan). Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam consists of four parts: Suprabhatam, Sri Venkateswara Stothram, Prapatti, and Mangalasasanam.

Listen,Learn Suprabhatam in 5 Easy Steps.

Prana Kishore Specially Composed and Sang the Sanskrit Lyrics Clearly to make it easy for ANY ONE of ANY AGE to Pronounce Correctly

Step 1

Listen 21 Times To Capture The Main Tune

Step 2

Learn The Lyrics Read 21 Times Contact Me For Lyrics In English

Step 3

Follow The Lyrics With Me and Notice My Sanskrit Pronunciation 21 Times

Step 4

Look At Lyrics and Sing Along With Me 21 Times

Step 5

Sing Alone Looking At The Lyrics 21 Times

Repeat Govinda 3 Times Makes it 108 the most lucky number for success

Contact me through Prana Kishore SITE,Join my Face Book,You Tube Channel or Prana Kishore.com and let me know if you want Suprabhatam emailed to you.You need to subscribe to Prana Kishore You Tube Channel to get this FREE



EDHI MA NANA KATHA -This is The Story Of My Father and Every Father-Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli


Edhi Ma Nana Katha 3000

After the success of two albums on his Mother, Prana Kishore started working on this album from 2016

This song is very personal to Prana Kishore because it is about his late father Sri Bommireddipalli Bhima Row. Prana Kishore wrote the lyrics in Telugu, Composed and Sang this song for worldwide release on his father’s birthday 11th May 2020

The Album Cover in 3 D and Song in 8 D Super HD Composed in R N B style makes it unique, appealing to the Nextgen and all ages reminding about the importance of father in our lives.

The meaning of the song goes like this:

The invisible tears tell the story of my father

This is my father’s story

This is your father’s Story

This is every Father’s story

The invisible tears tell the story of my father

Is our Father the invisible God?

Is our Father the Visible God?

The invisible tears tell the story of my father

This is my father’s story

This is your father’s Story

This is every Father’s story

1 Dad, how do you make me laugh

When you are so sad in your heart?

Iam your whole world

Iam your whole universe

The invisible tears tell the story of my father

2 You are like the King in the Chess Board

You are like a Commander protecting me at all times

You are protecting me throughout the life

(He was 7th International arbiter of Chess from India)

(He played simultaneous chess with 50 people at the same time and won with all of them)

(He played Blind chess with two people at the same time and won with both of them)

(On the side note, Prana Kishore was a university chess champion but could not win even once in Blind Chess game with his father)

The invisible tears tell the story of my father

3 You are like Sri Rama to my mother

You are like Sri Krishna to me advising and training me

You are always supporting your Brothers

You are like Bhima to them

This is Bhima Row Story

Are you the God sent by the Gods?

Are you the God living like a human being?

This is my father’s story

The God in every house is only our Father

The invisible tears tell the story of my father

Is our Father the invisible God?

Is our Father the Visible God?


The Visible Tears are the story of my father

Prana Kishore adds: One life time is not enough to really understand the sacrifices made by our fathers

Father’s Day is Every day,

Appreciate your Father

Thank him and Tell him You Love him

Prana Kishore dedicates this song to his Father and all fathers in the world

Prana Kishore Nextgen Music Composing is for you for easy listening, or learning to sing or just dance to the trendy beats anywhere any time


ఇది మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపించని కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ
కని పెంచిన కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపించని దేవుడా కనిపించిన దేవుడా
ఇది మా నాన్న కధ
మన నాన్న కధ
ప్రతి నాన్న కధ
కనిపించని కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపెంచిన కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ
నాన్నా నువ్వు మనసులోని బాధతోటి
నువ్వు ఎలా నాన్న నవ్విస్తావు
నేనే నీ లోకం, నేనే నీ ప్రపంచం
ఇది మా నాన్న కధ
మన నాన్న కధ
ప్రతి నాన్న కధ
కనిపించని కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపెంచిన కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ

చదరంగములో రాజుగా
అంతర్జాతీయ వీరుడుగా
నాకు సేనాపతిగా రక్‌చణ
నాకు జీవితమంతా రక్‌చణ
ఇది మా నాన్న కధ
మన నాన్న కధ
ప్రతి నాన్న కధ
కనిపించని కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపెంచిన కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ

అమ్మకు నువ్వు రాముడుగా
నాకు నువ్వు కృష్ణుడిలా
మీ అన్నయ్యలకు తోడుగా
మీ అన్నయ్యలకు భీముడిలా
భీమారావు కధ ఇది భీమారావు కధ

దేవుడు పంపిన దేవుడివా
మనిషి రూపములో దేవుడివా

ఇది మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపించని కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపెంచిన కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపించని దేవుడా
కనిపించిన దేవుడా
ప్రతి ఇంట్లో దేవుడు, మన నాన్నే దేవుడు
ఇది మా నాన్న కధ-మన నాన్న కధ-ప్రతి నాన్న కధ
కనిపించిన కన్నీళ్లు మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపించిన కన్నీళ్లు మన నాన్న కధ
కనిపించిన కన్నీళ్లు ప్రతి నాన్న కధ
ఇది మా నాన్న కధ
కనిపించిన కన్నీళ్లు ఇది మా నాన్న కధ

Prana Kishore dedicates this song to his Father and all fathers in the world

Prana Kishore Nextgen Music Composing is for you for easy listening, or learning to sing or just dance to the trendy beats anywhere any time


Prana Kishore ,Nextgen music composer and singer After the successful launch of Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam and Sri Lalitha Sahasranama For Next Gen launches Worldwide Sri Vishnu Sahasranama For Next Gen for Diwali on 14th Nov 2020 for you to start listening and Learning this Maha Mantra as your New Year Resolution for your protection and cure from diseases that are troubling now and for blessings leading to Aishwaryam. Each Sloka has specific connection to your birth star which is marked in this video.

The healing powers of the 1000 divine names of Sri Vishnu is dependent on how you pronounce the Sanskrit names perfectly because the names produce a divine sound which result in the blessings for you.

How Is Prana Kishore Vishnu Sahasranama Song Different from Others?

1-CLARITY OF LYRICS-2-PRONOUNCIATION-3-NAADHA YOGA STYLE COMPOSING -4-LISTEN & LEARN IN 5 EAST STEPS-32 Healing Benefits- 8D Recording- 6-Blessings for Your Wishes to Come True

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama in the markets were sang fast with more focus on the classical tune making it difficult for the common people to learn it perfectly. Prana Kishore spent 4 years on composing and Singing of the lyrics to make it EASY for ANY ONE to listen and learn to pronounce perfectly. To the many who read the Sahasranama fast there is 90% chance of Not pronouncing the words FULLY and Correctly losing their powers. Super HD Recording with 8 directional sounds You will hear the lyrics very clearly and easily understand how to pronounce them because of the way Prana Kishore Split the long words without losing their meanings.


Kaliyuga is the times we are living now. Prana Kishore Sings these lines at the end of his Sri Vishnu Sahasranama which you will not find in other Sahasranama songs

Sage Naradha asks Lord Maha Vishnu for a simple solution to help people in problems in Kaliyuga and to reach the Supreme.

Sri Maha Vishnu Replies :

 Naham Vasami Vaikunte Yoginam Hrudhaye Na Cha

Mad-Bhakta Yatra Gaayanthi Tatra Thishtami Narada

In Kaliyuga Neither do I reside in Vaikuntha nor in the hearts of the Yogis, but I will be there to listen where my devotees sing my name, O Narada !!

Who wrote Sri Vishnu Sahasranama?

Vishnu Sahasranama is another masterpiece written by the Sage Veda Vyasa After the MahaBharata war

Where was Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Delivered and by whom?

Bhisma Acharya delivered the 1000 names called Sri Vishnu Sahasranama in the battlefield of Maha Bharata at Kurukshetra near present day New Delhi, India  

Why Is it Important To Know About Sri Vishnu Sahasranama ?

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama gives answers to basic questions on Life, Birth, Death, Dharma and Karma in addition to Health benefits and how to make your wishes to come true

At the end of the epic Mahabharata war, Bhishma Acharya was awaiting the sacred hour to depart from his physical body unto the lotus feet of the Lord.

Yudhishtira, the eldest of the Pandavas, was desperately looking for the answers to matters relating to Dharma and Karma. Lord Sri Krishna, who understood Yudhistira’s uneasy mind, guided him to approach Bhishma to learn insight into this precious knowledge.

Bhishma is acknowledged to be one of the most knowledgeable people. The others being Brahma , Narada , Shiva , Subramanya , Kapila , Manu , Prahlada , Janaka , Bali, Suka and Yama .

As directed by the Lord, Yudishtra meets Bhishma . At their meeting, Yudhistira presented Bhishma with six questions.

1. Kimekam Daivatam Loke ? -Who is the greatest Lord in the world?

2. Kim Vāpyekam Parāyaṇam? – Who is the one refuge of all?

3. Stuvantaḥ Kam Kamarchantaḥa? – By glorifying whom, one can man attain peace and prosperity?

4. Prapnuyuh Manavaah Subham? – By worshipping whom can man reach auspiciousness?

5. KO Dharmah Sarva DharmANaam Bhavatah ParamO Mataha? – What is, in your opinion, the greatest Dharma?

6. Kim Japam Muchyate Jantur Janma Samsara Bandhanath? – By doing what Japa ,  can a creature go beyond the bonds and cycle of birth and death?

Bhishma responded by reciting the one thousand names now hailed as the Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, and reminded him that either by meditating on these names or by invoking the names through archana (Offering), our minds can be lifted to higher consciousness.

Bhishma answers by stating that mankind will be free from all sorrows by chanting the “Vishnusahasranāma”, which are the thousand names of the all-pervading Supreme Being Vishnu, who is the master of all the worlds, the supreme light, the essence of the universe and who is Brahman. All matter animate and inanimate reside in him, and he in turn resides within all matter.


The Vishnu Sahasranama is found in the Mahabharatha.Sahasra means 1000 Nama means Name hence thousand names of Vishnu. This is found in the Anushasanika Parvam (Section 149, verses 14 to 120 relating to orders or rules to the kings) of Mahabharatha. The Sahasranama (apart from the initial and concluding prayers) has a total of 108 Slokas in Anushtup chanda (a meter of poetry).

Though it is called Sahasra Nama, in fact it contains only 901 DISTINCT SOUNDING NAMES.

815 NAMES are repeated ONCE, 75 of these names are repeated TWICE, 9 these names THRICE and TWO these names 4 TIMES. The acharyas have attempted to give different meanings to the same word in different places successfully. You will also hear the names of Lord Sriman Narayana

Though it describes one thousand aspects and praises of the lord, it is not simple and easy to understand. Many great Acharyas lead by Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavat Pada, felt a need to give its meaning in crystal clear terms so that the devotee can not only sing but meditate on the aspect of the God he is praising. But this again was done in Sanskrit. With the modern civilization several translations of this stotra is available in English and in almost all major languages of India.



How to Listen and Learn the song

1 Print the Lyrics or Watch the Lyrics in the video and sing

2 Capture the main tune of the song sang by Prana Kishore

3 Follow the Lyrics Word by Word and Observe Closely How Prana Kishore Pronounced the words

4 Sing along with Prana Kishore Voice

5 Sing Alone Without his Voice (Karaoke Version in my Prana Kishore You Tube Channel FREE)


 Sri Vishnu Sahasranama was delivered in the battle of Mahabharatha where Sri Krishna was the main person. Sri Krishna shows his Vishwarupam in the battlefield of Kurukshetra .Vishwarupa image is it that of Sri Krishna or Sri Vishnu?

Vishvarupa the universal form or Omni form is also known popularly as   Vishvarupa Darshan, Vishwarupa and Virata rupa, Vishvarupa is considered the supreme cosmic form of Vishnu and Avatar of Sri krishna, where the whole universe is described as contained in him

What Are the 5 Rules for Learning Sri Vishnu Sahasranama?

1 Purity of the mind-Keep your mind clean

2 Body Cleanliness– Keeping the Body clean

3 Pronunciation & Tune– It’s the most important in recitation of Sanskrit mantras. Sound is a form of wave or vibration. Different sound vibrations have different effect on our body and mind. So perfect pronunciation must be followed while reading or singing sahasranama. One can listen to a song and learn the tune or can join congregation who know the pronunciation well. By listening to the song daily it helps with the right pronunciation in 1-3 days.

4 Meaning-Once You know the read or sing the sahasranama focus on learning the meaning of the words. Follow the song with the words with meaning. There are many who byheart the words and it comes easily after listening or reading it many times.

5 Teaching-There is nothing FREE in this world.Every word,mantra,Air Wind Earth,Fire Rain,Water is all given by God.Since You learnt Sri Vishnu Sahasranama (which many did not or could not or did not want to learn),Its now your duty to teach Sri Vishnu Sahasranama to at least one person. Technology is making it easy for you to teach in any audio/video call.

IS There A Short Cut To Learn Sahasranama in 1 Minute ? instead of Learning 1000 Names for a Busy, Lazy person Like me?

YES! There are always short cuts in Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma. Matha Parvathi wife Of Sri Shiva always finds short cuts and solutions for common people to help them in their problems. She asks Lord Shiva for an easy way to sing this Sahasranama. He replies that it is sufficient if one Repeats the name of Rama 3 times and that is equivalent to  singing of 1000 names of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama. It is important to note that this is easy method is prescribed to the very learned who do not have time to recite it daily and not for everybody. This sloka is part of Sahasranama 27 of 108 Slokas. It takes only 1 minute while Sahasranama takes 45 minutes

Sri Eshwara Uvacha

Sri-Rama Rama Rameti Rame Raame Mano-Rame

Sahasranaama Tathulyam Raama-Naama Varaa-Nane –(2)

Prana Kishore also sang this Sri Rama Rama Ramethi Mantra alone separably which you can find in Prana Kishore You tube channel for FREE

What Are the Benefits of Reading, Listening or Singing Sri Vishnu Shasranama?

Listening or Reading or singing help you remain focused in life. Each word, when pronounced correctly generates energy that can be felt within you. It helps in maintaining good health, Peace,Joy,Happiness. It removes the fears which block you from succeeding leading only to success. It elevates you from poverty and nonstop family problems to a life of Aishwaryam

1 Listening or Reading the Sri Vishnu Sahasranama 1000 names has powerful benefits as follows:

2 All the 1000 divine names are very powerful and great


Devotes who only listen to Sri Vishnu Sahasranama completely without fail, In all days of the year, Will never get into bad situations in their life and after


Devotes who read Sri Vishnu Sahasranama completely In all days of the year, will Get what they want and every wish will be full filled 108%.

The Brahmins will get knowledge, The Kshatriyas will get victory, The Vaisyas will get wealth,

The Shudras will get pleasures,

Devotes who seeks Dharma, Devotes who seeks Wealth, Devotes  who seeks Pleasures, Devotes who seeks children, will all get their wishes fulfilled


Devotes who Sing the thousand names of Sri Vishnu with utmost devotion, with perfect pronunciation

Will attain salvation and all their wishes full filled

Devotes who Sing the thousand names of Sri Vishnu with their mind on Sri Vishnu ,

Will get fame without fail,

Will be first in what he they do

Will get riches that last,

Would attain salvation from these bonds,

Will never be afraid of anything,

Will be bubbling with Positive Energy  and Courage

Will not get any ills,

Will be handsome forever,

Will have all the virtues in this  world,

And one who is ill will get cured,

one who is bound will be free,

one who is afraid, will get rid of fear,

one who is in danger, will be safe.

Will cross the miseries that cannot be crossed to happiness

Will cross and move from extreme Poverty to Richness

Devotes who takes Sri Vishnu as ultimate shelter,

Would get rid of all sins, and become purer than the pure,

And will reach Brahman uniting with God

The devotees of Sri Vishnu the great, Will Never fall into days that are difficult, and never suffer forever,

Of Birth, Death, Old Age and Fear.

He who sings these names with devotion, and with Bhakti,

Will get Great Pleasure, Patience to Allure, Wealth to Attract, Bravery and Memory to Excel.

Has neither Anger nor Fear, Nor Greedy and nor Bad Thoughts

Will Attain Salvation from the cycle of Birth and Deaths and unite with God The Brahman

FAQs on Sri Vishnu Sahasranama

Can Ladies Sing Sri Vishnu Sahasranama?

In Kaliyuga we will find 2 kinds of groups. One group which says ladies should not sing Sri Vishnu Sahasranama without giving any reasons. The other group says both men, women and even children should sing Sri Vishnu Sahasranama. Prana Kishore adds there is no mention in Vedas, scripts and even in Sahasranama that women should not sing.

When To Sing Sri Vishnu Sahasranama ?

There is not specific time to chant it, Chant Vishnu Sahasranama every day.  

however, there are some time during which you can chant.

Chant Between 4am to 6am Brahma Muhurtam time when the Lord is awake. It’s also the time for Suprabhata Seva time at Tirumala Hills.If you chant it in the morning, then you will feel fresh and ready to start your day.

Between 6pm to 7pm. This is a time when Lord Vishnu’s bhakti can benefit you. Evening time, just like the morning time is auspicious and pure.

After 11pm. Busy Professionals chant at this time. When you chant before going to bed, you are purifying your thought process and storing energy in your body for tomorrow.

What Day Is Best To Chant Sri Vishnu Sasharanama ?

When you starting to learn for the first time start on Saturday.All days are good for listening,learning or singing the Sahasranama   

Can We Chant the Song Silently?

There is no need to say the mantra aloud. Chant it to yourself, deeply and lengthily. Chant without moving your lips or tongue. With repeated practice, you will be able to feel this silence within a few moments of chanting, and the silent intervals will also be longer.

How long does it take to learn Vishnu Sahasranamam?

Join a group or have someone who knows Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam to chant with you regularly. With the help of a book, we should be able to chant it within few days (3–5 days depending on the individual). After 2–3 weeks of chanting with the help of a book, we should be able to learn it.


108 slokhas  of Sri Vishnusahasranaama Stothram removes all the ills associated with any grahadoshams to any chanter of any Nakshatram(Stars) and provides supreme solace and supreme bliss. There are 27 Nakshatram starting from Ashwini and ending with Revati. Each Nakshatram has four Paadam. Thus 108 slokhas correspond to 27 X 4 nakshatra padams. Thus a person born in Aswini 1st Paadam can chant first slokha, Bharani 1st padams can chant 5th slokha and so on for respective Nakshatra Saanthi. A person not sure of one’s Nakshatra can chant all the 108 slokhas and get rid of all ills associated with one’s Nakshatram and attain sampoorna shanthi.

There is no need for any other means at all to achieve success in any issue. For the convenience of all the devotees a list of Nakshatram and corresponding slokhas are given.

In Prana Kishore Video, Look for the Part 3 of 5 when Sahasranama starts and you will find birth stars mentioned next to the sloka.Each birth star will have 4 slokas to learn and get benefited by it

Birth Star – Nakshatra ( Nakshatram )

Ashvini 1 to 4

Bharani  5 to 8

Krithika / Karthigai)9 to 12

Rohini 13 to 16

Mrugasira (Mirugaseersham)17 to 20

Arudra (Thiruvathirai) 21 to 24

Punarvasu (Punarpusam) 25 to 28

Pushyam (Pusam) 29 to 32

Ashlesha (Ayilyam) 33 to 36

Magha ( Makham) 37 to 40

Poorvaphalguni (Puram) 41 to 44

Uttaraphalguni (Uthiram) 45 to 48

Hasta (Hastham) 49 to 52

Chithra (Chithirai) 53 to 56

Swati (Swathi) 57 to 60

Vishakha (Visaakam) 61 to 64

Anuradha (Anusham) 65 to 68

Jyeshtha (Kettai) 69 to 72

Mula (Mulam) 73 to 76

Poorvaashaadaa (Puradam) 77 to 80

Uthraashaadaa (Uthiraadam)  81 to 84

Shravanam (Thiruvonam) 85 to 88

Dhanishta (Avittam) 89 to 92

Shathabisha (Sathayam) 93 to 96

Poorvabhadrapada (Poorattathi) 97 to 100

Uttarabhadrapada (Uthirattathi) 101 to 104

Revati (Revathi) 105 to 108

Look for the part 3 of 5 when Sahasranama starts and you will find birth stars mentioned next to the sloka.Each birth star will have 4 slokas to learn and get benefited by it.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama KARAOKE English Lyrics Video is available Prana Kishore You Tube Channel with original studio music without Prana Kishore Voice for you to sing your voice and record it.Its ok to record and use for private purpose giving credit for Prana Kishore BUT SHOULD NOT BE SOLD COMMERCIALLY.


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Hari Hi Om

Prana Kishore Records worldwide Distribution through I tunes,Amazon,Spotify and over 150 distributors

Aigiri Nandini Battlefield Victory Song With English Lyrics-Karaoke-Learn In 5 Easy Steps-Prana Kishore


Prana Kishore worldwide release is on 23rd Oct 2020 for Durgastami and Vijaya Dasami.

Prana Kishore Composed and Sang this Song with Battlefield Sounds to take you very close to the fierce battle where Maa Durga killed the gifted Immortal demon Mahishasura 1.3 Billion years ego as per Vishnu Purana. This is a lyrical video with lyrics in English. Every day women around the world face multiple battles in their real life, be it at Work or Home or in the Society. This song will invoke the Durga in every woman and give the Empowerment and Courage to fight and win their battles. Sri Krishna advised Arjuna to pray to Ma Durga before he started the Kurukshetra, Mahabharat War and won. This is the power of Ma Durga.


Why Only a lady can kill the gifted Immortal Demon Mahishasura is there in my blog https://onepagehinduism.wordpress.com/author/pranakishore/

How Is Prana Kishore AIGIRI NANDINI BATTLEFIELD VICTORY SONG Different from Others?

1-CLARITY OF LYRICS-2-PRONOUNCIATION-3-NAADHA YOGA STYLE COMPOSING -4-EASY TO LISTEN & LEARN-5-Healing Benefits Recording-6-Girl Power Empowerment through music

Aigiri Nandini Stotram was written by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. It was popularized in middle ages by Tenali Ramakrishna a devotee of Mahakali and courtier of Raja Sri Krishna Devarayaa. It is called as Mahishasura Mardini Stotram or Sloka is a very popular devotional Song  of Goddess Ma Durga written by Guru Adi Sankaracharya (Sri Sri Sri Shankara Bhagavatpadacharya). This devotional Song is addressed to Goddess Mahisasura Mardini, the Goddess Ma Durga who killed Demon Mahishasura.

Listening to this powerful song will Remove All Your Fears, Give Your Courage,Confidence,Regain Your  Self Esteem, and will  fulfill all your wishes.

How to Listen and Enjoy this song:



How to Listen and Learn the Song in 5 Easy Steps WITH ENGLISH LYRICS VIDEO

1 Print the Lyrics or Watch the Lyrics in the video and sing

2 Capture the main tune of the song sang by Prana Kishore

3 Follow the Lyrics Word by Word and Observe Closely How Prana Kishore Pronounced the words

4 Sing along with Prana Kishore Voice

5 Sing Alone Without his Voice (Search for Karaoke Version in Prana Kishore You Tube Channel)


How to Listen and Learn the Song in 5 Easy Steps WITH KARAOKE SONG

How to Listen and Learn the song in 5 Easy Steps WITH KARAOKE ENGLISH LYRICS VIDEO

1 Print the Lyrics or Watch the Lyrics in the video and sing (Check in prana Kishore You tube Channel Original English Lyrics Video Song to capture the Tune and Pronunciation)

2 Capture the main tune of the song sang by Prana Kishore

3 Follow the Lyrics Word by Word and Observe Closely How Prana Kishore Pronounced the words

4 Sing along with Prana Kishore Voice

5 Sing Alone Without his Voice (Karaoke Version in my Prana Kishore You Tube Channel FREE)


Close Your Eyes and Listen only with Head Phones and Observe the Vibrations in your Body and Mind changing your mood. Subscribe to Prana Kishore You Tube Channel to get this album Free and get Blessed. Remember You Are A Very Special Creation of God and Now Go Win Your Battles


Story of Durga and Gifted Immortal Demon Mahishasura

Long ago there was a wicked demon King- Mahishasura. He wanted to be powerful and rule the three worlds. Therefore, he performed severe penance to please Lord Brahma. When Lord Brahma was pleased and appeared before him, Mahishasura asked a boon- to be immortal- that is to never die. But Lord Brahma said “Mahisha- all that is born must die. That is the universal law. You cannot escape that”. Mahishasura thought for a while and said “if I must die, my Lord, it should be in the hands of a woman”. Lord Brahma agreed and granted him the boon and returned to his abode. Mahishasura thought- How can a woman kill a man? That is Impossible. I am now the most powerful person in the whole universe. Mahishaura immediately ordered his army to attack the humans on the earth and the Gods/ Devas in the Devaloka. Mahishasuar and his men became a menace- they started bullying and destroying the Devaloka and no one could touch him. The King of Devas- Indra went to the Trimurtis- Brahma, Vishnu and Siva and explained the situation to them. The three Gods created a powerful woman with several hands. Lord Shiva offered his trisoola to Her. Maha Vishnu his Sudarsana chakra Lord Indra his Vajrayudha- or thunderbolt. They named her Durga. Durga- now, a powerful Goddess armed with inner strength, courage and wisdom with arms gifted by the powerful Devas set out on a lion to destroy Mahishasura. Mahishasura’s heart skipped a beat when her heard the thunder of Goddess Durga’s arrival. Still, he asked “A mere female trying to attack me?” Durga responded “I not an ordinary female, Mahisha. I am here to fulfil your desire to be killed by a woman” He immediately realised it was a danger sign for him and changed himself into a buffalo and charged the Goddess with all his might. Durga with her inborn power and acquired weapons killed Mahishasura after a long battle. The day Goddess Durga killed the wicked demon Mahishasura is celebrated as Vijayadasami . This day is also celebrated as a victory of Good over Evil.


Thank You




Prana Kishore composed and Sang this powerful mantra with trendy fusion music specifically for the Nextgen for them to Listen,Learn the Mantra to repeat with perfect pronunciation. Casual listening in car drives,or you feel like dancing, just go for it. The catchy tune will change your moods

Recorded in 8D HD with 8 Directional Sound for the first time in the world for devotional songs.

Please listen with head phones or ear buds of phone for positive vibrations leading to joy, happiness and success

Prana Kishore releases, the 4-word Powerful Mula Mantra of Sri Ganesha to help you win over the problems, you never experienced in your life due to Covid.

Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha will remove your problems and lead you to success. This mantra is said to have the power to remove all evil and obstacles. Even the Gods Prayed to Sri Ganesha before they started anything, including the war.Every Hindu Prayer or Ritual starts first with Prayers to Sri Ganesha.

Origin of the mantra

This mantra was first mentioned in Ganapati Atharvashirsha. Ganapati Atharvashirsha is said to have been written by Atharva Rishi after he had the darshan of Sri Ganpati(Ganesha).

 What does it mean?

Om Gan Ganapataye Namah means the devotee bows/ offers salutations to the Lord of the World.

This powerful Mantra plants the seeds of success in your mind removing the fear in your mind that you cannot succeed.

When your attitude changes nothing can stop you

 वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा

Vakra-Thunda Maha-Kaaya Surya-Koti Samaprabha |

Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryesu Sarvadha ||


1: (Salutations to Sri Ganesha) Who has a Curved Trunk, Who has a Large Body and Whose Splendor is similar to Million Suns;

2: O Deva, Please Make my Undertakings Free of Obstacles, By extending Your Blessings in All my Works, Always.

I Pray To Sri Ganesha Who Has Curved Trunk,Large Body and Who’s Splendor Is Equal To Millions Suns.

Om Ganesha,Please Remove All The Obstacles With Your Blessings And Grant Me Aishwaryam

8 Forms of Sri Ganesha


Vikata,Vighnaraja,Dhumravarna. The mangalashtaka (poetic lines spoken at the time of marriage or thread ceremony) of Ashtavinayaka is sang in all holy occasions.

Worldwide Release for Sri Ganesh Chaturdhi on 21 Aug 2020 in I Tunes,Amazon Music and over 50 distributors wordwide

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 OM GAN GANAPATAYE NAMAHA, Happy Birthday Sri Ganesha

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli


Watch Alexa Speak about Rama in my album PEBHARE RAMA RASAM CHALO AYODHYA in 8D–PRANA KISHORE

Pebhare Chalo Ayodhya 1500Prana Kishore new  album Pebhare Rama Rasam Chalo Ayodhya was released for  Sri Rama Namvami.Official worldwide Audio release was on 10th April 20 in I Tunes,Amazon,Google Music,Spotify and over 100 distributers.This is the official Video for the album.Prana Kishore NextGen Music Composer changed his music style from this album to appeal to the Nextgen retaining the clear pronunciation of Sanskrit for any one to listen,learn and sing.He will release karaoke version by end of 2020 for you to sing to his original music.Prana Kishore Composed, sang this song including chorus in 6 different voice.This is first time a devotional song has been recorded and released in 8D HD.

The essence of this song is how by singing Sri Ramas name you will keep distance from the sins and you will live a full-filled life .It will also help you to remove the fear and grief of the cycle of birth and death.Sri Ramas name is a sweet rasam and by chanting the name,it will protect not only you but the whole universe.Prana Kishore composed the song in fusion style to appeal to the nextgeneration.He added a twist to the original song by adding lyrics on Ayodhya,birth place of Sri Rama  we should all visit and get blessed



Pibhare Raama Rasam, Rasane Pibare Raama Rasam Rasane

Pibhare Raama Rasam, Rasane Pibare Raama Rasam Rasane

Raama Rasam

1 Janana Marana Bhaya Shoka Vidhuuram,

Sakala Shastra Niga Maagama Saaram -2

Pibhare Raama Rasam, Rasane Pibare Raama Rasam Rasane

Raama Rasam

2 Shudha Parama Hamsa Ashrama Githam,

Shukaa Shaunaka Kaushika Mukha Piitham

Pibhare Raama Rasam, Rasane Pibare Raama Rasam Rasane

Raama Rasam

3 Sri Rama Janma Bhumi Ayodhya

Raama Naama Rasam, Rama Naama Rasam

Sri Rama Janma Bhumi Ayodhya

Raama Naama Rasam,  Raama Naama Rasam

Pibhare Raama Rasam, Rasane Pibare Raama Rasam Rasane

Raama Rasam

La La Le   Laa Lale-La La Le  Laa LaLe














Longest Devotional Song Enters Asia Book Of Records and India Book of Records-Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

Healing Mantras Longest Devotional Song Enters Asia Book Of Records 2

My Mega Album “Healing Mantras Miracle Chants to Walk With Sri Krishna to Happiness and Heaven” entered both India Book Of Records and Asia Book Of Records.Everything which has to do with Sri Krishna must be huge and larger than life. This album is special since it caters to people of all ages from children. They can listen and learn all the most important mantras and chants a Hindu or a non Hindu spiritual person wants to learn.

Mantras  and Chants cover all Hindu Gods.

Mantras and Chants are in 5 languages.Awadhi,Sanskrit,Hindi,Telugu and Tamil.

Sri Hanuman Chalisa with Sri Rama 108 names both in one single song for example is in Awadhi.

Nazhira Divya Prabandhams  are in Tamil which is incidentally worlds oldest known language.

Sri Hanuman Sahasranam,1008 names of Sri Hanuman composed for the NexGen

Brahma Murari-Shiva Lingastakam composed to make you feel you are in front row seat watching the ganga water falling on Shiva lingam.

Album starts with Om and ends with Om, also teaches how to sing Om

Imagine if your life is like one day what are the mantras which are important to you

to listen,learn and sing through out your life.

Mantras arranged in such a way that you start with mantra no 2  from your bed and go on to other mantras till you experience happiness and heaven. There is one mantra for Chitragupta also and he is the one who keeps account of your good and bad karma.

Prana Kishore composing style and clear pronunciation of languages makes it very easy for you to listen,learn and sing with correct pronunciation. He used mix of Indian,western and rare instruments from around the world to get that unique sound and melody the signature of Prana Kishore

Album is available for digital down loads from I Tunes,Amazon,Google Music Stores and over 20 distributors all over the world.

Finally if you are not into learning mantras, just listen to the album non stop for 5 hours with breaks every 30 minutes to experience happiness and heaven inside you.This is due to the power of the mantras and sound.


Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli










Scientific evidence will be presented to you at the end of this video









Do Not Enter inappropriately dressed. You’ll need to be wearing clothes that do not leave your shoulders/arms or lower legs bare. No shorts, short trousers, short skirts, sleeveless shirts or bare shoulders. All visitors to the Vatican Museums will be required to pass through a metal-detector prior to being granted admittance.There is a dress code to enter any church


Mecca or Makkah Makkah al-Mukarramah), located in western Saudi Arabia, is the holiest city in Islam. It is strictly forbidden for Non-Muslims to enter the city and this is strongly enforced. Road signs to guide Muslims are provided. During prayer times, streets near the Mosque may get crowded with mosque goers due to most Muslims preferring praying at the Sacred Mosque.

WARNING: Only Muslims are allowed to enter the city of Mecca. The penalty is deportation from the country. Documentation will be checked upon entry and anyone not showing proof of being a Muslim will be denied entry. As a solitary exception, the Mecca bus terminal (outside city limits) is open to all.

There is a dress code to enter any mosque

Alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia. All intoxicants are forbidden.



All woman are allowed to the temple except woman of ages 10 to 50 years because that is the time they will not have their menstrual cycles.

The piligrims observe celibacy for 41 days to go to sabarimala temple

Devotee is expected wear black/blue/saffron clothes

The 18 Steps Pathinettam Padi’ cannot be climbed if you are not carrying an `Irumudi Kettu’).

Those without Irumudis can only enter the temple precincts through the side entrance.


Customs and Traditions to enter the temple


Black dress,with idumudi Swamy Ayyappa photo

Devotees to observe a vrutham of 41 days before the Mandala Pooja.

The devotees initiate the vrutham by wearing a Thulasimala or Rudrakshamala with mudra (mudra means the locket, in this case that of Lord Ayyappa).

The devotee receives the mala from Periya Swami or a Guru Swami.


After wearing the `mala’, the pilgrim is addressed as `Ayyappan’ till his mala is removed on completion of his pilgrimage.

Simple living,the mind and body are to be kept impeccably pure and absolute celibacy is practiced.

Total abstinence from all vices like alcohol, tobacco and non-vegetarian food is stipulated. Personal adornments, hair cutting, shaving, etc. are also taboo.

Devotee is expected wear black/blue/saffron clothes. Devotee is expected to pray daily in the mornings and evenings after taking bath.

The vrutham continues till the pilgrim returns from his pilgrimage to Sabarimala and removes his `mala’ after breaking a coconut and offering prayers.

Prior to leaving home for Sabarimala, the Irumudi is filled at the temple or in ones own pooja room. The ceremony is conducted with the assistance of the periaswamy amidst chanting of ‘Saranam Ayyappa’.

Irumudi is carried on the head with due reverence. Irumudi Kettu is divided into two parts. The front pouch and the rear pouch. The front pouch, for identification, is marked with the symbol `OM’. The front portion is meant for stocking pooja articles such as coconuts filled with cow ghee, camphor, unboiled rice, plantain (kadali), aval (flattened rice), pori, sandal paste incense sticks, vibhuti (sacred ash), kumkum (vermilion), turmeric powder, jaggery, kalkkandom (candied sugar)and coins for dakshina.

The rear pouch of the Irumudi Kettu contains consumable edible items which are used by the pilgrim for his personal sustenance during the journey to Sabarimala and back. Minimal bedding like blankets or bed sheets can also be carried.

These can be used as a cushion on the head.When the pilgrims leaves his home for Sabarimala, he breaks a coconut on a stone near his door step. A lit oil lamp is generally placed on this stone.Till the pilgrim returns home after the pilgrimage, one of the family members ritually lights this lamp at dusk, and allows it to remain lit for a couple of hours, in a gesture of prayer for the well being of the pilgrim and his safe return.

When the pilgrim returns home, he breaks a coconut at the same spot to signify the end of the pilgrimage and then moves on to the pooja room to unload the `Irumudi and remove the mala which he had worn at the time of beginning the austerities. That signifies the last ritual of the pilgrimage.

Now think can I woman observe 41days of vratham? It is not possible due to their 25days menstrual cycle.This is one main reason woman decided not to go to this temple.This is is reason woman of ages 10years to 50 years are not allowed to the temple.The decision not to go is made by the woman.

Woman are the major devotes of swamy ayyappa though they are unable to visit the temple they do pray at home and visit local temples in their cities during other days.

Now think how difficult is this vratham or ritual and why few girls who are either Christians or Muslims want to visit this temple like a tourist place or beach knowing very well the rules,traditions of the temple.

Think why they want to do this unless they want to create a division among the young minds of Hindus? Is this another plot y to convert Hindu by first dividing them?

Why would a young girl dedicate all her time just to create this mess unless she has the financial support of few big groups and what is their interest? Who are the groups behind this crisis? Media is one having a field day? who else?



Lord Ayyappa had his human incarnation as the son of the King of Pandalam, Kerala.

As he moved in the direction of the voice he found a resplendent and helpless infant there. The beautiful baby with a radiant face had a gemstone around his neck, hence the name Manikantan (“Mani”, means gemstone and “kantan” means wearer around the neck). Manikantan was born of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva), with Hari assuming the form of a female (Mohini). Hence Ayyappan is also named as Hariharasutan (Sutan meaning Son). Manikantan disappeared  to protect the kingdom . The king took a decision that he would not eat anything till Manikantan came back. Then Manikantan gave a darshan to the king.

The king requested Lord Manikantan to allow him to build a temple and dedicate it to him and the Lord assented.

Manikantan then enlightened the King on the path of attainment of Moksha. The Lord shot an arrow that fell at the top of Sabrimala and told the King that he could construct a temple at Sabarimala, north of the holy river Pampa and install His deity there. Ayyappan also explained how the Sabarimala pilgrimage shall be undertaken, emphasizing the importance of Penance vratham and what the devotees can attain by His ‘darshan’.

The deity for installation was prepared by Parasurama, believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and was installed by him.

Science behind installation of Hindu murthis

Knowledgeable priest selects the stone size color and purified it with prayers and rituals.The sacred artists carves the murthi over many years keeping the picture of the god in his mind.once murthi is completed it is carefully transported to the site.The priest picks an auspicious date and time and prepares the place for installation of murthi Many yantras sacred books are placed below the pedestal where the murthi is to be installed.

The priest then performs many rituals,prayers with mantras and installs the murthi and does many abhishekams to the murthi completing its installation.The god inside the priest gets transferred inside the murthi giving life to the murthi.The prayers and rituals also help to please the god to enter the murthi and be there as the real god.This is called PRANA PRATHISTA.After prana prathista the prana life force gets transferred into the murthi to make the murthi the real god.

Swamy Ayyappa is the real god in the Sabarimalai temple and NOT some statue like other religions think.To Hindus its their real god there.In Hinduism God is omni present and hence their god is in heaven,in humans,in temples,in all living creatures.

In Hinduism

The real god lives in the temple in the form of murthi

In Christianity and Islam their god lives in heaven and NOT in their churches or mosques this is the difference and a fact

This fact other religions must respect it

Scientific Evidence why Hindu woman should not enter Sabarimalai Temple?

There is magnetic field at the place where the main murthi is present and in the room.

Prana our life force, divides itself into five vayus,(winds) each governing different functions and aspects of human being.

Prana-Chest, head

Governs intake, inspiration, propulsion, forward momentum

Apana -Pelvis

Governs elimination, downward and outward movement

Samana -Navel

Governs assimilation, discernment, inner absorption, consolidation


Governs growth, speech, expression, ascension, upward movement

Vyana -Whole body

Governs circulation on all levels, expansiveness, pervasiveness

Prasuti vayu” (the sub-life force or vital air that is responsible for child birth) is situated in the uterus and the female genital organs. It also creates downward force it is known as negative energy during menstruation

Prasuti Vayu is one reason for the child birth

Prasuti vayu is a downward force where the head of the baby comes down during 7th month of pregnancy

Temples have very high energy and upwards force.we go to temples and during prayers our prana life force gets elevated to upward force.

This is the main reason woman during menstruation should not go to temple due to the negative down ward force will react with upward force of temple and make the menstrual blood to go back into the body in opposite direction and can cause tubes of uterus closed leading to infertility

To visit Sabarimala temple one has to observe 41 days vratham austerity.Body takes 21 days to recycle our cells which means in 41 days it completes two recycling of cells of the body purifying our body and mind.

Woman cannot observe these 41days vratham due to their menstrual cycles and hence should not enter the sabarimalai temple.

Woman do not visit temples during menstrual cycle.

Woman do not get married during menstrual cycle due to wedding rituals to be performed which involves repeating powerful mantras.

There is a powerful Sri Chakra in Sabarimalai temple which must be seen only after observing 41 days vratham austerity and woman cannot do this is one more reason not to visit the temple


sabarimala-protests-380 sabarimala-2



Think why in any controversy there is always a Christian or Muslim involved who want to change a Hindu religious tradition or ritual?

Think why all the media do not want to disclose the facts to you?

How come not a single Hindu is never involved in creating any controversy

Involving Christianity or Islam?

India is the only nation where Hinduism still exist and the western forces want to spend not millions but Billions of $ on conversion of Hindus

NRIs around the world must know that whether you are a Christian or Muslim or Hindu the great Maha Bharath India is the only country in the world which will welcome you with open arms.

Time to be a Proud Hindu

Its time to be a proud Hindu and also declare that you are a proud Hindu

Its time every Hindu spends time learning about Hinduism,traditions,rituals mantras,to EMPOWER YOURSELF TO PROTECT YOURSELF



if you think this is the Truth then share this with your family and friends

if you support the Sabarimalai temple and its cause then post this in your FaceBook

if you want to see the change then you must be the changing agent

Join me to speak the Truth








Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli  a person of Indian origin is a singer composer producer based in USA who developed Prana Music where he mixes Mantras and Chants with real sounds of River Ganga, Temple Bells, Birds with amazing effects combined with symphony of Indian and western instruments to appeal to the NextGen and people of all ages and music tastes. He is renowned for his melodious divine voice and is a true devotee of Sri Rama Hanuman. He became world famous by his album “Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha”. All his albums including this 54th album is released worldwide through I Tunes,Amazon,Google Music Stores,YouTube music and more


Short Album Description –The most powerful Healing Mantras and Miracle Chants 75-108 in Sanskrit,Awadhi,Hindi,Tamil,and Telugu,Hindi  will make you experience Happiness and Heaven in this virtual and Musical Journey in the path traveled by the Sound Om in India as you walk with Sri Krishna to Happiness and Heaven. This is the longest Officially Released song of 5 Hours 15 Minutes 50 Seconds.

In few web sites due to their file size limitation and over 5 hours duration you will find this song in two parts as follows:

Healing Mantras Miracle Chants to walk with Sri Krishna to Happiness and Heaven-Part 1

Healing Mantras Miracle Chants to walk with Sri Krishna to Happiness and Heaven-Part 2

Healing Mantras features 3000 KB


How this song will be useful to you?

1-Every Hindu Must Learn Most Powerful Mantras and Miracle Chants 75-108 are in this song. Singing along with me will help you learn them and even pronounce them perfectly

2 Prana Healing Mantra Therapy makes you feel the positive changes in you instantly due to the power of the Mantras and Miracle Chants

3 Prana Healing Music Therapy will take you to a different world due to the Prana Music composing of the Mantras and Miracle Chants with Real Sounds of River Ganga,Temple Bells Birds and effects that will surround you taking you to the front row seat with your God.

4 Travel with me in this musical journey to discover Yourself, Awaken Yourself finally surrender yourself to yourself or God as you find answers to your inner questions,

Who Iam I ? Why Iam I Born? What Is the Purpose of this Birth? What are your duties and responsibilities to be completed in this Birth?

5 Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Life’s Problems improved or resolved just by listening to this Song due to the power of Healing Mantras and Miracle Chants and Prana Music

5A-Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions to Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, Insomnia, Dementia, Bipolar, Aizheimers, Schizophrenia and PTSD

5B- Negative to Positive Attitude, Restlessness to Restfulness, Removal of Inner Fear, Increased Courage, Self Confidence, Anger, Short Temperedness Reduced, Inner Peace, Happiness leading to Good Health at all times. Self-Motivation and Strength that you will succeed in everything in your life and career.

5C-Solving Life’s problems be it Finding love, improving your present relationships, getting your Dream Job, Success in your Business, Getting out of Poverty, Debts Cycles to Prosperity.

5D-Two Inner Wishes Addressed-We Want Happiness-We Want to Go to Heaven. Healing Mantras and Miracle Chants will help you experience Happiness and Heaven as you listen to this song

5E-Your Life always presents you with two choices-First Choice is Medicines-Side Effects-Temporary Relief, Long Term Unknown Health Risks. Second Choice is the Strong Belief in Natural Healing Methods Allowing Your Body, Mind and Soul to heal on their own with no side effects with Healing Mantras, Miracle Chants using the power of Om.

Why this one song is composed and sang for 5hours 15 minutes 50 seconds duration?

In today’s busy world where you do not have time to even eat since you are running all the time. There is no time for anyone to search over 75 to 108 mantras and chants at various places to listen and learn one by one. This is just one long song contains everything you need to know. You can listen in your car or home or work or in trains or Airports not only your time will move fast, you will also utilize your time usefully and at the end notice changes in you which you will be surprised.


Listen With Head Phones, Phone ear buds,Surround Sound Speakers for maximum effect


How you can make the best use of this song to your maximum benefit


Play at Home or in Your Car ideally during long journeys

Playing the song in your home daily will increase the positive energy in your home removing the negative energy. The subconscious listening while you work in your home will have an immense effect on you within you without your knowledge and you will see the change in 5days that you are happy content and full of energy to do more to your life


Listen at Airports,in flights,in trains and watch how your time passes with a purpose

Please always listen through head phones or phone ear buds or surround sound speakers to feel the effects of the music, mantras and chants.Mantras and Chants  selected are very powerful and more you listen the more changes you feel within you.


The best way to learn the mantras and chants is to look at the lyrics and observe how Iam pronouncing each word.Notice how Iam singing with no stress in my throat.Notice how Iam breathing while singing.Then sing along with me next time.Finally sing alone the mantras and chants.You will be shocked how you can sing perfectly with right pronunciation in 1-2days for smaller mantras and within 21days for longer mantras chants. You don’t have to be a good singer to sing these mantras and chants.They will make you a good singer such is their power.

I composed and sang the mantras chants and recorded them in HD specifically to make it easy for you to learn and sing fast and enjoy the powers of the mantras and chants

Singing has 5 challenges.

 1-Lyrics Pronunciation-Write your notations on lyrics based on how it is pronounced

2 Fear in Voice as if you are chocking-Looking at lyrics and singing removes this fear.Singing over 21 times removes this fear.

3-Breathing while Singing- Less you are stressed more freely you can breathe while singing. Observe the discrete gaps I give between each mantra chant while singing. Sing over 21 times to breathe freely and sing

4-Singing in right key pitch Shruthi as it is called. This improves as you listen more and sing along with me

5 Rhythm or Thallam or the Beats needs to be in sync with the song.Its ok to feel the beat with your hands as you sing.Again it becomes easy if you sing along with me.


Mantras and Chants selected in this song though, you may think some are common or known to you. What you may not know is that healing powers of the mantras comes from the way you pronounce them perfectly and how you sing them. Mantra and chant differ here how you sing them.How the power multiplies by repeating the mantras be it 3 times or 5 times or 21 times or 108 times or 1008 times. This is reason I have selected few mantras and repeated them 108 times but each time differently though you may not notice the difference.


Prana Healing Music Therapy is developed by me by mixing the most powerful mantras with real sounds of Holy river Ganga,Temple Bells in real temples, and birds and effects like rain.

The choice of Raaga and Thalam (rhythm) in my composing makes the song unique together with use of melodies Indian and western instruments. My voice flows as I sing thinking of the God. The Voice, the singing, the effects the surround sound recording is what makes you feel like the front row seat to feel the God and that’s when miracles happen to you, your body, mind and soul.


To people with extreme problems be it physical, emotional or psychological like PTSD and similar kind I recommend the following:

Closing yourself in a room you like the most.

Making the room very comfortable for you

Choosing the sitting position in the right furniture or just sitting on the floor touching the earth or floor.

Eat light food, keep lots of water to drink, preferably vegetarian and no-alcohol please

Wear soft and loose garments preferably 100% cotton

Start listening the song but do take a break for 5 minutes every 30 minutes and break for 20 minutes after 2.30 hours for lunch or dinner. Wash your face with cold water during this break. Continue after the break till you complete taking 5 minutes break after 30 minutes. Breaks are not a must and if you like to continue listening do it and take break when you want. At least ensure you finish listening to this song in 2 days maximum first time.

When you listen, the song will take you to a different world of your own where your body, mind and soul is at peace with yourself and you experience total inner peace and silence with your mind blank. Its as if you are in a meditative zone. Yes, you will be in meditative zone wondering why you feeling happy. Many experience tears rolling their eyes this is normal and allow them to roll.



This song is my personal journey. This is no way different from your journey in whichever country you live-in. The journey of my inner struggle in search of the external truth in this world.

The journey and path to

Discover Your Self,

Awaken Your Self,

and finally Surrender Your Self

to Your Self or God.

Who Iam I? is the big question. Why Iam I Born? What is the purpose of my Birth?

What are my duties and responsibilities to complete in this birth?

I learnt through lessons from my life that we all live in three worlds. First Internal World, the real you, your family. Second the External World, what we do or better known by the job we do our occupation and friends. Third the Universal World, where the Internal and External world connects with the Universal world. We all connect with the universe, earth and nature because they help us survive in this world by providing oxygen, sun light, moon light, food from the earth, and water through rains. It looks simply but this is your world. Born as a Hindu is my Internal world, but I look at the External World as a non-Hindu like you, where Truth Is God and Truth is religion and nothing else matters. We have one God with different names like Sri Rama, Jesus or Allah.

Whether we believe in God or not we all have two most important wishes in our life.?

1 We want Happiness

2 We want to go to heaven

In the first 50 years we want to know “What we need to do to bring happiness into our life”

In the next 50years we want to know “What we need to do to go to heaven” we do not admit but these are our two inner fears we don’t express outside. Now how can our wishes be full filled in this birth?

I looked at what happened when our universe was created. When our universe was created we learnt that we first heard a sound. The very first primordial sound we heard when our universe was created was the sound of Om (AUM). This is the same sound which unites our body mind and soul finally with the God. Our Life is nothing but a combination of sounds. Life starts with the sound of baby crying at birth and people around smiling. Life ends with the person passing away laying with a smiling calm face and people around crying. Life Starts with Om and ends with Om. Om is the breath of our life. When you sing Om, you can feel your breath and each person experiences this feeling differently due to their unique DNA. This is what makes you a special person one of its kind in the world. I was able to relate to various sounds because I learnt to play Tabla, from a blind teacher. Tabla is an Indian rhythm instrument played with both hands using both the right and left side of the brain. I learnt to sing compose in multiple languages like Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Awadhi since the sounds were unique and had different impact in each language due to their words. I noticed these sounds of mantras and chants had healing powers on our body mind and soul. This is how my relationship started with the sounds. The miracles of the chants are due to their association with the creator the lord

Sri Krishna the supreme God who took the human form to make us realize the need for a God in our life. To those who do not believe in God, let’s call it an unknown power or Belief or Hope in life.

I decided to virtually travel the path Om Traveled throughout India through various holy cities, holy rivers, holy mountains and holy temples through this song

“Healing Mantras Miracle Chants To Walk With Sri Krishna to Happiness and Heaven”

Om Mantra for meditation

The journey starts with first singing or listening to Om the mantra for meditation. This is a soul purifying mantra followed by mantras on all the gods ends with the most important sloka from Bhagavad Gita -Puthra Dhara

Mantras are powerful sounds which can make you experience miracles. When you hear them, you may think each mantra sounds same but if you listen closely you will notice each time its sang or rendered differently. This means same mantra repeatedly 108 different ways for maximum impact and experience in your body and mind and this is main reason for amazing problem-solving capabilities of the mantras and miracles.

You will hear many powerful mantras on various Gods repeated 108 times and even 1008 times and ends with again Om

Life begins with Om Life ends with Om. The universe which was created ends one day to create a new universe again with the sound of Om.


This virtual journey covers

54 Temples

33 Gods

4 Dhams

9 Planets

3 Poets

2 Rishis

5 Elements of nature through the temples for Fire-Water-Air-Space-Earth and Temple of sun and Moon

4 Yugas

4 Lokas

7 Colors

5 Chiranjevis

2 Incarnations in Humans

5 languages

2 Epics born from two Epic battles, Sri Ramayana and Maha Bharatham and from it Bhagavad Gita the manual how to life our life today in this kaliyuga

Who Iam I? I realized that there is God living inside each one of us and we are unique blessed Divine individuals that’s why we say “Namaste” when we see other Persons recognizing God inside them. We start to respect all living beings elevating our self into a spiritual human being

Why Iam I Born?

There are estimated 8.7 Million living species on the earth 6.5 million living on the earth and 2.2 million species living in the ocean. You being born as a human among 8.7 million species

Is what makes you special, unique as proved by DNA since only you have it. People who had more bad karma then good karma are born as other living species other than Humans.

You are born based on the good and bad karma of the previous birth where you did more good than bad and you still have certain duties which you need to do in this birth as defined by the purpose of your birth which you will discover slowly.

What is the purpose of this birth?

You are born to Give life, Save Life and not to take any Life including your life. Your purpose of life is to help others by serving God and strive for the happiness of all human being and living species till you attain Moksham Salvation by surrendering Saranagathi to the God

What are my duties and responsibilities in this birth? 

The four goals of human life

Dharma: the right way to life, the “duties and obligations of the individual toward himself and the society as well as those of the society toward the individual”;

Artha: the means to support and sustain one’s life;

Kāma: pleasure and enjoyment;

Mokṣa: liberation, release

How you balance the four is most important aspect of your life which makes the difference between success and failure.

Is there a manual I can follow how to live a truthful good life and how to solve our problems?

Bhagavad Gita is the manual given by Sri Krishna him self knowingly that life during kaliyuga will be very difficult with every one experiencing unimaginable problems.


I experienced Happiness after the mantras 1 to 63 the last mantra from Bhagavat Gita teaches about detachment and that this life is nothing but one sweet dream from birth to death which is such a blessing from the God. I noticed the 10 heads of Ravana are no more

Manas (Mind) Buddhi (Intellectual) Chita (Will) Ahamkara (Ego) leaving only Happiness to me and us. If I WANT HAPPINESS than its only in my hand to be happy and I must sacrifice I Ego Want which is Desire once I sacrifice these two Iam left with only Happiness.


I experienced Heaven from mantra 64 to 75 as I traveled through space with the 108 mantras.

I experienced meeting Sri Hanuman who helped both Sri Rama and Sri Krishna win both their wars. He made me realize Gayatri Mantra essence of om and finally meeting Lord Shiva with the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra and Om Nama Shivaya. I was at the gates of Heaven. Standing there was Chitra gupta the one God who keeps accounts of good and bad done by all of us and he decides who goes to Hell or Heaven. The Chitra gupta mantra helps here and I repeated Hare Krishna Maha Mantra that’s when I experienced heaven and unity with the God. I then realized Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu meaning not only I should be happy but I want all living beings and all living creatures to be happy and be in heaven. I finally wanted Shanthi Peace   Inner peace and outer peace in the universe. Somewhere at a distance I heard Ram Ram Ram voice of Sri Hanuman in Ayodhya. I also heard Hare Krishna-Hare Krishna -Hare Krishna voice of Arjuna in Kurukshetra as I opened my eyes to the sound of om om om om om

Healing Mantras Miracle Chants Is a Strong Belief That Sri Krishna Will Walk with You To

Happiness and Heaven because you are a Spiritual Being going through a Temporary Human Experience in this life

Worldwide launch on 22nd July 2018

Search for Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli in your country in the following sites:

Apple I Tunes,Amazon Mp3,Spotify,Pandora,Google Music Store,You Tube Music,

Napster,Saavn,Shazam,I Heart Radio, and over 30 Digital Music Distributers,


Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

Join me in this journey to regain Faith in God to achieve everything, if we just have Belief and Hope through prayers, mantras while protecting our Sanatana Dharma which gave us everything 





Tulasi Mantra-Tulasi Vivaha on 1st Nov 2017-Prana Kishore

Tulasi Mantra Tulasi Vivaha Miracle Mantra For Mental Strength

TULASI MANTRA-Sang and composed by Prana Kishore Worldwide release on 1st Nov 2017 ( Check Prana Kishore You Tube for Free down load)

Mantra to pray holy places, holy deities and holy Vedas for confidence and to remain as pure as Tulasi in everything
Tulasi Mantra-Yen Moole Sarvatheerthaani

Yenmoole Sarvatheerthaani

Yenmadhye Sarvadevatha

Yadagre Sarva Vedaascha

Thulaseem-tham Namamyaham

I bow down to the Tulasi at whose base are all the holy  places, at whose top reside all deities and on whose middle are all the Vedas

Why Should we keep Tulasi Plant In Our Home-Reason?


Mantra to pray holy places, holy deities and holy Vedas for confidence and to remain as pure as Tulasi in everything-This 45 second one line mantra will give you mental strength.

Tulasi Mantra-Yen Moole Sarvatheerthaani

Yenmoole Sarvatheerthaani -Yenmadhye Sarvadevatha -Yadagre Sarva Vedaascha -Thulaseem-tham Nama

All Deities Reside On Top Of Tulasi Plant

All Vedas Are There  In The Middle And

All Holy Places Are There At Base of

Tulasi Plant,

Our mothers by the time they completed 3 rounds Pradhakshan around Tulasi plant in their homes,repeating this mantra they got their mental strength to face their daily problems.They also got answers to their daily problems.( In our Nextgen terms it was her google) 

That’s Why Every Home Must Have One Tulasi

Tulasi Vivaha ( wedding is done to Tulasi plant and Vishnu or his avatar Sri Krishna Every year just like any wedding In India in homes and in temples and it’s a great celebration.

Every home has a Tulasi Plant which is prayed every day in the morning by the lady of the house.Tulasi plant has over 108 medicinal qualities which is used as Home remedies in India since 5000 years.

When can  we perform this wedding of Tulasi?

images (3)image

This ceremony can be performed any time between Prabodhini Ekadashi – the eleventh lunar day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu month Kartik to the full moon of the month (Kartik Poornima) but usually it is performed on the eleventh or the twelfth lunar day. The day varies from region to region.

Evidence: The wedding rituals and process is told in “Padma Purana”

 The Tulsi wedding signifies the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the Hindu wedding season.

In 2017 the wedding is performed on 1st Nov 2017 or 31st oct 2017 in few places

Who is Tulasi?

T-rama_tulsi 1Shyama or Krishna TulasiVana Tulasi Forest

Rama Tulasi-Shyama or Krishna Tulasi-Forest or Vana Tulasi are three kinds of Tulasi Plants you will find in India. 

Tulsi is a goddess in Hinduism and considered a wife of Vishnu or his avtar Sri Krishna called as  Vishnupriya, “the beloved of Vishnu”.

The Hindu scriptures mention that  the  Tulsi plant was a woman named Vrinda (Brinda; a synonym of Tulsi). Tulsi, named Vrinda (Brinda), was the wife of Jalandhar who sought a boon with the Gods, of invincibility as long as his wife is chaste.

Vrinda was a devout wife, who upheld chastity. Jalandhar, owing to the boon that he acquired, began to traumatise people that it became a difficult task for Gods to handle. Gods took refuge in Lord Vishnu, who came to their resort, by disguising Himself as Jalandhar and living with Vrinda to break her chastity.

Vrinda who lost her chastity to Lord Vishnu, on discovering the truth cursed Him to become a stone. She further cursed that at one point in time, He would also suffer the pangs of separation of His consort;she then immolated herself.

Lord Vishnu, acknowledging Vrinda’s purity, transformed her into a Tulsi plant, to be worshipped in all homes. He then became a stone (Shaligrama).

In the Ramavatar, the Lord, as the result of the curse, suffered separation from His consort, Sita.

Tulasi Vivaha Marriage Ritual procedure done in Homes and Temples



The marriage of Tulsi with Vishnu/Krishna resembles the traditional Hindu wedding.This ceremony is conducted at homes and also at temples. A fast is observed on the Tulsi Vivah day until evening when the ceremony begins. A mandap (marriage booth) is built around the courtyard of the house where the Tulsi plant is planted. The Tulsi plant is usually planted in centre of the courtyard in a brick plaster called Tulsi vrindavana. It is believed that the soul of Vrinda resides in the plant at night and leaves in the morning. The bride Tulsi is clothed with a sari and ornaments including earrings and necklaces. A human paper face with a bindi and nose-ring – may be attached to Tulsi. The groom is a brass image or picture of Vishnu or Krishna or the Shaligram stone – the symbol of Vishnu. The image is clothed in a dhoti. Both Vishnu and Tulsi are bathed and decorated with flowers and garlands before the wedding. The couple is linked with a cotton thread (mala) in the ceremony.





 Tulsi plant worshipped as part of Tulsi Vivah celebrations.

In Prabhu Dham Saunja, India, this festival is collectively celebrated by whole village which makes it a significant point of attraction. Here it is celebrated as three day festival in the hindi month of Kartik from Ekadashi to Trayodashi. The festival is started with the vedic chanting of Ramacharitra Manas or Ramayana by the villagers itself. The second day is celebrated as Sobha Yatra which is of significat importance in which the special prasad is Pongal, and the third day is celebrated as Tilakotsav and Vivahotsav of Lord Vishnu and Devi Brinda. The villagers prepare 56 types of prasad known as Chapan Bhog and distributed to all. All caste takes participation in this village accordingly. Devoties including saints and mahants all over from Bihar visit this place to celebrate this festive occasion.

In Maharashtra, an important ritual in the ceremony is when the white cloth is held between the bride and the groom and the priest recites the Mangal Ashtaka mantras. These mantras formally complete the wedding. Rice mixed with vermilion is showered by the attendees on Tulsi and Vishnu at the end of the recitation of the mantras with the word “Savadhan” (literally “be careful” implying “You are united now”. The white curtain is also removed. The attendees clap signifying approval to the wedding. Vishnu is offered sandalwood-paste, men’s clothing and the sacred thread. The bride is offered saris, turmeric, vermilion and a wedding necklace called Mangal-sutra, worn by married women. Sweets and food cooked for an actual wedding are cooked for Tulsi Vivah too. This ceremony is mostly performed by women. The prasad of sugar-cane, coconut chips, fruits and groundnut is distributed to devotees.The expenses of the wedding are usually borne by a daughter-less couple, who act as the parents of Tulsi in the ritual wedding. The giving away of the daughter Tulsi (kanyadaan) to Krishna is considered meritorious to the couple. The bridal offerings to Tulsi are given to a Brahmin priest or female ascetics after the ceremony.

In two Rama temples in Saurashtra, the ceremony is more elaborate. An invitation card is sent to the groom’s temple by the bride’s temple. On Prabodhini Ekadashi, a barat bridal procession of Lalji – an image of Vishnu – sets off to the bride’s temple. Lalji is placed in a palanquin and accompanied by singing and dancing devotees. The barat is welcomed on the outskirts of Tulsi’s village and the ceremonial marriage is carried at the temple. At the bride’s side, Tulsi is planted in an earthen pot for the ceremony. People desirous of children perform Kanyadaan from Tulsi’s side acting as her parents. Bhajans are sung throughout the night and in the morning the barat of Lalji returns to their village with Tulsi.

happy-diwali-animated-gif-for-facebook GIF







Tulasi Vivaha Video:

Tulasi Vivaha video shows the wedding performed by devotes of Sri Swaminarayan temple Melbourne,Australia.This is a proud moment to know that Hindu Dharma Traditions are followed so well even out side India even today after 5000 years of Hinduism.

As you can see in this video,Tulasi Vivaha is performed just like any other Indian wedding starting with the Bharaat,wedding,and couple going to Inlaws house and welcome there followed by Puja.

Notice each scene, how the devotees are dressed and  the next generations youngsters are equally involved with elders in performing this divine wedding with shradha and devotion as visible in their eyes.



Lessons to be learn:

God is a Belief in one word.West may criticize that we are getting a plant married to the God Sri Vishnu or his avatar Sri Krishna but it is our core belief system that Tulasi is NOT a plant but our daughter whom we are getting married to the Lord him self just like it has been described in Hindu scripture Padma Purana

This is enough evidence of power of God and Power of Hinduism,Worlds First religion still alive after 5000 years and some call it A way of life,Sanatana Dharma,Eternal Truth.

What You Should You do now?

1 Get on Tulasi Plant in your home and pray it daily once

2 Every home must have a Tulasi Plant since it keeps your Hope Alive and Keeps your Belief Alive,which is Belief In God.Once You have HOPE and BELIEF you will have everything you wish in your life










Thank you for attending the wedding Tulasi Vivaha and for getting blessed

Prana Kishore







Maha Lakshmi Diwali Blessings Mantras For Wealth,Good Fortune & prosperity-Prana Kishore For Diwali 19th Oct 2017

This album world wide launch on 16th Oct 2017 just in time for Diwali

This album has 8 powerful Maha Lakshmi Mantras.Please listen to them every Friday or play them in your house for the blessings from Maha Lakshmi

Maha Lakshmi Blessings For Diwali Final1400

Mantra for lighting the lamp/also Evening Mantra to bless you with prosperity.Deepam Mantra/Evening Prayers
Subham Karoti Kalyanam/Deepam Jyothi

  • Subham Koroti Kalyanam
  • Arogyam Dhana Sampadah
  • Shatru Budhi Vinashaya
  • Deepa Jyothir Namostute
  • Sanskrit to English Word Meaning
  • Subham- auspiciousness; karoti – which brings; kalyanam-
  • prosperity; arogyam- good health; dhanasampadah-
  • abundance of wealth; satrubuddhi- of the intellect’s enemy (ignorance);
  • vinasaya- for the destruction; dipajyotir- that lamplight; namosthuthe, I salute thee.
  • Translation
  • I salute the One who is the lamplight that brings auspiciousness; prosperity, good health, abundance of wealth, and the destruction of the intellect’s enemy.
  • Brief explanation
  • This prayer is chanted before lighting the lamplight. Light is considered a symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity, and abundance in many cultures. Light brings with it brightness, but how does it destroy the intellect’s enemy? The intellect’s enemy is ignorance, which is likened to darkness. Light removes the darkness and makes it possible to see things clearly.
  • Deepo-Jyothir ParaBrahma
  • Deepo jyothir Janardhanaha
  • Deepo Haratu me Papam
  • Sandhya Deepam Namostute
  • I salute the Lord, the sustainer of the creation, in the form of this light.
  • I salute this light (the Lord), may He destroy afflictions resulting from my
  • omissions and commissions.
  • I prostrate to the dawn/dusk lamp whose light is Supreme Knowledge which
  • removes the darkness of ignorance and by which all can be achieved

Morning Mantra on bed looking at both Hands to believe in your self for the right attitude and actions to succeed
Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi

 Karaagre Vasatay Lakshmi

  • Kara Madhye Saraswathi
  • Kara Moole Thu Govindaha :
  • Prabhatay  Kara Darshanam
  • Sanskrit to English Word Meaning
  • Karagre-on the tip of your fingers; vasate- dwells; Lakshmi-
  • the Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi; karamule-
  • on the base of your hands; Saraswathi- the Goddess of Knowledge
  • Saraswathi; karamadhye- in the middle of your hands; tu-whereas;
  • Govindah-the Lord Govindah; prabhate-in the morning;
  • karadarshanam-look at your palm.
  • Translation
  • On the tip of your fingers is Goddess Lakshmi; on the base of your fingers is Goddess Sarasvati; in the middle of your fingers is Lord Govinda. In this manner, look at your palm
  • Brief Explanation
  • This is a Morning Prayer called “karadarshana”. One begins the day with this prayer. ‘kara” means the palm of the hand and it stands for the five karmendriyas, or the organs of action. While looking at the palm, one invokes the Lord in the form of various deities, thus sanctifying all the actions that will be done during the day. By acknowledging the Lord as the giver of the capacity to perform actions and as the giver of the fruits of those actions, one sanctifies the actions. Thus, one prays in the morning to reinforce the attitude that all actions are performed as a service to the Lord.

 Morning Mantra on bed before getting down, praying mother earth to forgive you for touching her with your feet gives you patience
Samudra Vasane Devi

 Samudra Vasanay Devi,

  • Parvata Stana Mandale.
  • Vishnupatni Namastubhyam,
  • Paada Sparsham Kshamasva Me
  • O! Mother Earth, who has the ocean as clothes and mountains and forests on her body, who is the wife of Lord Vishnu, I bow to you.

Please forgive me for touching you with my feet

Mantra in the shower acknowledging critical role of water in our lives
As sacred as from sacred rivers
Gange Cha,Yamuna chaiva

 Gange cha Yamune chaiva Godavari Saraswati |

  • Narmade Sindhu Kaveri jalesmin sannidhim kuru||

    Before bathing, the Hindus

  • acknowledge the critical role
  • of water in their daily lives,
  • and the sources of water,
  • the sacred rivers.
  • In this water, I invoke the presence of holy waters from the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri

 Mantra to bless you with good fortune and wealth
Shri Lakshmi Mantra-Ya Devi Sarva Bhooteshu

  • Ya Devi Sarva Bhooteshu         
  • Lakshmi Roopena Samsthitha
  • Namastasyai Namastasyai
  • Namastasyai Namo Namaha
  • Salutations again and again
  • to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of good fortune.


 Mantra to pray holy places, holy deities and holy Vedas for confidence and to remain as pure as Tulasi in everything
Tulasi Mantra-Yen Moole Sarvatheerthaani

  • Yenmoole Sarvatheerthaani
  • Yenmadhye Sarvadevatha
  • Yadagre Sarva Vedaascha
  • Thulaseem-tham Namamyaham
  • I bow down to the Tulasi at
  • whose base are all the holy
  • places, at whose top reside
  • all deities and on whose middle
  • are all the Vedas

Mantra before meals to thank God for the food by also offering food to God it becomes Maha Prasad
Shri Annapoorna Mantra-Annapoorne
Brahmaarpanam Brahma Havir

 Annapoorne Sada Poorne,

  • Shankara Pranavallabhe
  • Gyana Vairagya Sidyartham,
  • Bhikshaam Dehi cha Parvati
  • Mata cha Parvati Devi, Pita Devo Maheswarah
  • Baandhava Shiva Bhaktyascha,
  • Svadeso Bhuvanatrayam
  • Annapoorne – the wife of Lord Shiva; She who is full of food; Sadapoorne – who is always full of resources; Sankara – of Lord Sankara(Shiva); Prana – the life-force; energy; Vallabhe – the beloved; Jnana – knowledge; Vairagya – attitude of renunciation; Siddhyartham – to fulfill the purpose of; Bhiksham – alms, food; Dehi – giveus; Namostute – we bow down to You
  • O Annapurna, Who art ever full, the beloved life-force of Lord Sankara (Shive, O’ Parvathi – grant me alms that I be firmly established in Knowledge and Renunciation. Mother is shakti, father is shiva, relatives are the devotees of shiva and own country is all the three worlds

Mantra to lead you from untruth to truth,darkness to light,death to immortality
Asathoma Sadgamaya Mantra

 Asatho Maa Sad Gamaya

  • Thamaso Maa Jyothir Gamaya
  • Mrithyor Maa Amritham Gamaya
  • Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthihi
  • Sanskrit to English Word Meaning
  • asato-from unreal; ma-me;sad-to the real; gamaya –lead; tamaso – from darkness (of ignorance), ma-me; jyothih-to light; gamaya-lead; mrtyoh- from death ; amrtam- immortality; gamaya –lead to immortality
  • Translation
  • Lead me (by giving knowledge) from the unreal to the real; from darkness (of ignorance) to the light (of knowledge); from death (sense of limitation) to immortality (limitless liberation)
  • Meaning:
  • Lead me from untruth to truth;
  • Lead me from darkness to light;
  • Lead me from death to immortality.

The Mantras start with real sounds of holy river Ganga and Birds as Prana Music Therapy and to feel the effects please listen with head phones or ear buds of phones

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali,Deepavali

Prana Kishore



Baso More-Meera Surrenders Her Love To Sri Krishna 3000.jpg

Baso More Is one of the Favorite song loved by both Meera and Sri Krishna.The story of Meera is a Real Life Love Story between Real Life  princess and the God Sri Krishna  which happened In India in 15th Century. Prana Kishore sang and composed this song to appeal to NextGen  using classical instruments from India.

The highlghts of this song is the accompaniment on Mridangam by Sri Jayaprakash ( JP) from Coimbatore India a college friend of Prana Kishore at PSG College of Technology at Coimbatore. Prana Kishore played Tabla with Sri Jaya Prakash(JP) on Mridangam a jugal bandhi of beats at high speeds and JP Is the best.Sri Jayaprakash a computer science genius played Mridangam for many top classical singers in India.This album is to bring back both their friendship once again to the world of Music.Prana Kishore used rare instruments to make this song even more melodious.

Smt Priyamvadha of ALL India Radio Cuddapah classical music teacher taught this Meera Bhajan to Prana Kishore.Prana Kishore is an accredited vocal artist of ALL India Radio Hyderabad for light and classical music and Tabla instrument.

Sit back enjoy listening with head phones for surround sound 7.1 effects HD recording  the best.

Life Lessons from Meera bhai the real life princess who gave up everthing due to her devotion and love for Sri Krishna.


Ego to God

Anger to God

Addictions To God ( Smoking,Drinking,Drugs,Sleeping habits,Eating habits,internet,social media,spending habits,)

Negativity to God

Speak the truth,avoid white lies,lies you think are harmless since they lead to big lies and destroy relationships.



Profile Of  The Mridangam Maestro Jayaprakash (JP)

IMG_9803 IMG_9804




Coimbatore R Jayaprakash – Mridangam Artist.
Jayaprakash Ramamoorthi (JP), a computer engineer by profession, is a serial
entrepreneur for the past more than three decades, having promoted multiple
enterprises engaged in software development, training and placement, IT products development and marketing, data processing and BPO activities, etc. Based out of Coimbatore, JP has been a pioneer in the field of Information Technology in the region,and has won an award from Computer Society of India for “Significant contribution for the growth of IT in the region”.
JP’s other side has also been creative, he is a passionate carnatic musician, a percussion artist,an accomplished player on the Mridangam. Seeing JP possess rhythmic talents even as a young kid, his father, Dr. AVR Moorthi, initiated him into a formal course in Mridangam right from a tender age of eight, in 1965. Very soon, JP started performing in public, though a formal inaugural concert was organized only on 01 July 1973. Since then, JP has been performing for leading artists of those years, including Sikkil sisters Neela & Kunjumani (Flute), Madurai Somu (Vocal), M S Gopalakrishnan (Violin),Bombay sisters Saroja & Lalitha, N Ramani (Flute), D K Jayaraman (Vocal), Kandadevi Alagiriswami (Violin), Thiruparkadal Vijayaraghavan (Violin), Dwaram Mangathayaru (Violin), Tiruvenkadu Jayaraman, A Sundaresan (Vocal), Raman Laxman (Vocal), T V
Sankaranarayanan (Vocal), N Kesi (Flute), etc. He has also accompanied leading artists of today, including Sanjay Subramaniam, Neyveli Santhanagopalan, O S Thiagarajan,Dr Sundar, Geetha Raja, etc., apart from playing along with lead mridangists like Karaikudi Mani, T K Moorthi and Tanjore Upendran.
JP was selected by the State Government (TN Iyal Isai Nataga Manram) for a musical scholarship to perform in multiple musical sabhas all over Tamilnadu, in 1975, as part of the government initiative to encourage young talents. He has accompanied leading artists in renowned gatherings at Music Academy (Chennai), Indian Fine Arts Society (Chennai), Ganapriya (Coimbatore), Thiaga Brahma Mahotsavam (Tiruvayaru),Thigaraja Sangeetha Sabha (Coimbatore), etc. JP has been recognized as an approved artist of All India Radio, and has played in several radio and TV concerts as well. A proven organizer of cultural events, JP has contributed immensely to organizing several musical extravaganzas while in college at PSG Tech (Coimbatore), and also currently as an alumnus of this renowned institution.
Married happily to Dr. N R Alamelu, an accomplished academic administrator, who is also a passionate carnatic violinist, they are blessed with two daughters, who also possess abundant creative talents.


Prana Kishore

Producer,Composer,Singer in Prana Kishore Label in Collaboration with I Tunes & Amazon,Apple Music For Worldwide Music Distribution.Also Available on Google Music Stores,I Heard Radio,Pandora,Rhapsody,Saavn,Spotify,YouTube Music & Over 50 sites


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Valmiki Eka Slokam Ramayanam in 4 Lines 3000


Valmiki Jayanti 2017  5th Oct 2017

Valmiki is revered as the first poet of Sanskrit literature. He was a great sage and author of the epic Ramayana which consists of 24,000 verses and 7 cantos (Kandas) including the Uttara canto.Valmiki is also known as Maharishi Valmiki and considered as the Adi Kavi i.e. the first poet of Sanskrit language.Maharishi Valmiki is believed to be the contemporary of Lord Sri Rama which makes it difficult to define the exact timings of his birth as birth era of Lord Sri Rama is also a topic of much debate among modern historians. However his birth anniversary which is also known as his Jayanti is celebrated on Ashwin Purnima as per Hindu lunar calendar.As per Ramayana, Shri Rama met Valmiki during his period of exile and interacted with him. Later, Valmiki gave shelter to Devi Sita in his hermitage when Rama banished her. Kusha and Lava, the twin sons of Shri Rama were born in his hermitage. Valmiki taught Ramayana to both twins.

Maharishi Valmiki in his early life was a highway dacoit named Ratnakar, who used to rob people after killing them. It is believed that sage Narada Muni transformed Ratnakar into great devotee of Lord Rama. On the advice of Narada Muni, Ratnakar performed great penance by reciting great Mantra of Rama Nama. After years of meditation, a divine voice declared his penance successful and bestowed him with new name Valmiki, the one who born out of ant-hills.


Eka Slokam Ramayanam Meaning:

Lord Rama went to the forest in order to fulfill the promise his father had given to his wife Kaikeyi. In the forest, Sita was attracted by the golden deer and Rama went after it.  At that time, the wicked Ravana kidnapped Sita. Jatayu tried to defend Sita and save her, but was killed by Ravana.  Lord Rama then befriended Sugriva and killed Vali, the unrighteous.He crossed the ocean and entered the city of Lanka.  He then destroyed the city of Lanka, killed the wicked demons Ravana and Kumbhakarna and set Sita free.  This is the story contained in the Epic Ramayana mentioned in the 4 lines Mantra Eka Slokam Ramayanam


Poorvam Rama-Tapo-Vanaadi-gamanam Hatva Mrugam Kaanchanam- RAM

Vaidehee-Haranam Jatayu-Maranam Sugreeva-Sambhashanam-RAM

Balee-nigrahanam Samudra-taranam Lankapuri-daahanam- RAM

Paschaat Raavana-kumbhakarna-hananam Etat Sri Ramayanam- RAM

Sri Rama once ruled the entire world,thats why you find hindu temples

idols  in all countries when they excavate even today.





Lord-Rama standing

Please keep this Sri Rama Parivar family photo in your home for prosperity wealth and get your children married to the right persons

pattabhishekam 02

Please be proud that if you are born as a Hindu and lived in India,you are living  in the country where the gods Sri Rama and Sri Krishna and Sri Hanuman walked on the same earth.Sri Hanuman is chiranjevi who is alive even today and you will feel his miracles if you pray him and he will help you win your daily battles just like he helped Sri Rama and Sri Krishna also.

Sri Rama Jayam

Eka Sloka Ramayanam-Epic Ramayanam in just 4 lines.

what you need to do next?

Listen -Learn-practice-then Teach your family first,then your friends

Finally if you find this useful please share on your social media net work for others to learn and benefit  just like you and me

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli


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Om Sai Sri Sai-Watch Baba Open Eyes-Shirdi Sai Baba 179th Jayanthi 27th Sept 2017-Prana Kishore

Om Sai Sri Sai Vedic Vibrations 3000.jpg

Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi (1838 – 15 October 1918; resided in Shirdi), also known as Shirdi Sai Baba, was a spiritual master who was and is regarded by his devotees as a saint, fakiravatar (an incarnation of God), or sadguru, revered by both his Muslim and Hindu devotees, and during, as well as after, his life on earth it remained uncertain if he was a Muslim or Hindu himself. The name “Sai” was given to him upon his arrival at Shirdi,

Sai Baba remains a very popular saint, especially in India, and is worshiped by people around the world. He had no love for perishable things and his sole concern was self-realization. He taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru. He gave no distinction based on religion or caste. Sai Baba’s teaching combined elements of Hinduism and Islam: he gave the Hindu name Dwarakamayi to the mosque he lived in, practised Muslim rituals, taught using words and figures that drew from both traditions, and was buried in Shirdi.

One of his well known epigrams,” Sab ka Malik Ek” (“One God governs all”) trust in me and your prayers will be answered.

He told Muslims to study the Qur’an and Hindus to study texts such as the Ramayana,Bhagavad Gita, Sai Baba encouraged charity, and stressed the importance of sharing. He said: “Unless there is some relationship or connection, nobody goes anywhere. If any men or creatures come to you, do not discourteously drive them away, but receive them well and treat them with due respect. Shri Hari (God) will certainly be pleased if you give water to the thirsty, bread to the hungry, clothes to the naked, and your verandah to strangers for sitting and resting. If anybody wants any money from you and you are not inclined to give, do not give, but do not bark at him like a dog.” Other favorite sayings of his were “Why do you fear when I am here” and “He has no beginning… He has no end.”

Sai Baba made eleven assurances to his devotees:

  1. No harm shall befall him, who steps on the soil of Shirdi.
  2. He who comes to my Samadhi, his sorrow and suffering shall cease.
  3. Though I be no more in flesh and blood, I shall ever protect my devotees.
  4. Trust in me and your prayer shall be answered.
  5. Know that my spirit is immortal, know this for yourself.
  6. Show unto me him who has sought refuge and has been turned away.
  7. In whatever faith men worship me, even so do I render to them.
  8. Not in vain is my promise that I shall ever lighten your burden.
  9. Knock, and the door shall open, ask and it shall be granted.
  10. To him who surrenders unto me totally I shall be ever indebted.
  11. Blessed is he who has become one with me.

The Sai Baba Mandir in Shirdi is visited by around 20,000 pilgrims a day and during religious festivals this number can reach up to a 100,000.

Om Sai Sri Sai -Vedic Vibrations Album Dedicated to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba on his 179th Birthday(Jaynathi) on 27th Sept 2017 By Prana Kishore


Manishaji  Sri Sai Bhakton Ki Toli Group At Hyderabad India are renowned dedicated group who organize many events.She is seen in the center of this picture

Manisha Sai Bhakton Ki Toli Grp Hyd




Sai Baba With Golden Crown made Specially for him by one Devotee in Hyderabad

IMG_9714Please participate in all religious activities to be a proud Hindu to protect Hindu Dharma

and hand over a good parampara to our NextGen

Thank you Smt Manishaji for your photos and videos used in this blog and video

Sab Ka Malik Ek Hai

On His 179th Jayanthi may Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Bless you and your family

Prana Kishore


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NextGen Heros 9 Months to 9 Years Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations 2017-Prana Kishore


Hindu Dharma Ganesha Is coming 3000

How did the name Ganesha or Vinayaka or Pillayar origin?

The name Ganesha is a Sanskrit compound, joining the words gana (gaṇa), meaning a group, multitude, or categorical system and isha (īśa), meaning lord or master.

The names Vighnesha (विघ्नेश; vighneśa) and Vighneshvara (विघ्नेश्वर; vighneśvara) (Lord of Obstacles refers to his primary function in Hinduism as the master and remover of obstacles (vighna)

A prominent name for Ganesha in the Tamil language is Pillaiyar means a “noble child” This is reason why children love him so much and even play with him


Parents Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati

Brother Sri Subrahmanya or Sri Murugan

Vehicle : Mouse or Rat

Mantra: Om Ganeshaya Namaha/Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha/ Suklam Bharatharam

Weapons: Parasu (Axe) Pasa ( Noose) Ankusa ( Elephant goad)

Symbol : Om (AUM) Modak

Vedic Scripts: Ganesha Purana/,Mudgal Purana/Ganapathy Atharva Shirsa

Festival : Ganesh Chaturthi ( celebrated all over India )

How  and Who Created  Sri Ganesha

Godess  Parvati wife of Lord Shiva  created Sri Ganesha  using clay to protect her  and asked him to stand at the door .Lord  Shiva  came to the house and Sri Ganesha did not know who Lord Shiva was and so told him he cannot enter the house since Godess Parvati is taking bath and getting ready.Lord Shiva in his anger beheaded him.Godess came to know of this and requested Lord Shiva to save Sri Ganesha. Shiva then replaced Ganesha’s original head with that of an head of an Elephant.This is the reason why you find Elephant head on Sri Ganesha.This is also the reason why even today Sri Ganesha Idols are made of clay since Godess Parvati created him out of clay.Modern world today claim they are using clay as recycled material which is good and true but this tradition is over 6000 years old.

This story is Sri Ganesha in short.


Ekdanta and Mahabharatham-Veda Vyasa

Ganesha’s earliest name was Ekadanta (One Tusked), referring to his single whole tusk, the other being brokenSome of the earliest images of Ganesha show him holding his broken tusk.Sri Ganesha wrote the epic Mahabharath with his broken Danta (tusk).This is reason you see in Sri Ganesh murti one danta is broken.




3 OM ( AUM)

Ganesha is identified with the Hindu mantra Aum, also spelled Om. The term oṃkārasvarūpa (Aum is his form), when identified with Ganesha, refers to the notion that he personifies the primal sound.First Sound of this universe when i was formed.

(O Lord Ganapati!) You are (the Trimurti) Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara

You are Indra. You are fire [Agni] and air [Vāyu]. You are the sun [Sūrya] and the moon [Chandrama]. You are Brahman. You are (the three worlds) Bhuloka [earth], Antariksha-loka [space], and Swargaloka [heaven]. You are Om. (That is to say, You are all this).

4 First chakra

According to Kundalini yoga, Ganesha resides in the first chakra, called Muladhara  Mula means “original, main”; adhara means “base, foundation”. The muladhara chakra is the principle on which the manifestation or outward expansion of primordial Divine Force rests.This association is also attested to in the Ganapati Atharvashirsa. Courtright translates this passage as follows: “You continually dwell in the sacral plexus at the base of the spine [mūlādhāra cakra].”Thus, Ganesha has a permanent abode in every being at the Muladhara.Ganesha holds, supports and guides all other chakras, thereby “governing the forces that propel the wheel of life

5 Ganesh Chaturthi Festival-1893

In 1893, Lokmanya Tilak transformed this annual Ganesha festival from private family celebrations into a grand public event. Because of Ganesha’s wide appeal as “the god for Everyman”, Tilak chose him as a rallying point for Indian protest against British rule.Tilak was the first to install large public images of Ganesha in pavilions, and he established the practice of submerging all the public images on the tenth day.This tradition is followed even today all over India most famous of them is in Mumbai and Hyderbad.

6 Sri Ganesha-Leader of the Gods-Story You must read after Ganesha puja

How he became the leader of the gods? There is also an interesting story about how he became the leader of the gods. Once his father decided to appoint one of his sons as the head of the gods. He called his two sons and arranged a competition between the two. He told them that whoever managed to circle around the universe completely and returned to him first would be given the leader of the Gods  position. Knowing well his strength and power and sure of himself and his victory, Kumaraswamy sped on his peacock to complete the journey, while the young Vinayaka, knowing his limitations, stayed back. But wisely he considered his father as an embodiment of the entire universe and circled around him. So strong was his faith and belief that wherever Kumaraswami went he found his brother going ahead of him. Tired and bewildered, he returned to Kailash and admitted his defeat. Impressed by his devotion and intelligence, Siva declared Ganesha the winner among the two and made him the leader of gods.

How Ganesha Distracted Ravana to Save Sri Rama?

Ravana Acquired Atma Lingam by tapas and prayers from Lord Shiva which can make him Immortal on one condition he should not keep it on the ground if he does it loses its powers.Ganesha came to know from Narada and Ganesha goes to Ravana disguised as a priest.Ravana being tired hands the Atama Lingam to priest asking him to hold it.Ganesha drops it on the ground as if it slipped his hands and it  got destroyed.Ravana threw the cloth covering his Atma Linga at this place.Shiva Temple at Murudeshwar in  Mangalore,Karnataka

Imagine if Ganesha has not destroyed Ravana’s Atma Lingam,Ravana would have killed Sri Rama due to the powers which will make Ravana Immortal ( meaning cannot be killed).There would have been no good ending to Ramayanam


Proud of my NextGen Heros who participated in my video

Aarush and Aarohi Donthireddy ages 9 months (TWINS) Hyderabad

Arnav Donthireddy Age 5yrs Hyderabad

Diya Donthireddy age 7yrs USA

Eshan Donthireddy age 5yrs USA

Pourush UnniAnand Age 9yrs

Piyush Unni Anand age 6yrs From Hyderabad

Rahul Ranjith  9 years From India

My Gratitude to the following Family for permitting

their divine children in my video

Donthireddy Family Hyderabad

Donthireddy family USA

Unni Anand Family Hyderbad

Rajith Family India

Special Thanks to Smt Shobha Donthireddy Garu for NextGen Talent Coordination

without her this video would not have been possible

Wishing you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2017

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli



How To Make Ganesh With Haldi(Turmeric) Play Dough & Clay in 7 Minutes-Prana Kishore

How to Make Ganesha With Haldi,Play Dough and Clay in 7 Minutes

Sri Ganesha was created by Goddess Parvathi from clay and this tradition has been followed in India even today after 6000 years.
Sri Ganesh the most powerful and popular Hindu God is prayed all over India.How To Make Sri Ganesha With Turmeric has been show by Smt Vidhya (Act City),From Colorful Play Dough by Sri Arun Muthe our NextGen Hero who made it very easy an fund to make.Finally making Sri Ganesha from Clay soil which you find in your back yard with step by step instructions and easy to make all in 7 minutes.The Best part is you can recycle Ganesha in your bucket of water and pour the water back to the earth from where you got the clay soil.

Pl try this and email me your Ganesha photos made in your home and I will post them in my face book
Wishing you a Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi on 24th Aug 2017
Ganapathy Baapa Moriya is coming..lets make the Ganesha soon

Prana Kishore

Ganapathi Baapa Moriya-I Will Come To Your Home 3 days Before Ganesh Chaturthi on 24th Aug 2017 If You Do This


Hindu Dharma Ganesha Is coming 3000Lets all learn about Hinduism by coloring our Hindu Gods who are blessing us daily for the last 6000 years.All ages are welcome including babies just born today they are Baby Ganeshas and till 108 years.This is so much fun.While you color learn about the God,Learn his Powerful Mantra and once you learn now you must teach to others.





Look out for my VIDEO On Sri GANESHA worldwide release on 24th Aug 2017

Let the celebrations begin from TODAY

Hare Krishna

Prana Kishore

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Ganesha Ready To Bless You

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Ganesha what each part of his body means to us

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Ganesha Seated Sofa

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Ganesha Seated Pray to him

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Ganesha Seated Pray to him To Be good boy

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Ganesha With Dhol

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Ganesha Standing

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Ganesha Pray to him To Solve All Your Problems

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Ganesha Pray to him To make all your wishes come true

Hindu Dharma Coloring- Sidhivinayaka Temple Mumbai

Why Did Sri Krishna Meet Adidev(1year)Avantika(3yrs)For Sri Krishna Janmastami 2017 ?-Prana Kishore


Hindu Dharma Sri Krishna Is coming 3000Sri Krishna Janmastami 14th Aug 2017 and Every one is so Happy waiting for this day all over the world from kids to adults.
Why Did Sri Krishna Meet Adidev 1 year Avantika 3yrs For Sri Krishna Janmastami 2017 ?
Adidev Robin Panicker aged 1 year and his sister Avantika Robin Panicker aged 3years are both devotees of Sri Krishna.They learn all about Krishna by painting and coloring Krishna and as they do they ask lot of questions to their mother who answers them and motivates them to do more.How Krishna foot can be drawn is explained here.How Laddu krishna can be decorated and pampered is shown here.As both the children keep painting till finish it creates lot of excitement to them and viewers.Finally Avantika asks the most important question to her mother “Is Sri Krishna the only Supreme God” This is explained beautiful in simple words.

The greatest Gift you can give to your children is to teach them how to paint or color or pray God.Children can learn about Gods as they color them through Prana Kishore sketches free from http://www.pranakishore.com

Adidev Robin Panicker (1year)
Avantika Robin Panicker (3years)
Children of Divine family and Parents
Sri Robin R Panicker and Smt Aswathi Robin
Please share this video in your social media and with your children and encourage them to paint,color and pray Sri Krishna our creator
Hare Krishna
Prana Kishore

MERE TO GIRIDHAR GOPAL-Eternal Love Of Meera For Sri Krishna-15th Century Real Life Love Story-Prana Kishore Worldwide Release For Sri Krishna Janmastami on 14th Aug 2017

Mere To Giridhar Gopal 3000

Voice and Music By Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli With Special Performance by Dr ( Col) M Sitaram Renowned Cardiologist From  Andhra Pradesh India.

Prana Kishore as name itself suggests, Kishore means Sri Krishna and he is a huge devotee of Sri Krishna.He has been singing Meera Bhajans and Ghazals from younger days having learnt them from his teacher, Smt Priyamvadha (All India Radio ) who is known for it in addition to classical music.Prana Kishore started his musical journey with Tabla which is perfect match for such kind of music.

There are so many who sang Meera Bhajans and what makes this song so special and deferent?

Prana Kishore used rare instruments which were used during the time of Meera Bai in the cities she travelled and modernized the composition to appeal to the NextGen for them to appreciate and learn what Real love Is from Meeras Love For Sri Krishna in this 15th Century Real Life Story between a human being like Meera and Lord Sri Krishna.

Dr ( Col) M Sitaram a very close relative,  friend,mentor and doctor of  Prana Kishore  family who took care of both Prana Kishore parents, this collaboration is very dear to Prana Kishore heart.

Please listen with head phones to the beautiful composing and melodious voice of Prana Kishore as you feel the love of Meera for Sri Krishna making you wonder is it

MEERA KA KRISHNA YA KRISHNA KA MEERA BHAJAN Who is in love with whom more ???

This song “Mere To Giridhar Gopal” is the NO 1 song loved by both Meera and Sri Krishna this is the reason why only this song was chosen among over 1200 Meera Bhajans.


Prana Kishore wanted to make this very very special since its all about Sri Krishna

The following instruments were used many of which like saxophone and trumpet are used in rock music were used here.Here is the complete list of instruments used in recording this song

  1. Tabla
  2. Classical Violin
  3. Saxophone
  4. Trumpet
  5. Flute
  6. OUDH Rare
  7. Mouth organ
  8. Guitar Accoustic
  9. Guitar Real
  10. Chorus Philharmonic
  11. Base Trillian
  12. Effects Shaker on Tabla
  13. Organ chords
  14. PADs
  15. DUDUK Rare
  16. BAZUKI Rare
  17. kango AgainstTabla
  18. Tabla In Both Channels
  19. Stylus RMX
  20. Special Effects Traingle

Main Instruments in Back Ground Music 1 Violin and Saxophone like western music

Main Instruments in Back Ground Music 2 Oudh/Violin/Duduku/Flute

Main Instruments In Back Ground Music 3 Violins of 3 deferent kinds/Saxophone

Here is the main Secret

95% of singers sing to music already composed by listening to the music called the Track

Track is music without the voice and singer sings to the track listening to the music which is so easy for the singers.

Prana Kishore does the opposite which is very very deficult.

He sings without ANY instruments just his voice and records his voice first, he sings first and then adds one instrument after other mostly 20-50  instruments.

Then he sits down with the recording engineer and records each instruments one by one from the opening to back ground music 1-2-3.Finally he mixes and masters the song to 7.1 surround sound system.He wants his listeners to be in the center of his music or the theme of the song.

How is he able to do this?

Prana Kishore base is TABLA he learnt this instruments for 3yrs as a child and he is so comfortable singing without ANY instruments since rhythm he feels it while singing.

Prana Kishores ardent follower of his music,his adviser and mentor Sri Bala says

” Listening to all his devotional and non devotional music I came to one conclusion,It’s as if all the instruments know Prana Kishore so well like their  friend and Prana Kishore also loves all his instruments as much like his friend, this is like Meera Loving   Krishna and Krishna loving Meera all in the mind.No wonder Prana Kishore quotes Music is life is Music as he thrives for the nextgen to enjoy his new kind of Prana Music to relieve their stress as they get curious to know more about the  music and God

Now listen to Prana Kishore most deficult songs he sang all without ANY instruments and then added one instruments after other

Sri Rama Hanuman Chalisa

Sri Hanuman 108 Names

Sri Hanuman Sahasranama 1008 Names Of Hanuman ( 1 .30hours song)

Why No Photo of Prana Kishore On Cds or Videos?

Prana Kishore was recently asked ” Why we do not see your photo on CDs or in videos? All singers have their photo on CDs”

Prana Kishore replies humbly ” 90% of my music is devotional and what is important is the photo of my God Sri Rama,SriKrishna or Sri Hanuman more than my photo  Iam just a simple messenger.I want listeners to feel the God and his vibrations through my Prana Music and real sound effects from nature” 

Prana Kishore added” We must do our work without expecting any fruits from it nor any credit since all credit must go only to the GOD as per Gita”

Prana Kishore will be releasing one more album exclusively on Meera for Meeras Jayanthi (birthday) in Oct 2017

Hare Krishna Hare Rama

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli


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Sri Krishna Janmastami (2017)-Krishna Says Iam I Will Come 3 Days Before My 5244th Birthday 14th Aug 2017 If You Do This

Hindu Dharma Sri Krishna Is coming 3000

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Three Baby Krishnas

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Krishna Sitting with Snake

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Krishna Janmastami Greetings

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Krishna and Mother Yoshadha

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Sri Krishna ( Baby)

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Mother Yashodha feeding Krishna

Hindu Dharma Coloring-Baby Krishna Face among Peacock Feathers

Hindu Dharma Coloring- Yashodha caught Baby Krishna Stealing Butter

Hindu Dharma Coloring- Gopikas Playing With Little Krishna

Hindu Dharma Coloring- Krishna playing flute for you

Hindu Dharma Coloring- Baby Sri Krishna Running Playing

Hindu Dharma Coloring- Sri Krishna Playing Flute

Hindu Dharma Coloring- Sri Krishna Playing Flute for Radha

Hindu Dharma Coloring- Baby Sri Krishna With Flute

Lets all learn about Hinduism by coloring our Hindu Gods who are blessing us daily for the last 6000 years.All ages are welcome including babies just born today they are Baby Krishnas and till 108 years.This is so much fun.While you color learn about the God,Learn his Powerful Mantra and once you learn now you must teach to others.





Look out for my Music Album on Sri Krishna worldwide release on 14th Aug 2017

Let the celebrations begin from TODAY

Hare Krishna

Prana Kishore

Tulsidas Rama Hanuman Chalisa-Hanuman Chalisa with 108 Names Of Sri Rama both in one song for First Time-Prana Kishore For Tulsidas Jayanthi 29th July 2017

Tulsidas Sri Rama Hanuman Chalisa 3000

Prana Kishore now started focusing on the writers of the greatest Epics and most powerful devotional songs known for over 5000 years in India.He started with VedaVyasa now Tulsidas and next will be Sage Valmiki and more.Prana Kishore noticed that in the market you either have Sri Hanuman Songs or Sri Rama Songs.Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman were commercially separated due to various reasons known to singers or producers of albums.Sri Hanuman being a ardent devotee of Sri Rama and Sri Rama’s love for Sri Hanuman is endless,Prana Kishore thought it is time we unite them both in one beautiful devotional song.

This is this album “Tulsidas Sri Rama Hanuman Chalisa -Hanuman Chalisa with 108 Names of Sri Rama” both in one song for 22.22 minutes mixed with real sounds of Ganga,Birds,Temple Bells as music therapy for the NextGen to remove their stress and regain their belief on God

For those of you who perform 21 day Hanuman puja which ends with Panchamrutha Abhishekam that puja will take 22 minutes same as this song.You can play this song in your car or listen daily to invoke the Hanuman and Rama Within you Making your wishes to come true in 21 days.


Highlights of Sri Tulsidas

Sri Tulsidas Jayanthi 29th July 2017

Year of birth of Tulsidas though the year 1497 appears in most current-day biographies.

Died due to illness in the Shraavan (July–August) month of the year 1623 CE.

Tulsidas was believed to be reincarnation of the saint Valmiki who was the composer of the original ‘Ramayana’

He did not cry at the time of his birth but uttered the word “Rama” instead because of which he was named “Rambola”.

narrated the ‘Ramayana’ to the young boy several times and before long Tulsidas became an ardent devotee of god Rama.

Tulsidas was a prolific writer and composed several works. Modern scholars attest that he wrote at least six major works and six minor works, the best known of which is the ‘Ramcharitmanas’. The other works include ‘Ramlala Nahachhu’, ‘Barvai Ramayan’, ‘Parvati Mangal’, ‘Dohavali’, ‘Vairagya Sandipani’ and ‘Vinaya Patrika’. The devotional hymn, ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ is also attributed to him.

Tulsidas had hinted in many of his works that he had a face to face meeting with Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Rama. He also founded the Sankatmochan Temple dedicated to Hanuman in Varanasi, which is believed to stand at the place where he had the sight of Hanuman.

According to Tulsidas, Hanuman blessed him and enabled him to achieve a darshan (vision) of Lord Rama. The poet in the ‘Ramcharitmanas’ also mentioned about having the visions of Shiva and Parvati in both dream and awakened states.



 Always listen to all Prana Kishore Music with Head Phones for HD Recording in Surround Sound with  7.1 Speakers to visualize front row seat in Your Mind

Tulsidas was a Hindu poet-saint counted amongst the greatest poets in Hindi, Indian, and world literature. He was renowned for his devotion to Lord Rama and is best known as the author of the epic ‘Ramcharitmanas’, a retelling of the Sanskrit ‘Ramayana’ based on Rama’s life in the vernacular Awadhi. He is also considered to be the composer of the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ in praise of Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Rama. Tulsidas was believed to be reincarnation of the saint Valmiki who was the composer of the original ‘Ramayana’. A prolific writer and the composer of numerous popular works, Tulsidas, however, gave only a few facts about his own life in his works. Whatever is known about him is primarily known from the ‘Bhaktamal’ composed by his contemporary Nabhadas, and a commentary on ‘Bhaktamal’ titled ‘Bhaktirasbodhini’ composed by Priyadas. There are many legends surrounding the birth and early life of Tulsidas and he is believed to have met Hanuman, and through his grace, had a vision of Lord Rama. The Sankatmochan Temple dedicated to Hanuman in Varanasi is said to stand at the place where he had the sight of Hanuman. Tulsidas was a much acclaimed poet and the impact of his works continues to reflect in the art, culture and society in India.

  • Among biographers regarding the year of birth of Tulsidas though the year 1497 appears in most current-day biographies.
  • His parents were Hulsi and Atmaram Dubey. Several sources claim that Tulsidas was a Saryupareen Brahmin of the Parashar Gotra (lineage) while others state that he was a Kanyakubja or Sanadhya Brahmin. He is believed to have been born in Rajapur (Chitrakoot).
  • There are several legends surrounding his birth. It is said that he was in his mother’s womb for 12 months and was born with 32 teeth in his mouth. He did not cry at the time of his birth but uttered the word “Rama” instead because of which he was named “Rambola”.
  • He was born at an inauspicious time according to astrologers and therefore his parents abandoned him when he was a small baby. His mother’s servant Chuniya took the child with her and raised him for five and a half years after which she died.
  • Left all alone, Rambola was then adopted by Narharidas, a Vaishnava ascetic of Ramananda’s monastic order, who renamed him Tulsidas. Narharidas narrated the ‘Ramayana’ to the young boy several times and before long Tulsidas became an ardent devotee of god Rama.
  • He then went to Varanasi where he studied Sanskrit grammar, four Vedas, six Vedangas, Jyotisha and the six schools of Hindu philosophy from Guru Shesha Sanatana, a renowned scholar on literature and philosophy. His studies continued for 15-16 years following which he returned to Rajapur.

later years

  • According to some sources, he got married as a young man and was passionately devoted to his wife. He was so attached to her that he could not live without her for even a single day. One day his wife went to her father’s house when Tulsidas was outside. Not finding her at home on his return, he became distressed and swam across the Yamuna River in the night to meet his wife.
  • His wife was upset by his behavior and remarked that if Tulsidas was even half as devoted to God as he was attached to her, he would have been redeemed. Her words struck his heart and he renounced family life immediately and became an ascetic.
  • He then travelled across India, meeting saints and meditating. He is believed to have visited Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri, Rameshwaram, and the Himalayas among others though he spent most of his time at Varanasi, Prayag, Ayodhya, and Chitrakoot.
  • Tulsidas was a prolific writer and composed several works. Modern scholars attest that he wrote at least six major works and six minor works, the best known of which is the ‘Ramcharitmanas’. The other works include ‘Ramlala Nahachhu’, ‘Barvai Ramayan’, ‘Parvati Mangal’, ‘Dohavali’, ‘Vairagya Sandipani’ and ‘Vinaya Patrika’. The devotional hymn, ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ is also attributed to him.
  • Tulsidas had hinted in many of his works that he had a face to face meeting with Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Rama. He also founded the Sankatmochan Temple dedicated to Hanuman in Varanasi, which is believed to stand at the place where he had the sight of Hanuman.
  • According to Tulsidas, Hanuman blessed him and enabled him to achieve a darshan (vision) of Lord Rama. The poet in the ‘Ramcharitmanas’ also mentioned about having the visions of Shiva and Parvati in both dream and awakened states.


Tulsidas’ best known work is the ‘Ramcharitmanas’, an epic poem in Awadhi dialect of Hindi which consists of seven parts or Kāndas. Considered a retelling of the Valmiki Ramayana, the text is credited to have made available the story of Rama to the common masses in a language they could understand easily as opposed to the Sanskrit versions which only scholars could understand. The ‘Ramcharitmanas’ is considered a masterpiece of vernacular renaissance and it is believed to represent a challenge to the dominance of high-class Brahmanical Sanskrit.

personal life

  • Some sources state that he was married to Ratnavali, the daughter of Dinbandhu Pathak, a Brahmin of the Bharadwaja Gotra. They had a son named Tarak who died as a toddler. Once deeply attached to his wife, he renounced family life to become an ascetic.
  • However some other historians maintain that Tulsidas was a bachelor and a Sadhu from childhood.
  • Tulsidas suffered from ill health during his later years and died in the Shraavan (July–August) month of the year 1623 CE. Historians have differing opinions regarding the exact date of his death.

The Video shows the Temple of Naganallur Hanuman Temple Near Chennai in Tamin Nadu India

The Anjaneya Temple at Nanganallur, Chennai is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Hanuman. The principal idol of Hanuman is 32 feet tall and sculpted from a single piece of granite, which the second tallest Hanuman after Panchavatee near Puducherry. The idol was installed in 1989 and consecrated in 1995.
Sri Maruti Bhakta samajan trust, consisting of people with high spiritual beliefs, wished for this temple. with the blessings of Sri Ragavendra Swami and Sri Kanchi Paramacharyar entrenched the 32 foot idol of Sri Anjaneyar in 1989 and consummated the Kumbabishekam in 1995. The distinguished factor of the 32 feet idol is that it was molded out of a single rock.
The main shrine houses Anjaneya inside a Temple Tower 90 feet tall. Anjaneya is facing West, and is at eastern side of the temple and the main entrance is on the West. There is an auxiliary entrance on the southern side used during temple festivals. The main Temple building has path-ways all around the sanctum sanctorum and also a large covered space (Mandapam) for devotees to assemble in front of the Lord for offering worship. On the North-West corner, a full-fledged Sannidhi for Sri Rama has been built and here He has taken abode with Seetha and Lakshmana with Anjaneya in attendance. The Gods are facing East. Rama’s role as the protector and ruler is signified here as Rama is seen carrying his bow, hence the name “Kothanda Rama” for the Lord here. On the South-West, a Sannidhi for Lord Krishna with Rukmani and Satyabhama, all facing East has been built. Even though a Sannidhi for Lord Rama is normally built in Anjaneya temple, rarely a Sannidhi for Lord Krishna is built. Here in our Temple, Krishna Sannidhi is built to remind the devotees that among the Gods it was only Anjaneya who was present in both the Indian epics. In Ramayana, as a direct disciple of Rama and in Mahabaratha, in the flag of Arjuna’s Chariot as ordained by Lord Krishna to save it from destruction by the opponents. In the North-East part of the Temple, on a small platform, “Vinayaka” is housed facing East and to his left on a yet another platform ‘Naga’ has been installed. Saint Raghavendra has taken His abode facing Lord Krishna.

Please join me in dedicating this Sri Rama Hanuman Chalisa to Sri Tulsidas on his birthday (Jayanthi) on 29th July 2017 and thank him for his work since this one song alone changed  and is still changing the lives of millions just by listening to it even after so many years.May this give the power to our NextGen to become role models like Sri Rama and Strong, friendly and helpful like Sri Hanuman.

Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

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How To Write Sri Rama Jayam or Jai Sri Ram (Rama Koti) To Solve Your Problems in 21 days-Prana Kishore

How To Write Sri Rama Jayam Presentation 3000


Sri Rama and Sri Krishna are the worlds two sweetest and powerful names when you say the word in any language, when you sing the word they become even more melodious to hear.I noticed this personally during music composing and same does not happen with any other word or name.

Kaliyuga Present time running now is bound to have many problems in every body’s life and around the world in general. There are problems in our life which are beyond our strength to solve them. But then what is the solution to such problems?Prana Kishore discovered that for over 5000 years people in India have been using Nama Japam repeating Gods name and Likitha Japam writing the Gods name as a powerful tool to control our mind to take positive decisions and use the power of the Gods name itself to solve our problems. LISTEN WITH HEAD PHONES

How To Write Sri Rama Jayam Presentation no kids 3000

What is the name of the God we should write? there are so many questions.

What is the name of the God we should write?

How do we write? where do we write? when and why?

what is the goal to write?

Rama Koti means writing name of Sri Rama Jayam 1 crore times? Is this really possible? How many years does it take ?

Is there a step by step plan to write 1 crore Sri Rama jayam?

In the battle between Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman who won?

Why is it that Rishi Valmiki,Tulsidas, have all used this technique?

Did Mahatma Gandhi Use this as a tool to think strategies to win over the British to get freedom to India?

Is it true that Sri Rama,Lakshman,Sita and Hanuman came to Sri Thyagaraja home to give him darshan because he wrote Sri Rama Jayam 96 crore times?

Why is there a myth that Sri Rama Jayam must be written only by old people? is it because we have seen only old people writing it?

The real life story of Sri Rahul Ranjith( 9yrs )and Shriyaa Ranjit (3yrs) how they started taking interest in Sri Hanuman from child hood and how they both paint Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman pictures.Rahul started writing Jai Shree Ram at 9 years and finds it of great help to focus and concentrate and do well in his studies.Sri Rahul Ranjith and Shriyaa Ranjith are the children of Sri Ranjith G R and Smt Sree Devi S.

All the above questions have been answered in an interactive presentation video How to Write Sri Rama Jayam or Jai Sri Ram To Solve Your problems in 21 days

Video has evidence to prove that writing Sri Rama Jayam or Jai Sri Ram will solve your problems in your life and make all your wishes come true.



Sri Rahul and Shriyaa paintings and Sri Rahul writing Sri Rama Jayam have broken the myth that Sri Rama Jayam must be written only at old age.The 3 Powerful words Sri Rama Jayam has helped and is helping millions for last 5000 years in india.Iam personally grateful that our next generation Heros Sri Rahul and Shriyaa have taken interest from child hood and all the credit goes to their proud parents Sri Ranjith and Smt Sree Devi ji for raising their children in divine  environment from child hood.


Your First Steps before writing Sri Rama Jayam

  1. First Decide to write Sri Rama Jayams

2.Buy the 200page books and pens.

3.Visit Sri Rama or Sri Hanuman Temple or Sri Ganesh Temple and seek his blessings to you to complete this work.

4.Put the red thilak on your forehead.

5.First Write Om  on top of the page in the middle and  then start writing sri Rama jayam or Jai Sri Ram

Target-Goal-Life’s Dream-Golden Moment

Important:Choosing a Goal

1-You can choose 1 of the 6 goals here and still be very Happy. Please do not get stressed about choosing goal no 6 and feeling you may not complete it.  Please choose a goal which you are comfortable and start writing. Listen to your inner heart for the right answer about your goal.You will be right

2 You can start writing and first  complete Goal no 1 then go to Goal no 2 then to Goal no 3 and keep moving by completing Goal by Goal.

3-If you start and for various reasons if you are unable to complete 1 crore that’s  fine you can still give your books to your temple.

Goal no 1 -108 SRJs or JSR ( one Hundred eight)

First Write 108 SRJs or JSR’s and give to local Sri Rama or Sri Hanuman temple temple or any temple which accepts them.Just ask the priests.You can also make like a garland and place it on the idol.

Goal no 2- 1008 SRJs or JSR ( One Thousand Eight)

Second write 1008 SRJs or JSRs and give to local temple. You can also make like a garland and place it on the idol.

 Goal No 3 -10,800 SRJs or JSR’s (Ten Thousand Eight)

Goal No 4-108,000 SRJs or JSR’s (One Lakh Eight)

Goal no 5-10,80,000 SRJs or JSR’s ( Ten Lakh Eighty Thousand )

Goal no 6-100,00,008 SRJs or JSRs One Hundred Lakhs)

It will be great if you can complete for your 60th Birthday.This is the gift to yourself and from you to Sri Rama. This is your Golden moment.Close your eyes and imagine that day when you will complete this and how happy and content you will feel.

100,00000( 100 lakh words) /1 Crore ( Koti)/ 10 million SRjs or JSRs

How much time you need to spend per day and how many years will it take

1-If you spend 2hours a day and write 1000SRJs per day( 6 pages/day) you can complete in 30yrs.This means you need to start writing when your 30yrs to complete by 60th Year

2-if you send 3hrs a day  and write 1400 SRJs per day(9 pages/day) you can complete in 20yrs This means you need to start writing when your 40yrs to complete by 60th Year

3-if you can spend 6 hrs a day and write 2800 SRJs per day(19 pages/day) you can complete in 10yrs. This means you need to start writing when your 50yrs to complete by 60th Year

4- if you can spend 6 hrs a day and write 2800 SRJs per day you can complete in 10yrs. If you start when you are 60yrs you will complete when you are 70years.

This is not impossible and can be easily done by everyone.

Detailed Plan to write SRJ Table in color

Sri Rama Jayam Blank Format of 30 lines

Sri Rama Jayam Blank formats are there for free down load on my site http://www.pranakishore.com

If you have any questions please  reach me though contact me form at my site,I will  personally  reply to all your emails.Also if you want to involve your children in my future videos and music.

  Date Sri Rama Jayam  Sri Rama Jayam Sri Rama Jayam Sri Rama Jayam Sri Rama Jayam
    Jai Sri Ram Sita Ram Ram Sri Rama  

Please join Prana Kishore Sri Rama Koti movement,Join his face book to write Sri Rama jayam to solve your problems.Join him so that writing Sri Rama Jayam 1 crore times will bless India to build the Sri Rama Janma Bhomi  Temple At Ayodhya.

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” Coffee with Rama Bhaktha – Everything you want to know about Hinduism”

from the Rama Bhaktha himself who will answer all your questions

Rama Bhaktha Squirrel 3000
“Iam Going to American for Interview with Prana Kishore.He told he he will serve Starbucks,I told him I prefer BRU Made in India Home Made Filter Coffee. Lets see if he can serve that in America. I Want To Make India Great Again” 

Please involve your children in daily morning and  evening prayers

Please write Sri Rama Jayam or Jai Sri Ram to solve your problems and make all your wishes to come true in 21days. This has helped me and is helping me even now .


Hanuman Bhaktha Prana Kishore 3000

Sri Rama Jayam

Prana Kishore



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Battle Between Rama And Hanuman Why Rama’s Name Is More Powerful Than Lord Rama Himself

Hanuman’s life is another glowing testament of the glory of God’s name. Throughout his illustrious life, Hanuman demonstrated how a devotee could perform superhuman feats by unconditionally relying on God. One example illustrates this point. Once, there was a disagreement between Sage Vishwamitra and Sage Vashishta. The two were debating about the greatest power in the universe. The former contested that Lord Rama’s arrows were supremely powerful, while the latter argued that God’s name was most powerful, even more powerful than God Himself. To test the validity of their theories, they proposed a test that was to be executed by Vishwamitra himself.

In those days it was customary for householder devotees to receive guests, especially holy ones, with great reverence. One failing this duty would often be the recipient of a curse or fall prey to unpleasant circumstances. Vishwamitra was aware of this and intentionally visited a devotee-king, Chandrabhanu, while he was in deep meditation. Since the king was in a trance, he failed to receive the saint reverentially. This infuriated the sage and he rushed to Lord Rama, who held holy ones in high esteem and went to great extents to appease them. Vishwamitra was aware of this fact and he tactfully made Rama take an oath that the one who insulted Vishwamitra would be killed by His infallible bow. True to His promise, Rama set out on a quest to kill the one who had offended the great Vishwamitra.

In the meanwhile, Sage Narada informed Chandrabhanu about the imminent danger. Frightened by the sure prospect of death, he sought Narada’s counsel and requested him if there was any way to avert the tragedy. Narada advised Chandrabhanu to seek protection from Hanuman. He further suggested that Chandrabhanu should reveal the source of danger only after he had extracted a promise from Hanuman.

As advised by the sage, Chandrabhanu held Hanuman’s feet and sought his protection. Hanuman took an oath in Rama’s name and promised to protect the king even at the cost of his own life. The stage was well set. On one hand the Lord was bound by His oath, while on the other His most loyal and beloved devotee Hanuman was bound by an opposing oath.

To fulfill his promise, Rama sent His powerful army to kill Chandrabhanu but it was vanquished by the valiant Hanuman in a trice. Rama then sent his brothers and ministers. They, too, were defeated by Hanuman. Finally, Rama Himself came to the scene to see the one who had given succor to Chandrabhanu. He was surprised to find Hanuman, his most beloved devotee, protecting the one who stood against Rama. The Lord immediately ordered Hanuman to give up, but the latter, with great humility submitted that he had taken an oath in Rama’s name and would never do anything to tarnish its glory. On explaining this Hanuman stood still, but every pore of his body was reverberating with Rama’s name.


Rama then lifted his divine bow and let loose a foray of arrows, all of which miraculously turned into flower garlands decorating the neck of the valiant Hanuman. Vashishta explained the astonished onlookers that even through Rama’s arrows were invincible, they were no match for His own name. It was then that everyone, including Vishwamitra, realized the power of God’s name. Rama was extremely pleased with the devotion of Hanuman and blessed him profusely. To keep his beloved devotee’s oath, the merciful Lord forsook His own and granted forgiveness to Chandrabhanu. Such is the power of the name. It can protect one from almighty God Himself, what power is there to fear then.


Version 2

Bhagwan Ram was seated on his royal throne. DevRishi Narad, Rishi Vishwamitra, Guru Vashishta and many other sages were also present in the court four counseling him.  They were all contemplating on some religious issue. Right then DevRishi Narad said, “hey scholars, please let me know who is more powerful. “The God himself or His Name”. After a long debate the questions remained unanswered. Then DevRishi Narad himself declared that “His Name” is higher than the person name and went to the extent of proving the fact before the dispersal of the royal court. Then Narad  Ji called Shri Hanuman Ji and said, “when everyone was about to leave the court”, “You will bid greeting to every Sage but not Vishwamitra because he is a king”. Then turn to Rishi and said “He does not deserve the same respect and honor as others present here”.


Hanuman Ji agreed and obeyed Maha Rishi Narad. RajRishi Vishwamitra was very upset by seeing this rudeness of Hanuman Ji. As he was trying to compose himself DevRishi appeared before him and said, “Did you notice the arrogance of Hanuman? He know that you have done mare favor for his lord Shri Ram by giving him the knowledge. It was because of you he could marry Devi Sita, still Hanuman ignored you and paid obeisance to all other saints and sages. He has insulted you intentionally”. Provoked by DevRishi Narad, Rishi Vishwamitra became very angry. He went to King Rama and said , “your devotee Hanuman has insulted me publically, so he should get the death penalty before sunset tomorrow for his arrogance. Rishi Vishwamitra was Shri Ram’s Guru and Ram could not disobey his Guru at any cost, so he had to punish Hanuman Ji for his disrespect shown to the Guru. Shri Ram was dumb-founded for a moment because Hanuman was his most beloved devotee. The news of the death penalty of Hanuman by Shri Ram became the talk of the town and it spread like a wild fire. Hanuman Ji was very said two. He repented for his misdeed and went to DevRishi Narad and request him to protect him from Rishi Vishwamitra’s wrath and from the arrows of Shri Ram. I did that because of your suggestion. DevRishi Narad replied very calmly. “Don’t worry Hanuman”. Don’t be dismayed only do what you has been advise to do. Get up early in the morning and take a bath in the Saryu River. Then stand on the banks of the river and start chanting Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. I will guarantee you, that nothing will happen to you. The next day Hanuman Ji did as DevRishi Narad told him. People from all over the kingdom gathered there to see the harvest test of Hanuman’s Devotion and Shri Ram’s strict values and rules (Maryada Purushottam). Then Shri Ram Ji came and stood at a distance from Hanuman’s Ji and started looking at him with kindness, but he is called Maryada Purushottam so against his will he started shooting arrows at Hanuman who was fully engrossed in chanting his name Jai Ram Shri Ram Jai Jai Ram. None of his arrows could touch Hanuman Ji. Shri Ram was exhausted but Hanuman Ji was only looking at his Lord with total surrender, love and devotion. Shri Ram used the most powerful weapons he had never used before but nothing could not harm Hanuman Ji. Then Shri Ram aimed his Brahmastra on him. Hanuman Ji kept chanting Shri Ram Mantra and did not move at all. The crowd of on-lookers was under a spell. They were calling out loudly victory to Shri Ram Bhakta Hanuman repeatedly. When DevRishi Narad notice the culminating Brahmastra he went to Rishi Vishwamitra and requested him to stop the unique battle. He said oh great sage, Hanuman Ji was very ignorant about your grace but does that make a difference in your greatness in anyway?. However this was a little drama that I directed to show the significance of “Ram Naam”. Do you agree now that Naam is more powerful than Shri Ram Himself. Vishwamitra was convinced and ordered Shri Ram to stop. Hanuman Ji came and prostrated himself on the feet of Shri Ram. He expressed his gratitude and apologized from Maharishi Vishwamitra. RajRishi not only forgave him but blessed him too, that his devotion towards Ram will be the loftiest example in time to come. “So the Greatness of Ram Naam was established”.

This is the reason why Rama’s Name is more powerful than the lord Rama Him Self

This is the main reason why people even today have been writing Sri Rama Jayam or Jai Sri Ram for the last 5000 years for success to all your problems in 21days 

Watch my video on You tube ” How To Write Sri Rama Jayam To Solve Your Problems In 21 days” by Prana Kishore

Om Sri Rama Jayam

Jai Sri Ram

Sita Ram

Om Sri Rama Hanuman Raksha

Prana Kishore

Veda Vyasa Eka Slokam Bhagavatham-Know Your Krishna In 4 Lines-Prana Kishore

Veda Vyasa Eka Slokam Bhagavatham Know Your Krishna in 4 lines 3000

Prana Kishore after releasing devotional songs on Gods is now focusing on the Divine Gurus and writers Who gifted the great Epics and Scriptures to us and the world.Sri Veda Vyasa is one whom we  all must be indebted to in all our births. One who teaches is called The Guru.

Mahabharata is the greatest ancient war and Krishna helped win the war fighting for truth Dharma where 1.9 Million people died with just 9 survivors. Bhagavad Gita came from it which is discourse of Krishna to Arjuna and Gita became our Manual  on  How to live Our life.

We got all this but we did not know about Krishna

We have come to remind you that you are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord Krishna, but you have forgotten him. He can create millions and millions of universes in a moment, and at the same time, in a second, He can demolish them all and again create them all. He is very beautiful, sweet and very merciful.

But Still You have forgotten HIM

These 4 lines Eka Slokam Bhagavatham will help you remember Lord Krishna for ever

Sri Veda Vyasa Jayanthi- 8th July 2017

8th July 2017 2017 is Guru Purnima or Vysa Pournami is Sri Veda Vyasa Birthday or Jayanthi

Eka Slokam Bhagavatham is for you to know all about Sri Krishna’s story in just 4 lines.

We all can write stories for pages and pages but when someone asks you tell me about Sri Krishna we get stuck and don’t know where to start and how to start telling about him.

These 4 lines in Sanskrit will help you to learn and teach others about Sri Krishna’s story in just 4 lines.

Prana Kishore specializes in composing the 2-4 lines mantras into a beautiful melodies song to make it easy for you to learn like a song and tell like a story since we all remember songs from our child hood

Prana Kishore also makes it easy for you to learn complex Sanskrit words and pronounce them well

Why did Sri Veda Vyasa Get Depressed and Sad after writing Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita?

Sri Veda Vyasa Wrote MahaBharata,Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and many Puranas, but still he was not happy. Then his Guru, Narada Muni, came and asked him, “Why do you look so worried? You know and have written everything, but still you are unhappy.

Sri Veda Vyasa replied, “O Gurudeva, I don’t know. Please tell me why I am unhappy.”

Narada said, “You have given preference to dharma, artha, kama, moksa (material religion, economic development, sense enjoyment in this world and in heaven, and liberation) but you have not written about the sweet pastimes of Lord Krishna. You have not written that Krishna, the Supreme Lord, can come in the form of a very beautiful son. You have not written that He goes door to door to the houses of all the gopis, stealing their butter,not their butter, but their hearts We cannot be worried about attaining Him, because we don’t realize our situation. We cannot go to Him, but He Himself descends. He realizes,They are all My children; they are My parts and parcels. We cannot earnestly call Him, but He calls us by His flute: Come on! Come on; all! Dance with Me, sing with Me, and be happy! This is Rasa. Have you written all these truths in the Mahabharata, Bhagavad-gita or the Puranas?”

Vyasadeva replied, “No I don’t know about all these truths”

Narada continued, “How He serves His father and mother, Nanda Baba, and Yasoda. How, even though He is the Supreme Lord, He is controlled by them and He forgets that I am the Supreme Lord. His mother chastises Him and says,I will not let You come on my lap. You should stay far away from me!’ To whom is she saying this? To the Supreme Lord.

Do you know about the sakhas (cowherd boys) like Subala and Sridama? They defeat that Supreme Lord and order Him,You should be my horse!’ Krishna then becomes like a horse, and they get up on His shoulders and call out,You should go, go run away! And sometimes, when a sakha’s mother has given him a sweet preparation, he takes it from his mouth and places it in Krishna’s mouth. How wonderful this is! Have you written all these facts?

Vyasadeva replied, Never.

Narada then said, “Have you written that Krishna says,O Gopis, I will not be able to repay you in thousands or millions of years. Please be merciful to Me.’ The Supreme Lord is saying, ‘I cannot repay your love and affection. You left everything for Me position, dharma, chastity, and fear from superiors.Krishna cannot give up His father or mother. He cannot give up His queens in Dvaraka He cannot give up Arjuna or Bhima. He cannot even give up those in this world who are chanting His names and have taken His shelter. He cannot even give up one sadhaka- bhakta. But the gopis gave everything from top to bottom for Him, and therefore He tells them, ‘I cannot repay you.’

“Have you written this?”


“Than what you have written? Nothing. And that is why you are not happy.”

“How can I write these pastimes?”

“Be in trance, and by my mercy, in your trance, in your meditation, you will see these pastimes. Be surrendered and take help from bhakti-yoga.

Bhakti-yoga means surrender. Vyasadeva thus surrendered, he saw Krishna’s pastimes in trance from birth through all the sweet pastimes of Dvaraka, and he especially saw the sweet pastimes in Goloka Vrindavana and Vraja. Therefore, Srimad Bhagavatam is called Samadhi-Darsana (that which Vyasadeva saw in his trance).

We can know from Srimad Bhagavatam that Krishna is not our goal; krishna-prema is our goal. And you should know the reservoir of that prema the gopis. Among the gopis, Chandravali and Radhika are prominent, and among them Radhika is the most prominent. She is the complete reservoir of that love and affection.

Our aim and object is to obtain that love and affection for Krishna, and therefore prema is prayojana. Prayojana means the ultimate goal of our bhajana – our goal of life. If you can obtain even a glimpse or minute part of that endless ocean of love and affection, the whole universe will be able to drown there. You will be happy, Krishna will be happy, and thus your life will be successful. There is no other way to be happy.

This is the main reason why Sri Veda Vyasa wrote Bhagavatham which is all about the Lord Sri Krishna and his stories which the world must know.

Vyeda Vyasa Eka Slokam Bhagavatham-Know Your Sri Krishna In 4 Lines

Aadhau Devakidevi-Garba-Jananam Gopi Grihe Vardhanam  -Hare Krishna

Maaya-Putana-Jeeva-Taapa Haranam Govardhanodhaaranam –  Hare Krishna

Kamsachchedana-kauravaadi-Hananam Kuntisutaa-Paalanam – Hare Krishna

Etat-Bhagavatam Purana-Kadhitam SriKrishna-Leelamritam – Hare Krishna


Born to queen Devaki, he grew up in the house of  Gopis.He killed the Poothana demon with supernatural powers, Lifted the Govardhana mountain.He Beheaded his uncle Kamsa, Helped in killing the Kouravas, And looked after the children of Kunthi. This is in short,the ancient story of Bhagavatham from Puranas,which describes the Lord Sri Krishna and his playful and memorable sweet stories

Prana Kishore sings in Main Voice and also in three chorus voices 


Prana Kishore dedicated on all our behalf Eka Slokam Bhagavatham to

Sri Veda Vyasa on his Jayanthi (birthday) Jayanthi on  8th July 2017 to Thank him for all his hard work and efforts which is making the World’s First and Ancient Religion Hinduism to be Alive even today (after 6000 years) and become Eternal forever for our Next Generations.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

This song is FREE and please do your duty in spreading this song to your family and friends so that they too can know about Sri Veda Vyasa,Bhagavatham and Your Sri Krishna in Just 4 Lines

Prana Kishore

NextGen Music Director

How do you surrender to God? How do you actually do this practically?-Prana Kishore


This question was asked to me and I will reply to the best of my knowledge giving practical examples to help you understand and apply to your life

Surrendering means praying only God for all your problems

What is the main thing required to Surrender to God?

 BELIEF in God is required to surrender to god.

We have belief on our mother/father  that’s why we surrender to them and they solve all our problems during our child hood. As we grow up we are introduced to Gods so that our Gods can help solve our problems which are beyond our parents ability to solve the problem.


Praying Only For Your Wishes To Come True

Praying is different from believing and praying. A rich business man made Sri Balaji a partner in his business saying he will give 1% of his profits to Sri Balaji at end of every  year. He did and went to Tirupathi and put the money in Hundi. But He does not pray Balaji and does not believe in him except that he will give him profits. One year he made huge losses he moved to a different god as a partner and his losses continued. Then he asked me which puja to do to regain his loss and make huge wealth. I told him remove all partnerships walk to Balaji hill and come back and pray daily at home morning and evening sincerely and he will get profitable. Yes he recovered his losses and made profit. Here Business man got the blessings only when he surrendered   to Balaji and not for wealth. This is an example of Praying for your wishes,without believing in the God.

Visiting Temples Like Picnic

There are so many who visit temples like a picnic,donate money to temples to show off their wealth but deep inside they do not believe in God.They think their success is due to their education and talents and NOT due to God.They are also not atheist. They feel there is God but they don’t have any belief that god will help them in crisis. These kind of people mostly surrender to God only in time of crises when it comes to their health related problems when they are told there is no cure for their disease like cancer.

Fear of Death And Wants Short Cut to Heaven 

An well established lady of 70 years who does not believe in God and attributes all the success in her life to her skills once asked me what she needs to do to go to heaven. I advised her to pray,visit religious places like Kasi,do vratas,pujas at home and she replied she has no time for all this and she wants some easy ways.

Sri Rama Jayam 1400x1400

I told her to write Sri Rama Jayam daily 5 words till she completes 1008.She wrote it and came back and said she liked it very much since it gave her inner peace. I told her to write 100,008 times. She wrote and again came back and told me she is very happy now and has no fear of death due to old age.She asked me again what else she needs to do to go to heaven. I told her going to heaven is based on her past life karma and present life karma and if she has lead a good truthful life she needs to surrender to God  believing only in God.She again asked me what she needs to do.I told her you are already doing it when you started writing Sri Rama Jayam when you were thinking of  Sri Rama.I advised her to write Sri Rama Jayam as long as she can every day as much as she can till she complete 1 crore Sri Rama Jayam.Good news.She told me she completed writing 1 crore Sri Rama Jayam and now she feels she is connected so much with Sri Rama and All gods.She read Ramayanam and Gita and she visited most important religious pilgrimages and she told me she is no longer worried if she will go to heaven or hell and Her Lord

Sri Rama will protect her and take care of her.She surrendered to Sri Rama by writing his name Sri Rama Jayam.Sri Rama’s name is more powerful than Lord Rama Himself and that is the miracle which happened to her and to so many last 5000 years.( await my presentation on how and why to write Sri Rama jayam due before 30th June 2017 watch Prana Kishore You tube channel)

When there is FEAR in LIFE people surrender to God as last resort.

Fear  of losing wealth

Fear Of death

Fear of not getting married

Fear of not sure one will have the child

Fear of marital problems,inlaws,people

fear of exams,results,interviews,getting job,loosing job,

fear of any problem big or small in life.

Poor people who have no means surrender to God praying “Oh God Iam surrendering to you and only you must solve all my problems be it health, marriage or financial from now”.

I will visit your Temple Tirupathi once a year or after my problems are solved. They make a wish and once it comes true they visit Tirupathi TTD.

Which God to Surrender?

 We have KULADAIVAM  FAMILY GOD which your parents  pray regularly example Sri Venkateswara swamy.Once the girl gets married her family god changes to her husband’s family God.

Find out your family God from your parents

ISHTA DEVATHA  is God you like and love the most. This is the God for various reasons you like and have been praying in addition to your family God. Example Sri Hanuman and my  Family god is Balaji.

You may have one family god and many Gods you like.This is most common situation.Gods are like our subjects we read.We cannot say I will read only English and will not read Maths or science or history.We need to pray all Gods at least the main gods like Ganesha,Venkateswara,(Balaji),Lakshmi,Saraswathi,Durga,Subrahmanya,Shiva,

Rama,Krishna and Hanuman (list is bigger than this).Why we need to pray these Gods and in what form we need to pray will be a separate chapter and  Blog)

Villages and Village Gods

Villagers have village gods mostly Amman female Goddess who are protecting the village crops,people from deseases etc and blessing them with rain. They surrender to village gods to protect them. It is their BELIEF in their village gods that they will protect them at all times. They pray to Family god and also Ishta devatha  God of their choice.

 Do you surrender to one God or many Gods?

 You need to surrender to one God or all Gods necessary based on the type of crisis at that moment based again on your Belief on the God or Gods you believe .

 When to Surrender to God?

 Surrendering to God is a continuous process and not an one time activity.

TIME is changing by the minute,hour,day,week,month and year.Your Life is

also changing by the time. Here are few examples of when to surrender and to which Gods?


I have this habit or prayers of visiting Tirupathi temple once very year and have been doing this from my child hood days. When you visit Tirupathi TTD and come back you will experience  a Positive TURNING POINT IN YOUR LIFE.I also have this habit of taking someone with me when I visit TTD.I do this since they too can experience positive turning point in their life like me.On one occasion i went with my sister in laws and totally we were 13 members and reached Tirupathi and the person who was supposed to help me with darshan was sick an could not do anything. It was 10pm we were all waiting outside the entrance. I tried called all my contacts met many officials in TTD nothing worked.

I told my wife to be with her sisters and I went alone into the crowd with full confidence that some miracle will happen to me.I prayed Balaji ( Family God) with few mantras.I prayed Sri Veeranjaneya swamy with few powerful mantras and prayed I must have the darshan of Balaji and please do not send me back since that has never happened in life, going to Tirupathi and returning without seeing the God.I prayed saying it’s my fault I did not plan better did not have back up plan,if things failed and not to punish families with kids who came believing me that I will give them darshan of the Balaji.

It’s here I surrendered to Both Balaji and Sri Veeranjaneya swamy.Sri Veeranjaneya pose is the most powerful poses of all Hanuman and the pose is with Gadha ready to fight the battles for you.My most favorite god who blessed me with over 2000 miracles.


Suddenly out of nowhere one Gentleman from north India,  came into the crowd and shouted “I have 13 tickets and I need a person who wants all 13 tickets only and I don’t want to deal with individuals since we have to go together as one family” crowd fell on him begging him with all kind of stories why he should give tickets to them.I shouted ” Iam a family with 13 tickets and I need 13 tickets”

The gentleman looked at me from distance and shouted “what is your name” I said “Kishore” Then he said “Sri Krishna” follow me ask your family to come”

 I shouted with top of my voice my wife’s name and said we have tickets RUN

in 2mnts all of us gathered with the person.He told me there is one condition

I thought Oh my God what now is the test.

He said he wants 4 laddos. I told him sure he will get them.We became friends while walking to the temple, I asked him How come he has come alone and wanted 13 tickets a odd number mostly it will be 4-8 12.He told me he came with a big party for a wedding everyone is sleeping tired and he had one darshan morning and he wanted second darshan now having come all the way from north India.In the next one hour we were inside the temple and had a beautiful darshan of Balaji. I gave him a bag full of laddos.He opened the bag and was so Happy.He said he wanted only 4 laddos.I told him I kept 4 laddos and gave him 22 laddos for his family and wedding party.His name is B Guptha ( Balaji Guptha).


I surrendered to 2 Gods.He surrendered to His God.We both met and our prayers helped 12 other members who came with me.This is power of our prayers.

This is surrendering to God in crisis.

I strongly believe there is God within us and God in every human being that’s why when we meet people we raise our hands and say Namaste.God comes or sends ordinary people,total strangers to us in crisis to do extraordinary things or  miracles for us.My famous saying ” Who knows which God is there in which human being”

On each occasion we need to surrender to different Gods based on our crisis.

Power Of Lord Shiva

Some one known to me her husband was not keeping well and very very sick in hospital and doctors gave him 30% chance.She prays, believes in God but did not know what to do in such crisis. I advised her and told her nothing to worry and everything will be fine and normal with prayers.( I gave her,the first sign of Hope and support)This is reason we should always speak good positive words)

Then I told her to do Maha Mrityunjaya Homam at home in her husband name star etc in her home or temple.I also told her to read the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra 108 times a day and write the mantra and leave it below his pillow in hospital and tell him that mantra of Lord Shiva will save him. The I told her to play the Mantra audio daily morning and evening along with  Hanuman chalisa both my songs since they have sound of holy river Ganga in them. She also played Vishnu sahasranama.Plus I advised her to repeat few more mantras of Dhanvantri God of Health. I told her to visit Hanuman temple daily from hospital and on 21st day perform Honey abhishkam to Hanuman and Abhishakam to Shiva Lingam.

During the 21 days his progress improved showed signs of recovery and tests results reducing and he was able to walk on 21st day.

In  a month exactly 31 days he went home and is now hale and healthy as of today



Notes:what Happened?

She had belief in God she did not know how to surrender?

I advised her how to surrender to Lord Shiva with his most powerful mantra Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and even did homam to invoke his blessings.This we combined with Prayers to Hanuman plus temple visits.

She surrendered to Lord Shiva and Hanuman and begged them to save her husband’s life and they saved him.( many woman  pray to Balaji and offer to shave their head if their husbands recover from ill health this is so common)This is putting through extreme suffering for a positive end result. This works.

Now what will she did NEXT?

She has started her mission of helping others teaching them “How to surrender to God and when and why?so that they can experience the miracle like her


World’s oldest and first religion is all about community and not about individuals

The more we help others the more help we will get from God.

Loka samstha Sukhino Bhavanthu-Let all people and living being in this universe be Happy.

Miracles and People

Miracles are happening every moment for people who believe in God.

Few people experience miracles but they want to use those miracles and publicize it to collect donations and become rich promising of building temples which will bless you. Be aware of these people “Ask yourself who is benefiting them or you”

75% of Swamiji’s  in India became super rich like this by talking about their miracles and doing nothing to help their devotees and not even sharing their secrets to benefit devotes

My Mission of Miracles:

It is not whether I experienced 2000 miracles in  my life, It has been my mission that everyone must experience 2000 or more miracles in their life just like me

All you need to do is just donate your TIME for yourself, listen to my music, follow my advice and watch the miracles happening to you.




Surrender  to God to experience Miracles

Share this with your family and friends so that they too can experience miracles

by surrendering to God











Hanuman Sahasranama 1008 Powerful Names 1008 Miracles in Your Life Final 1400

We all know about Vishnu Sahasranama 1000 names of Sri Vishnu and Lalitha Sahasranama 1000 names of Devi but no one knows about Hanuman Sahasranama 1008 Names of Sri Hanuman. Prana Kishore sang and composed Hanuman Sahasranama this time with a trendy beat specially for NextGen to get them interested in Sri Hanuman who can do wonders to make all their dreams come true.

The lyrics of 1008 Hanuman Names runs to 56 pages and Prana Kishore sang for 12 hours in Studio and edited to 1.30 hours.

Hanuman Sahasranama 1008 Powerful Names 1008 Miracles in Your Life Hindi 3000

Please listen with head phones.The 1008 Hanuman Names are very powerful as you can see from their meaning and what they can do to your life.Many have experienced over 1008 miracles in their life and so can you just by listening to this song below

Hanuman Sahasranama 1008 Powerful Names 1008 Miracles in Your Life Final Telugu 3000

Iam aware you are busy studying,working,managing your family,managing the demands of your life.All Iam requesting you is to listen in your car casually and watch your mood change.Play this song in your home to purify your home.You are a student and likes to dance,this is the song for you to dance to its upbeat music and rhythm. Many college students have used this song in their dance competitions and won prizes for their innovation of combining our culture with modern dance.When you listen or dance what happens is Sri Hanuman enters your life,enters your home,enters your body to give you his strength to fight your daily battles and win them 108% all the time.All this does not cost you anything except your time but the result will be amazing.

May Sri Hanuman Bless you to make all your Dreams come true.

May you experience 1008 Miracles just like the way I have experienced in my Life.

If you like my music, please subscribe to bring you more music FREE to you

With love

Music Is life Is Music

Prana Kishore ( you have a talent of any kind contact me to work with me)

NextGen Music Director





Wishing a Very Happy Mother’s Day to Smt HEERABEN MODI MOTHER OF PM SHRI  NARENDRA MODIji and Thanking her   for giving a Great Son to our Mother India.

You heard mothers lullaby song to make the child to sleep.This is the Lullaby song for my mother to sleep.Meaning-She gets up before sun rise.She sleeps after the moon sleeps always Running and working hard.Her eyes are closing and her legs are in pain as she is trying to sleep.She works without even taking her medicines.Her legs are in pain,her body is in pain as she tries to sleep.This is the Lullaby song for my mother to sleep.

Mother’s Day video is a tribute to all woman and mothers.Mother is the living God in our home.This video is the story of a mother and her baby who grows to become a mother and ends with great woman warriors who fought in their saree and died in battle field 100 -150 years before 1947 for our freedom and more. Listen with head phones Song is sang by Prana Kishore and Sitara composed by Prana kishore worldwide release through I tunes Amazon on 14th May

This is a Mother’s day Tribute to Great Mothers from Mother India. Woman who are great Warriors who fought the British and died in the battle to give Mother India and Freedom to us.Few Battles happened 100 years before India’s Independence. Video also shows Great Mothers who raised Great sons who brought Freedom,Name,Fame,Like Sri Gandhi and Our own Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji ,Sri Tendulkar and others.


Woman Warriors Of India

Rani Lakshmibai – led rebellion against the British 1828 – 1858).

Rani Abbakka Devi (KARNATAKA)First Woman Freedom Fighter of India 1525-1570

Jhansi Rani

Nayakuralu Nagamma From Andhra Pradesh Palnati Yudham movie Taken With Her Story

Rani Rudrama Devi  Warangal from 1263 until her death.Rudrama Devi Movie Based on Her

Kittur Chennamma — led an armed rebellion against the East India Company

(23 October 1778 – 21 February 1829) 100Yrs Before India’s Independence

Freedom Fighter-Kasturba Gandhi (Known as Baa) Wife Of Mahatma Gandhi

Great Mothers Who Raised Great Sons In India





Savitribai Phule – started India’s first school for girls IN 1848 (100 Years Before Indias Independence 1947

Sarojini Naidu – the Nightingale of India (13 February 1879 – 2 March 1949)



Indira Gandhi 1917 – 1984 India’s First Woman Prime Minister1980.84.Did You Say

Modern USA Is Yet To Vote Their First Woman President ???







Imagine a Woman in the battle field fighting the army of the British all to give us freedom. Does this now sound similar to our Mothers fighting their battles in life to give a better life to us.

When is the Real Retirement Day for our Mothers when they stop

working, cooking ???

Mothers are Gods Living In our Home

Edhi Naa Ammaku Jhola Pata

Mothers Day is Every Day


Worldwide release on I Tunes and Amazon on 14th May 2017
Edhi Naa Ammaku Jhola Pata (Telugu Lyrics in English)
This is lullaby song for my mother
Laala Lali Lala Lali /Laala Lali O laali /Jho Jho- Na Bangaru Konda -Jho Jho/Jho Jho- Na Chanti Thalli- Jho Jho-2/Laala Lali Lala Lali
My dear (golden mountain) little child please sleep
Suryudu Kanna Mundhu- Nuvu Lechi
Chandrudu Kanna Tharavatha-Nuvu Nidurinchi
You get up before the sun raises-you sleep after the moon sleeps
Alisipoyina Neekallu Kanumusi
Allisi Poyi Podukuna Naa Amma
Your eyes close being very tired
My mother is sleeping being very tired
(O)Edhi Naa Ammaku Jhola Pata/Laala Lali Lala Lali /Laala Lali O
Parugu Parugu Tho Panni Chesi
Mandhulu Vesukokunda Panni Chesi
You work fast daily as if you are running
you work daily even without taking your medicines
Alasi Poyina Neekaallutho Nidurinchi
Noppi Noppi Thodhinamu Nidurinchi
Alasi Poyi Podukuna Naa Amma
Your legs are so tired making you to sleep
With lot of pain you sleep daily
My mother is very tired and she is sleeping
(0)Edhi Naa Ammaku Jhola Pata/Laala Lali Lala Lali/Laala Lali

Prana Kishore


Next Release Sri Hanuman Sahasranama on 21st May 2017

Ganga Sapthami-Birthday Of Mother Ganga-Holy Path to Heaven -1st May 2017-Prana Kishore

Sang and composed by Prana Kishore with real Sounds Of Ganga,

Mixed With Real Sounds of Birds as Music Therapy Surround Sound effect

Listen with Head phones only

Worldwide Release on I Tunes,Amazon on 1st May 2017

Ganga Sapthami-Birthday Of Maa Ganga Holy River Path To Heaven-1-1400

1-Birthday of Mother Ganga

Holy Path To Heaven

World Wide Release On I Tunes,Amazon

On 1st May 2017

2-Where Does Ganga Origin?

Why Do People Pray To Bath In Ganga In their Life Time ?

What Is The Secret To The Holy Path To Heaven?

What Is that 2 Lines Mantra?

What Is That One Holy Word ?

The main stem of the Ganges begins at the confluence of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers in the town of Devprayag in the Garhwal division of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The Bhagirathi is considered to be the source in Hindu culture and mythology, although the Alaknanda is longer, and, therefore, hydrologically the source streamThe headwaters of the Alakananda are formed by snowmelt from such peaks as Nanda Devi, Trisul, and Kamet. The Bhagirathi rises at the foot of Gangotri Glacier, at Gomukh, at an elevation of 3,892 m (12,769 ft), being mythologically referred to as, residing in the matted locks of Shiva, symbolically Tapovan, being a meadow of ethereal beauty at the feet of Mount Shivling, just 5 km (3.1 mi) away

3- The trek takes you to Gomukh (cows mouth),

the mythological source of the River Ganges,

which is at the snout of the Gangotri glacier

4-. Ganga Saptmi, also called Ganga Jayanti or

Ganga Pujan is celebrated by Hindus to

please Goddess Ganga

5 -When Is Ganga Sapthami?

The month of Vaisakha as per the Hindu calendar,

i.e., in the month of April –May. It is believed that

on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha, the holy

river Ganga was reborn.It is 1st May 2017

6- Where is it celebrated or prayed?

This occasion is mainly celebrated near the river bed

of the Ganga. The worshipper takes dip in its water,

which is considered to be very auspicious. Thus,

Ganga Saptami is considered as an occasion where

river Ganga is worshipped with full devotion

7- Where did Ganga come from?

On Vaishakh Shukla or Saptami, Ganga Ji came from

Swarg lok and reached God Shiva’s hair.As per the

Shastras, this day is famous as Ganga Saptmi and

Ganga Jayanti and on this day, Ganga reached earth

8- The day is also celebrated as Ganga Dushera.

9- What are the benefits of Worshiping Ganga?

People who Worship Ganga Mata on this day and they

take a bath in the holy water of the river on this day. It is

believed that it removes all sins of the past and gives

salvation, happiness and fame to the devotees

10 People who have Mangal Dosh in their

Birth chart Kundli get benefited by

worshipping Ganga Mother on this day

11 Taking a dip in the holy water of the river. It is also

believed that several diseases are also cured

since the water has  medicinal effect

12- What are the rituals of Ganga Jayanti?

  • Gayatri Mantra is chanted-•Bath is taken in River

Ganges in BharmaMuhurat before SunRise

  • Aarti is given to please Ganga Mata.
  • Lord Shiva is also worshipped on this day.

13 What to donate on Ganga Saptami?

You must take at least 10 dips in Ganga

Good to donate 10 Packets Of Sesame and Barley

Anything you donate must be 10 in number

Lamps, Betel leaves or fruits or Flowers should be

10 in number

Good to feed 10 Brahmins on this day

14 Gomukhi (Cows Mouth) Exact Place Where

Ganga Originates in India

15 Water becomes Like Icy Rocks

due to cold Temperatures

16 Traveling to Gowmukhi is very tough thats why

Most people Visit Kasi-Varanasi To Dip in the

same Ganga River

17 Ganga Pushkaram is a festival of River Ganga

normally occurs once in 12 years

19 Ganga Pushkaram

most recent in 2011

next Ganga pushkaram

April -May 2023

19 Ganga Aarti Varanasi (Benaras, Kashi), India

20 The Hindu religious ritual of worship

for the holy river Ganges

21 The ceremony happens everyday from

6.30 -7.30 pm at Dashashwamedh Ghat

on the Ganges river banks

22 Holy Path To Heaven

Repeat This Holy Mantra 3 Times

Gange Cha Yamune Chaiva Godavari Saraswati |

Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru||

In this water, I invoke the presence of holy waters from the

rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada,

Sindhu and Kaveri

23 Vedic Advise to Senior Citizens who are

unable to visit Kasi to bathe in Ganga

Just say

Ganga Ganga Ganga 3 times

it is equivalent to visiting Kasi and taking

bath in holy river Ganga

Subham-Water is Life-There is No Life without water-Save Water




Hanuman Chalisa with 108 names of Sri Rama Karaoke1400

Prana Kishore NextGen Prana Music takes Ancient Powerful Mantras and Mixes them with Real Sounds Of Holy River Ganga,Birds and Temple Bells as Music Therapy.

He composes,Sings,produces and releases them worldwide through I Tunes,Amazon,Apple Music and over 50 distributers.

Prana Kishore felt that Every One  should be able to Sing Kirtans,Slokas,Mantras like him and it will motivate them if they can sing through the original music which Prana Kishore sang.

This is a great way for Kids,young adults and even adults to listen and sing to original sound track Karaoke with your voice. Easiest way to learn the Sanskrit Mantras.

Prana Kishore is releasing Hanuman Chalisa with 108 names of Sri Rama Karaoke on 4th April 2017 for Sri Rama Navami (Sri Ramas Birthday )

Here is how you can do it:

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Listen to Prana Kishore Voice how he sang the song,Kirtan,Chalisa.

Print the lyrics from http://www.Pranakishore.com  at section Prana Kishore Karaoke Series


Listen and Follow the  Lyrics observing how Prana Kishore pronounced the Awadhi Language for perfection.

Locate the Karaoke version on You Tube “Hanuman Chalisa with 108 Names of Sri Rama Karaoke” at Prana Kishore you tube chennel

Hanuman Chalisa Opening ” Sri Guru Charana till Harau Kalesa Vikar was sang by Prana Kishore and Sri Rama 108 Names also are sang by Prana Kishore

You will be singing Hanuman Chalisa from ” Jaya Hanuman till the end”















Now next time some tells you , you cannot sing, prove them wrong and sing with my Karaoke version in functions. 

Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha

Prana Kishore


Shiva Lingashtakam-Brama Murari Destroys Your Poverty & Sins-Prana Kishore


SHIVA LINGASHTAKAM-BRAHMA MURARI- Destroys Your Poverty & Sins-Prana Kishore

Worldwide release on 22nd Feb 2017 for Shiva Rathri on 24th Feb 2017

Written by Sri Adi Sankaracharya in 8 Century CE

What will happen if we recite this powerful Mantra?

Anyone who chants this 8 Canto holy Mantra In the  presence of  Shiva Lingam,would in the end reach the world of Shiva,and keep him company. This is the purpose of our life

This is a prayer to attain the abode of Lord Shiva

This Mantra can Invoke Shiva In Your Home

Powerful Prayer to Shiva Linga which Destroys Your Poverty & Sins

What Is unique about this mantra composing by Prana Kishore?

Prana Kishore in this song ,will take you inside the Shiva Temple and give you front row seat and make you feel the real sounds of Ganga falling on the beautiful Shiva Lingam with his 7.1 surround sound recording effects which makes this unique as he takes away your stress.

The Celestial garden  showers, Blessings through music will make you feel the  Vedic vibrations on your third eye making all your wishes to come true. This is the power of the Mantra and Ganga

Worship of Shiva Linga is considered the prime worship for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Worship of all other forms of Shiva is considered secondary. The significance of the Shiva Linga is that It is the light flame form of the Supreme – solidified to make the worship of It easier. It represents the real nature of God – formless essentially and taking various forms as It wills.Pl read Shiva Thattvam-Concept of Shiva by Prana Kishore to know more about Shiva

These are renowned as Dvadasa Jyotir lingas or 12 jyotirlingas due to  divine presence in these abodes, since ancient times.


Somnath JyotirLing in Saurashtra (Guj)

Mallikarjun jyoptirling in Srisailam (A.P.)

Mahakaleshwar jyotirling in Ujjain (M.P.)

Omkareshwar jyotirling in Shivpuri / mAmaleswara (M.P.)

Vaidyanath jyotirling in Parali (Mah)

Nageswar jyotirling in Darukavanam

Kedareswar jyotirling in Kedarnath / Himalayas (Utt)

Tryambakeswar jyotirling in Nasik (Mah)

Rameshwar jyotirling in Setubandanam / Rameshwaram (T.N.)

Bhimashankar jyotirling in Dakini (Mah)

Visweswar jyotirling in Varanasi (U.P.) and

Ghrishneswar jyotirling in Devasrovar (Mah).

Shiva Lingashtakam-Brahma Murari Lyrics in English

Brahma Muraari Suraarchita Lingam

Nirmala Bhasita Shobhita Lingam

Janma-ja-Dukha Vinaashaka Lingam

Tat Prana Maami Sadaa Shiva Lingam


Devamuni Prava-Raarchita Lingam

Kaama Dahana Karunaakara Lingam

Raavana Darpa Vinaashaka Lingam

Tat Prana Maami Sada Shiva Lingam


Sarva Sugandha Sulepitha Lingam

Buddhivi Vardhana Kaarana Lingam

Siddha Suraasura Vanditha Lingam

Tat Prana Maami Sadaa Shiva Lingam


Kanaka Mahaa Mani Bhooshitha Lingam

Phani Pari Veshtitha Shobhitha Lingam

Daksha Suyagna Vinaashaka Lingam

Tat Prana Maami Sadaa Shiva Lingam



Kumkuma Chandana Lepitha Lingam

Pankaja Haara Susho Bhitha Lingam

Sanchitha Paapa Vinaashaka Lingam

Tat Prana Maami Sadaa Shiva Lingam


Deva Ganaar Chitha Sevitha Lingam

Bhaavai Bhakti Bhirayvacha Lingam

Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Lingam

Tat Prana Maami Sadaa Shiva Lingam


Ashta Dalopari Veshtitha Lingam

Sarva Samud Bhava Kaarana Lingam

Ashta Daridra Vinaashana Lingam

Tat Prana Maami Sadaa Shiva Lingam


Suraguru Suravara Poojitha Lingam

Suravana Pushpa Sadaar Chitha Lingam

Parama Padam Paramaatmaka Lingam

Tat Prana Maami Sadaa Shiva Lingam

Liṅgāṣṭaka Midaṃ Puṇyaṃ Yaḥ Paṭechiva Sannidhau |
Sivaloka Mavāpnoti Sivena Saha Modhate

 Prana Kishore Released the following on Prana Kishore  You Tube Channel

1 Audio Version Only For music lovers to  listen and learn

2 Meditation Version To enter the Shiva Temple In your meditation To Remove Your Stress and Fears.

3 Video Version To know more about Shiva Linagashtakam.

SHIVA LINGASHTAKAM-BRAHMA MURARI- Destroys Your Poverty & Sins-Prana Kishore

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8 truths Of Vivekananda Which Will Change Your Life In 3 Minutes-Prana Kishore


Life is getting busy with no time to think, how we can improve our life style.

We are becoming our own enemy in life.

Best is to look at advise from people like Vivekananda.

Here are 8 Truths of Vivekananda which will change your life in 3 minutes.









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Is Mahatma Gandhi An Incarnation?

Is Mahatma Gandhi An Incarnation?-Prana Kishore


The British won all the wars around the world and finally lost the 200 year old battle to an old man of  78 yrs, with partial clothes, with no gun, and who only walked with a wooden stick

Every Year passes by and the people of India celebrate Indian Independence day on 15th Aug and Republic day on 26th Jan.

The next generation needs to know how India got its independence from the then British now Great Britain (UK).

The  politicians need to be reminded again about the sacrifices made  by Shri Mahatma Gandhi, and why he was called Father Of Our Nation or Mahatma or lovingly  Bapu.

Lets step back and analyze “Why Did Mahatma get involved in the freedom struggle?” What did he personally gain?

Here are few facts about Gandhi.

No one told him to get involved, He took upon the task  himself

He left his successful profession as Attorney for this struggle

He is not the leader of any political party

He does not belong to any organization

He is not the leader of any army

He  does not own any property

He does not have a property will

He did not gain anything personally and he even lost his wife.

He was beaten up, humiliated and jailed many times

He did everything to get freedom for India and Pakistan.

This small video  of 4 minutes explains these events and more with a sound track of the New Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram composed and sang by Prana Kishore


New Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram

Shri Mahatma Gandhi used to call this Song,/Bhajan “Ram Dhun” his favorite.Gandhiji and   his followers  sang this during the 24 days and  241 mile Salt Satyagraha March on 12th March 1930  from Sabarmati Ashram to coastal village Dandi in Gujarat India making it a turning point in Indian Independence movement.

Gandhi sang this song and Bhajan, Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram in his daily prayers, some times short  or the longer versions. Prana Kishore composed  sang the full and complete version with all the lyrics.

This  modern composition on Grand Piano and 12 Strings guitar makes it very melodious

Prana Kishore took great care while composing to bring the various elements which Gandhiji believed in like Truth is God,Truth is Religion, and Truth alone brings Inner Peace which will lead to world Peace

Try this by closing your eyes and listening to this song.You will experience calmness and inner peace like a music therapy miracle

New Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram

The version that is most common was put to music by Vishnu Digambar Paluskar

These lyrics were taken from original Hindu text “Shri Nama Ramayanam” written by Lakshmanacharya.

Lyrics in Hindi and English


रघुपति राघव राजाराम,

पतित पावन सीताराम

सीताराम सीताराम,

भज प्यारे तू सीताराम

ईश्वर अल्लाह तेरो नाम,

सब को सन्मति दे भगवान

Transliteration (IAST):

raghupati rāghav rājārām,

patit pāvan sītārām

sītārām, jai sītārām,

bhaj pyāre tu sītārām

īśvar allāh tero nām,

sab ko sanmati de bhagavān


Chief of the house of Raghu, Lord Rama,

Uplifters of those who have fallen, Sita and Rama,

Sita and Rama, Sita and Rama,

O beloved, praise Sita and Rama,

God or Allah is your name,

May God bless all with true wisdom.

Albert Einstein said on Gandhijis 70th Birthday : “Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth.”

This is true. We are yet to see an honest man like Gandhi anywhere in the world even today

Mahatma Gandhiji considered Bhagavad Gita as his mother.He looked for solutions during the period of the struggle from Bhagavad Gita.

His Last words were “Hey Ram”

May the life of  Gandhi, Invoke the Gandhi   in you and  be your Satyagraha movement from today to practice Truth in your life  for  inner Peace and World Peace

Gandhi did not gain anything personally except win the freedom for India and Pakistan

Gandhiji Favorite song Raghupathy Raghava lyrics by Lakshmanacharya from Sri Rama Ramayanam music composed originally by Vishnu Digambar Paluskar, considers Gita as his mother, his last words are Hey Ram  and all his quotes,work,concepts, life ,are unique which can be applied even today after 100years.He lived like a sanyasi with the courage of a God and eradicated the Ravanas the British only to give back the Freedom like Vaikunta for India

Is Mahatma Gandhi An Incarnation ?

You be the judge !

New Vaidehi Nagar Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple Idols Prathista Function Starts on 9th April 2016 Muhurtham on 11th April 2016 at 8.59am

V Hanuman Hyd

New Vaidehi Nagar Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple Idols Prathista Function Starts on 9th April 2016 Muhurtham on 11th April 2016 at 8.59am

Muhurtham is with blessings of HH Sri Sri Sri Virupaksha Vidyaranya Maha Swamy of Hampi Maha Peetham.


Door No 263/2015  Road no 9 ,Vaidehi Nagar, Vanasthalingapuram,

Hyderabad 500070

Hon President -Sri M Ram Mohan Gaud

President -Sri P V N Narayan Rao -94400-57817 (Contact)

Vice President- Sri B Rajender Reddy

Gen Secretary -Sri M Srinivasulu

Additional Secretary-Sri Achaiah

Joint Secretary-Sri K Jaipal Reddy and Sri M P Anantha Narayana

Treasurer – Sri S Madana Chary

No Donation is too small and Kindly donate to this Temple and seek the blessings of

Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy

Bank -State Bank Of India

Branch-Vaidehi Nagar,Hyderabad

C/ AC -Vaidehi Nagar Sri Veeranjaneya Devalaya Committee

AC Number -34974498618   IFS Code-SBINOO16434



Sri Veeranjaneya Namaha 108-Chalisa For Victory-Prana Kishore Release Worldwide on 10th April 2016

Sri Veeranjaneya Namaha 108-Chalisa For Victory Final 1400

Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy is the only Hanuman in combating position in the statue ready to fight in the battle.You can see his Gadha. Sri Hanuman Chalisa was rated as the best. All 9 tracks are on Hanuman composed as music therapy for you.Sri Veeranjaneya Namaha repeated 108 times in HD Surround Sound will make you feel the vibrations in your body and mind

We have various statues of Sri Hanuman.

Abhaya Anjaneya shows his hand blessing us.Abhaya means protection and he is there to protect you

Sri Veeranjaneya statue shows Hanuman with Gadha ready to fight in the battle.This form is very rare in india compared to other forms of Hanuman statues you see in temple.Praying Sri Veeranjaneya he will fight your battles to bring you victory.Prana Kishore  been praying to Sri Veeranjaneya swamy temple in,HAL 2nd stage,Thippasandra, in Bangalore and he has experianced over 2000 miracles in his life.He owes his success in his career,music field and personal life to praying this temple.Prana kishore dedicates this album to this Sri Veranjaneya swamy and other Veeranjaneya swamy temples in India.

Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temples in India


Suggested prayers to make your toughest wish come true:

1 Pray and give 108 Thulasi garland to Sri Hanuman

2 Pray and give108  Betel nut leaves garland to Sri Hanuman

3 Visit th temple daily for 21 days and on the 21st day perform Honey Abhishekan to Sri Hanuman

You will succeed in your wish coming true 100%.Why honey abhishekam? Sri Hanuman went to sri lanka saw  mother  Sita and came to Sri Rama and he lied down tired. Sri Rama has to give honey to Hanuman and then only Hanuman told the good news that mother Sita is alive and well in Sri Lanka.This is the reason you need to perform honey abhishekam to Hanuman on 21st day to hear the good news which you will get on 22nd day.

This is reason why in our families when a person gives the good news, people feed him with sweets.

Prana Kishore has added the Hanuman chalisa {rated the best for composing and pronunciation and ease to learn}

Prana kishore has specially added Om Sri Veeranjaneya Namaha repeated 108 times to give you total peace

Prana kishore has added 7 most popular mantras in song forms in this album.

Pl find the list of Sri Veeranjenay swamy temples in south india and no 1 in the list is where Prana kishore prayed and prays even now at this temple and in his home daily morning and evening

Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: HAL 3rd Stage, New Tippasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075, India 

Vaidehi Nagar Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Idols Prathista Function on 9th April 2016 at 8.59am

Door No 263/2015  Road no 9 ,Vaidehi Nagar, Vanasthalingapuram,

Hyderabad 500070

Hon President -Sri M Ram Mohan Gaud

President -Sri P V L  Narayan Rao -94400-57817 (Contact)

Vice President- Sri B Rajender Reddy

Gen Secretary -Sri M Srinivasulu

Additional Secretary-Sri Achaiah

Joint Secretary-Sri K Jaipal Reddy and Sri M P Anantha Narayana

Treasurer – Sri S Madana Chary

Sri Tadbund Veeranjaneya Swamy Devasthanam

Address: 6-2, Kummarigutta, Sikh Village, Tadbund, Secunderabad, Telangana 500009, India

Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: Mahalakshmi Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560086, India

Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: 80 Feet Main Rd, Koramangala 6 Block, Ejipura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: 50ft road, Hanumanthnagar, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560019, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: Janatha Colony, Doddakannelli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: hosur hanumanthnagar main road, Huliyurdurga, Karnataka, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: Bettadasanapura Bypass Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083, India

Sri. Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: HMT Layout, 10th Main Road, BEL Layout 2nd Block, Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560097, India

Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: 1st Cross Rd, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076, India

Bangaramakki Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: Sri Veeranjaneya Temple, Bangarmakki, Talook Honnavar, Gersoppa, Karnataka 581384, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: Bannerghatta Road, Gottigere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: SJCIT, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka 562103, India

Sree Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016, India

Sri Sri Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: NAD Road, Beside Indian Oil, B C Colony, Vepagunta, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530047, India

Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: Ramalingeswara Pet, Tenali, Andhra Pradesh 522201, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: Seetha Ram Puram, Devuni Cheru, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh 523001, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: Dasupalem, Andhra Pradesh 522005, India

Namalgundu Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: Sridevi Nursing Home Road, Namalagundu, Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad, Telangana 500061, India

 Sri Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: Rd Number 2, KPHB Phase I, Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072, India

Veeranjaneya Swami Temple

Address: Brahman Hostel Lane, New Nallakunta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500044, India

Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: Raghupathipet, Telangana 509349, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: Dasupalem, Andhra Pradesh 522005, India

Sri Abhaya Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: Parvath Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500018, India

Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple

Address: Ghantasala, Andhra Pradesh 521133, India

Sri Veeranjaneya Temple

Address: Malkapur, Telangana 502296, India

Ardhagiri-Sri Veeranjaneya swamy temple

Address: Paimagham, Andhra Pradesh 517129, India

Timmanna Naik Kote Veeranjaneya Temple Hogevaddi

Address: Kattinakaru, Karnataka 577421, India

Veer Anjaneya Temple

Address: E Main Street, Inathukanpatti, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India


Om Sri Veeranjaneya Namha           

Om Namah Shivaya 108 Chants For Shiva Ratri

Om Namah Shivaya 108 ChantsFinal 1400

Om Namah Shivaya the most powerful Mantra repeated 108 Times as you see the real pictures of Shiva’s abode the beautiful Manasarovar Mountain.

Prana Kishore composed and sang this Mantra.

This mantra was recorded in HD Surround Sound and Pl listen to this with your eyes closed and in Head Phones for maximum effect.


You can feel the vibrations as you listen and surrender yourself to Lord Shiva

My CD Cover designs will have vedic designs in them if you observe  closely

Drink the Milk-Spare The Cow is my campaign to every one NOT to eat Beef as it is sacred and equivalent to our Mother for the sustenance of our Life

Let me know your views and Feed back on my music

Om Namah Shivaya

Prana Kishore


Shirdi Sai Baba 108 Chants-Healing Vibrations

Shirdi Sai Baba  Mantra ” Om Sai Nathaha Namaha ” repeated 108 Times to make it powerful for listeners as they experience healing vibrations.

Prana Kishore composed and sang this mantra 108 times for 13 minutes.

This single album will be released on 10th March 2016

Om Sai Nathaha Namaha



Listen -Learn-Practice & Teach

Prana Kishore

Gayatri Mantra 108 Chants-Vedic Healing Vibrations

Gayatri Mantra 108 Chants 1400The most powerful Gayatri Mantra has been repeated 108 times to make it even more powerful for the listeners.You can feel the Vedic Healing Vibrations in your body and mind working to remove your stress,anger,lower your BP and give you total peace and happiness.

  • Om bhur bhuvah suvaha
    savitur varenyam
    Bhargo devasya dhimahi
    Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Prana Kishore composed and sang this mantra 108 Times for 39 minutes

Pl listen to this HD surround sound recording with your eyes closed and in head phones or ear piece of your mobile phones for maximum effect.


Let us know your feed back

Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha

Prana Kishore

Annadaana Mahima-Chaturmasa Deeksha Vijayam

Annadaana Mahima-Chaturmasa Deeksha Vijayam

Annadana Mahima

“Annapurne sadapurne Shankara Pranavallabhe gnaana vairagya siddhyartham bhikshaam dehi cha Paarvati”

Oh dear Maata Annapurna, you are the divine consort of Lord Shiva, you are the personification of copious food, kindly grant us alms along with eternal wisdom!

You can listen to this mantra and learn to sing in the audio at http://www.pranakishore.com

and in the album “Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha CD” at I Tunes and Amazon

Pujya Ganapati Sachhidananda Swamiji always remembers the golden words of Lord Sri Krishna and tells us:

“The beings, both moving and unmoving, are sustained only by the food! Hence the donor of food is the giver of life and indeed of everything else! So, one who wants well-being on this earth and beyond , should make special efforts to share food with others! ‘Annadaana’ must be offered with due respect and hospitality to the poor, old, children, women, guests and the tired travelers!

“There is no greater merit in this creation than feeding the hungry”!

Significance of Chaturmasya

Bharatha maata is known as ‘Karma bhoomi’ which is unique with its significance for Vedic and religious culture and heritage.

Hindu philosophy and religion which is a combination of many traditions and cultures is closely associated with the Nature that plays a major role in performance of many festivals. Hinduism strongly believes in Puranas and Vedic principles that become the guiding factor for performance of these festivals and sacred rituals.

The main purpose of all Vedic rituals is ultimately to please the lord and the benefits of which are bountiful. As long as the vow is to perform a sacred and pious act it would definitely yield positive results and would bring pleasing rewards.

Pujas and dharmic activities go a long way in developing the mind frame. It is also believed that they generate a lot of positive energy that helps one in the struggle of life,control over wandering mind, discipline of life and does a lot of good to the physical as well as the mental abilities of an individual.

We all know that we have 12 months in a lunar calendar starting from Chaitra to Phalguna. Out of these 12 months 6 months starting from pushya (when Sun enters Makara Raasi) to jyeshtha falls under Uttaraayana while 6 months starting from Aashada (when Sun enters the KarkatakaRaasi) to Margasira falls under Dakshinayana. Uttarayana is the day time and Dakshinayana is the night time for Devataas.As per the time element,one year for human beings is equivalent to one full day for Devataas . Similarly one month for human beings is equivalent to 1 day for Pitru Devataas out of which Shukla Paksha (waxing moon days) 15 days is day time and Krishna Paksha (waning moon days) 15days is the night time for Pitrus.

Fire, illumination, daytime, fortnight before the full moon and Uttarayana are the paths for liberation. It means these are the periods or ways for spontaneous positive thinking and spiritual growth. So all concentrate and perform their personnel rituals more during Uttarayana only.

In order to give significance and importance for performing sacred and pious deeds during night time of Devataas, Lord Varaaha gave a boon to Raatri Devataa that, the following four months Shravana, Bhadrapada, Aaswayuja and kaarteeka would be very holy and dear to him.

These four months are called Chatur- maasa. Although, the word chaturmasya means four months of duration, it is performed for two months only, taking fortnight as a month as per the Shastras. Who ever performs sacred deeds(Snana, Japa, Homa, Vratha, Dana etc.) in a strict deeksha manner during these months would reap immense benefits out of it.

Deeksha means making a vow to perform austerities observing strict celibacy, avoiding prohibited foods,drinks, actions, unnecessary talks and most importantly dedicating ones self totally for Daiva chintana for full two months. With out any discrimination of age,gender,ashrama and caste this Deeksha can be performed by one and all.

Dear fellow devotees, in this competitive world can an ordinary person truly afford to pretermit responsibilities for such a lengthy extension of time? Then which is the next option available for us to accomplish the same  divine fruitions with out having to suspend our regular unavoidable activities?

The only answer by all Shastras is to approach and offer as much sincere service to Yateeshwaras during this holy period every year. Such Ascetics suspend their travel during that period, they do not cross the border of the city where they are sojourning. The learned  Yateeshwaras engage themselves in teaching and offering discourses for the benefit of their disciples and people in general. It is believed and experienced that the place where these selfless Yateeshwars stay and perform Chaturmasya Deeksha will flourish in wealth,prosperity and spiritual life.

Jai Guru Data


Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra-Triyambhakam 108 Times Life Changing Chant-Prana Kishore

Release of Audio on 22nd Feb 2016

Maha Mrityunjaya -Triyambhakam 108 BWline

Powerful Mantra to liberate you from death,bondage of attachments for sake of immortality
Shri Maha Mrityunjaya Mantram-Tryambakam

Prana Kishore sang and composed this Powerful Mantra and sang for 108 times.This audio is 32 minutes long and will help you to pray,meditate to solve your critical problems.People have used this mantra to get jobs,get married soon,solve family problems and most of all help critical patients in hospital to recover and go home.Repeating the mantra makes it even more powerful.

Listen to Prana Kishore and you can easily learn this mantra and sing on your own.


  • Tryambakam Yajaamahay
    Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam
    Urvaru Kamiva Bandhanaan
    Mrityor Mukshiya Mamruthathu
  • Sanskrit to English Word Meaning
  • Tryambakam – three-eyed; Yajamahe
  • – worship; Sugandhim – beautiful smelling;
  • Pusti – well nourished, (prosperity;
  • Vardhanam – increaser; Urvarukam –
  • cucumber; Ive – like; Bandhana –
  • from bondage of worldly attachments;
  • Mrtyor – mortality; Muksiya – may you liberate;
  • Ma- me; Amrat – for the sake of immortality
  • Translation:
  • We worship the three-eyed One (Lord Shiva),
  • Who is fragrant and Who nourishes all beings;
  • may He liberate me from death, for the sake of
  • Immortality, even as the cucumber is severed from

          its bondage of the vine.  Om Peace, Peace, Peace

Om Nama Shivaya




Sri Rama Astothara Sathanamavali-108 Divine Names of Rama English-Prana Kishore

Sri Rama Astothara Sathanamavali-108 Divine Names Of Rama Final 1400








Pray To Build  Sri Rama Ayodhya Temple

-Write  Sri Rama Jayam- Jai Sri Ram Daily

-Listen –Read Sri Rama 108 Names Daily  Till The Temple Is Built

Prana Kishore sang and composed the Sri Rama Astothara Sathanamavali 108 Names for 12 minutes.

Let this help you make Sri Rama Your Role Model.

Listen and Learn at http://www.pranakishore.com and Prana Kishore You Tube Channel


  1. Om Shri Ramaya Namaha
  2. Om Ramabhadraya Namaha
  3. Om Ramachandraya Namaha
  4. Om Shashvataya Namaha
  5. Om Rajivalochanaya Namaha
  6. Om Shrimate Namaha
  7. Om Rajendraya Namaha
  8. Om Raghupungavaya Namaha
  9. Om Janaki Vallabhaya Namaha
  10. Om Jaitraya Namaha
  11. Om Jitamitraya Namaha
  12. Om Janardhanaya Namaha
  13. Om Vishvamitra Priyaya Namaha
  14. Om Dantaya Namaha
  15. Om Sharanatrana Tatparaya Namaha
  16. Om Bali Pramathanaya Namaha
  17. Om Vagmine Namaha
  18. Om Satyavache Namaha
  19. Om Satyavikramaya Namaha
  20. Om Satyavrataya Namaha
  21. Om Vratadharaya Namaha
  22. Om Sada Hanumadashritaya Namaha
  23. Om Kausaleyaya Namaha
  24. Om Kharadhvamsine Namaha
  25. Om Viradha Vanapanditaya Namah
  26. Om Vibhishana Paritratre Namaha
  27. Om Kodanda Khandanaya Namaha
  28. Om Saptatala Prabhedre Namaha
  29. Om Dashagriva Shiroharaya Namaha
  30. Om Jamadagnya Mahadarpp Dalanaya Namaha
  31. Om Tatakantakaya Namaha
  32. Om Vedanta Saraya Namaha
  33. Om Vedatmane Namaha
  34. Om Bhavarogasya Bheshajaya Namaha
  35. Om Dushanatri Shirohantre Namaha
  36. Om Trigunatmakaya Namaha
  37. Om Trivikramaya Namaha
  38. Om Trilokatmane Namaha
  39. Om Punyacharitra Kirtanaya Namah
  40. Om Triloka Rakshakaya Namaha
  41. Om Dhanvine Namaha
  42. Om Dandakaranya KartanayaNamaha
  43. Om Ahalya Shapashamanaya Namaha
  44. Om Pitru Bhaktaya Namaha
  45. Om Vara Pradaya Namaha
  46. Om Jitendriyaya Namaha
  47. Om Jitakrodhaya Namaha
  48. Om Jitamitraya Namaha
  49. Om Jagad Gurave Namaha
  50. Om Riksha Vanara Sanghatine Namaha
  51. Om Chitrakuta Samashrayaya Namaha
  52. Om Jayanta Trana Varadaya Namaha
  53. Om Sumitra Putra Sevitaya Namaha
  54. Om Sarva Devadhi Devaya Namaha
  55. Om Mritavanara Jivanaya Namaha
  56. Om Mayamaricha Hantre Namaha
  57. Om Mahadevaya Namaha
  58. Om Mahabhujaya Namaha
  59. Om Sarvadeva Stutaya Namaha
  60. Om Saumyaya Namaha
  61. Om Brahmanyaya Namaha
  62. Om Muni Samstutaya Namaha
  63. Om Mahayogine Namaha
  64. Om Mahadaraya Namaha
  65. Om Sugrivepsita Rajyadaye Namaha
  66. Om Sarva Punyadhi Kaphalaya Namaha
  67. Om Smrita Sarvagha Nashanaya Namaha
  68. Om Adipurushaya Namaha
  69. Om Paramapurushaya Namaha
  70. Om Mahapurushaya Namaha
  71. Om Punyodayaya Namaha
  72. Om Dayasaraya Namaha
  73. Om Purana Purushottamaya Namaha
  74. Om Smita Vaktraya Namaha
  75. Om Mita Bhashine Namaha
  76. Om Purva Bhashine Namaha
  77. Om Raghavaya Namaha
  78. Om Ananta Gunagambhiraya Namaha
  79. Om Dhirodatta Gunottamaya Namaha
  80. Om Maya Manusha Charitraya Namaha
  81. Om Mahadevadi Pujitaya Namaha
  82. Om Setukrite Namaha
  83. Om Sarva Tirthamayaya Namaha
  84. Om Haraye Namaha
  85. Om Shyamangaya Namaha
  86. Om Sundaraya Namaha
  87. Om Shooraya Namaha
  88. Om Pitavasase Namaha
  89. Om Dhanurdharaya Namaha
  90. Om Sarva Yajnadhipaya Namaha
  91. Om Yajvine Namaha
  92. Om Janamarana Varjitaya Namaha
  93. Om Jita Varashaye Namaha
  94. Om Trimurtaye Namaha
  95. Om Vibhishana Pratishthatre Namaha
  96. Om Sarvabharana Varjitaya Namaha
  97. Om Parasmai Namaha
  98. Om Parabrahmane Namaha
  99. Om Sachidananda Vigrahaya Namaha
  100. Om Parasmai Jyotishe Namaha
  101. Om Parasmai Dhamne Namaha
  102. Om Parakashaya Namaha
  103. Om Paratparaya Namaha
  104. Om Pareshaya Namaha
  105. Om Parakaya Namaha
  106. Om Paraya Namaha
  107. Om Sarva Devatmakaya Namaha
  108. Om Paramatmane Namaha
  109. Ithi Shri Rama Astothara Sathanamavali hi !!!

Hare Krishna Maha Mantra-Opens the Doors to Love and Heaven-Prana Kishore

Hare Krishna Maha Mantra-Opens the Doors to Love and Heaven-Prana Kishore
Single Album Releasing Worldwide on 1st Feb 2016

Hare Krishna Maha Mantra 1400x1400 final

Hare Krishna Maha Mantra opens the doors to love and heaven. Experience it’s miracles by listening closing your eyes as you meditate into the world of Sri Krishna and Swami Srila Prabhupadha of ISCKON. Inner Peace and Happiness will touch you in 21 days.

Single Album

Prana Kishore sang and composed this miracle Maha Mantra “Hare Krishna ” Single album using ancient instruments from India to make the song very divine, melodious and sweet like Sri Krishna.The track is for 4minutes repeating the mantra intentionally for the devotee to travel into the world of Sri Krishna and Swami Srila Prabhupadha of ISCKON by closing the eyes. Words in the mantras are powerful and they become even more powerful when one repeats them. Miracles have happened to people of all ages making their dreams come true in 21days of listening or repeating the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

Sri Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu and was the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Based on scripts and astrological calculations, the date of Krishna’s birth, known as Janmashtami,is 18 July 3228 BCE and he lived until 18 February 3102 BCE.

Sri Rama is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god  Vishnu and a king of Ayodhya Rama was born about 1.2 million years ago, during the Treta Yuga, age that lasted 1,296,000 years.

Sri Rama’s name alone is more powerful than Sri Rama himself.

Srila Prabhupada was born Abhay Charan De on 1st September 1896 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, at about 4pm to father Gaura Mohan De and mother Rajani Devi. A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada passed away on November 14, 1977, in the holy town of Vrindavana, surrounded by his loving disciples who carry on his mission of Krishna consciousness even today.

The Hare Krishna mantra also referred to reverentially as the Maha Mantra (“Great Mantra”), is a 16 word  mantra which is mentioned in the Kali-Santarana Upanishad, and which from the 15th century rose to importance in the Bhakti movement following the teachings of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.This Mantra is composed of three Sanskrit names of the Supreme Being; “Hare,” “Krishna,” and “Rama.”

According to Gaudiya Vaishnava theology, one’s original consciousness and goal of life is pure love of God (Krishna).Since the 1960s, the mantra has been made well known outside of India by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and his International Society for Krishna Consciousness (commonly known as “the Hare Krishnas”).

The Hare Krishna 4 lines mantra is composed of Sanskrit names in the singular vocative case

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna  Krishna  Hare Hare

Hare  Rāma Hare Rāma

Rāma Rāma Hare Hare

No wonder Hare Krishna Mantra became Maha Mantra due to the combinations of the two most powerful names of Gods Rama and Krishna, who lived and walked in India.

This is one main reason for Prana Kishore to launch this song and release it worldwide in collaboration with I Tunes,Amazon and Apple Music

Listen Learn Practice and Teach this mantra to other devotees for them to experience the miracles just like you

Hare Krishna Hare Rama

Prana Kishore

Power of Hinduism-A Religion Created by One God in Many Forms

-Practiced As Way Of Life Sanathana Dharma by Hindus In India and Around the World

-Time To Be A Proud Hindu

Bhagavad Gita completes 5151years today 22nd Dec 2015

Bhagavad Gita completes 5151years today 22nd Dec 2015


Today is Bhagavad Gita Jayanti. Which means today is the day when Bhagvad Gita was spoken by Lord Shri Krishna to his very first deciple in the form of human i.e. Arjun. Tomorrow Bhagavad Gita will complete 5151 years.



🔹Few facts of Bhagavad Gita please read :


🚩What is the Bhagavad-Gita?


The Bhagavad-Gita is the eternal message of spiritual wisdom from ancient India. The word Gita means song and the word Bhagavad means God, often the Bhagavad-Gita is called the Song of God.


🚩Why is the Bhagavad-Gita called a song if it is spoken?


Because its rhyming meter is so beautifully harmonic and melodious when spoken perfectly.


🚩What is the name of this rhyming meter?


It is called Anustup and contains 32 syllables in each verse.


🚩Who originally spoke the Bhagavad-Gita?


Lord Krishna originally spoke the Bhagavad-Gita.


🚩Where was the Bhagavad-Gita originally spoken?


In India at the holy land of Kuruksetra.


🚩Why is the land of Kuruksetra so holy?


Because of benedictions given to King Kuru by Brahma that anyone dying in Kuruksetra while performing penance or while fighting in battle will be promoted directly to the heavenly planets.


🚩Where is the Bhagavad-Gita to be found?


In the monumental, historical epic Mahabharata written by Vedavyasa.


🚩What is the historical epic Mahabharta?


The Mahabharata is the most voluminous book the world has ever known. The Mahabharata covers the history of the earth from the time of creation in relation to India. Composed in 100,000 rhyming quatrain couplets the Mahabharata is seven times the size of the Illiad written by Homer.


🚩Who is Vedavyasa?


Vedavyasa is the divine saint and incarnation who authored the Srimad Bhagavatam, Vedanta Sutra, the 108 Puranas, composed and divided the Vedas into the Rik, Yajur, Artharva and Sama Vedas, and wrote the the great historical treatise Mahabharata known as the fifth Veda. His full name is Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa and he was the son of sage Parasara and mother Satyavati.


🚩Why is the Mahabharata known as the fifth Veda?


Because it is revealed in the Vedic scripture Bhavisya Purana III.VII.II that the fifth Veda written by Vedavyasa is called the Mahabharata.


🚩What are the special characteristics of the Mahabharata?


The Mahabharata has no restrictions of qualification as to who can hear it or read it. Everyone regardless of caste or social position may hear or read it at any time. Vedavyasa wrote it with the view not to exclude all the people in the worlds who are outside of the Vedic culture. He himself has explained that the Mahabharata contains the essence of all the purports of the Vedas. This we see is true and it is also written in a very intriguing and dramatically narrative form.


🚩What about the Aryan invasion theory being the source of the Bhagavad-Gita?


The Aryan invasion theory has been proven in the 1990s not to have a shred of truth in it. Indologists the world over have realized that the Aryans are the Hindus themselves.


🚩What is the size of the Bhagavad-Gita?


The Bhagavad-Gita is composed of 700 Sanskrit verses contained within 18 chapters, divided into three sections each consisting of six chapters. They are Karma Yoga the yoga of actions. Bhakti Yoga the yoga of devotion and Jnana Yoga the yoga of knowledge.


🚩When was the Bhagavad-Gita spoken?


The Mahabharata confirms that Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna at the Battle of Kuruksetra in 3137 B.C.. According to specific astrological references in the Vedic scriptures, the year 3102 B.C. is the beginning of kali yuga which began 35 years after the battle 5000 years ago. If calculated accurately it goes to 5151years from today.


🚩What is the opinion of western scholars from ancient times?


According to the writings of both the Greek and the Romans such as Pliny, Arrian and Solinus as well as Megastathanes who wrote a history of ancient India and who was present as an eyewitness when Alexander the Great arrived in India in 326 B.C. was that before him were 154 kings who ruled back to 6777 B.C. This also follows the Vedic understanding.


🚩When was the Bhagavad-Gita first translated into English?


The first English edition of the Bhagavad-Gita was in 1785 by Charles Wilkins in London, England. This was only 174 years after the translation of the King James Bible in 1611.


🚩Was the Bhagavad-Gita also translated into other languages?


Yes. The Bhagavad-Gita was translated into Latin in 1823 by Schlegel. It was translated into German in 1826 by Von Humbolt. It was translated into French in 1846 by Lassens and it was translated into Greek in 1848 by Galanos to mention but a few.


🚩What was the original language of the Bhagavad-Gita?


The original language of the Bhagavad-Gita was classical Sanskrit from India.


🚩Why is Srimad often written before the Bhagavad-Gita?

The word Srimad is a title of great respect. This is given because the Bhagavad-Gita reveals the essence of all spiritual knowledge.


🚩Is history aware of the greatness of Srimad Bhagavad-Gita?


Historically many very extraordinary people such as Albert Einsten, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Herman Hesse, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Aldous Huxley, Rudolph Steiner and Nikola Tesla to name but a few have read Srimad Bhagavad-Gita and were inspired by its timeless wisdom.


🚩What can be learned by the study of Srimad Bhagavad-Gita?


Accurate, fundamental knowledge about God, the ultimate truth, creation, birth and death, the results of actions, the eternal soul, liberation and the purpose as well as the goal of human existence.



Prana Kishore

Ramayana and Mahabharata connection to Visakhapatnam (AP ) India-Prana Kishore

Ramayana and Mahabharata connection to Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam‘ is named after ‘Visakha’ or ‘Kartikeya’, the God of Valour and the second son of Lord Siva. An Andhra King on way to Varanasi ( Kasi) liked the city and built the temple of Visakha in 11th-12th Century

In the  tale of  Ramayana,Lord Rama and Laxmana wandered in search of Goddess Sita,  in the forests of the Eastern Ghats around Visakhapatnam.

Sri Rama while wondering in Viasakhapatnam forests  was hungry and thats when he met the lady Shabari, who tasted the fruits first to ensure they are sweet and then fed them to Sri Rama.Sri Rama did not mind due to her devotion as she was like his mother.

It was Shabari who directed Sri Rama to the mountains where Hanuman lived.

Sri  Rama also met Jambavan, here.

Lord Hanuman and Jambavan, formed the army of monkeys in Visakhapatnam to defeat the demon king Ravana, and take back Smt Sita ,Lord Rama’s wife. It is also believed that the famous tale of Mahabharata where Bheema killed the demon Bakasura, took place in the Uppalam village which is 25 miles from Visakhaptnam Anakapalle, Anandapuram, Ananthagiri, Araku Valley, Atchutapuram  are the nearest towns / cities to Chinna Uppalam village.

Proud resident of Visakhapatnam

Prana Kishore


“Is Mahatma Gandhi An Incarnation” ? – Prana Kishore

An online flipbook from Prana Kishore.

“Is Mahatma Gandhi An Incarnation” is a one stop reference book on the life of Shri Mahatma Gandhi and how the Next Gen can use his life as an example to live a truthful life


Let me know your views

Prana Kishore

Indian couple in UK is the world’s oldest partners-Prana Kishore

Indian couple in UK is the world’s oldest partners

PTI | Nov 25, 2014, 09.10 PM IST


The couple who tied the knot almost 89 years ago on December 11, 1925 after meeting in India as teenagers celebrated their birthdays on Sunday.

LONDON: An Indian couple, both over 100 years old and said to be the world’s oldest partners, has celebrated their joint birthdays this week in the UK. 

The couple who tied the knot almost 89 years ago on December 11, 1925 after meeting in India as teenagers celebrated their birthdays on Sunday, the Metro newspapaer reported on Tuesday. 

They married the same year Margaret Thatcher was born and Stanley Baldwin was British prime minister, the report said.

Karam Chand reached 109 on the same day his wife turned 102. They marked the occasion with four generations of their family at their home in Bradford. 

Karam, a retired mill worker, smokes one cigarette a day before his evening meal and drinks a tot of whisky or brandy three or four times a week.


Shri Mahatma Gandhi Letter to Bajaj Family-Prana Kishore

Shri Mahatma Gandhi Letter to Bajaj Family

Gandhiji/Gitaji wrote on a post-card, to a Bajaj family young boy of ten, who later became CEO of Bajaj Motors of today:

1. Speak little, listen to all, but

2. Do only what is pure/righteous, as per Gitaji

3. Keep diary/account of every minute and perform what comes up at      that moment without postponing or dragging.

4. Live like a poor and never be proud of your wealth.

5. Keep account od every penny spent. 

6. Abhyas (6:35) of Gitaji must be done with full concentration.

7. In the same manner, physical exercise is a must.

8. Eat sparingly and be vegetarian ( 6:16-7; 17:14-6; 17: 7-10).

9. Write in your daily diary all you did that day.

10. Instead of the sharpness of intellect, the strength of the purity of  the heart is much more valuable, so develop that.. In order to develop that it is necessary to do Abhyas of Gitaji, Tulsidaji, Miraji, is essential.

11. Read Bhajanavali as a daily need like food.

12. Pray everyday with your mind and heart in what you pronounce in  your prayer.



All this he wrote in Gujarati on a post card, 3″x5″ as economical as he was in every thing in his life.

This is also a message for all of us.

How To Pray at Thirumanancheri Temple- Prana Arasu

Thirumanancheri Temple- Prana Arasu


Thirumanancheri’ (Thiru Manam Cheri) is a village located near Cauvery River in Nagapattinam district as per HolyIndia.Org/Temple/Thirumanancheri. The village name comes from the god Shiva. Thirumanam mean marriage; cheri denotes a village or hamlet. Shiva married Parvathi at this place so the village is called marriage (Thirumanancheri).

Sri Kalyanasundareswarar swamy Temple

Thirumanancheri is one among the popular temples of Lord Shiva, which resides in Nagai District, Mayiladuthurai Taluk, Near Kuttalam. The Nearest Railway station is Kuttalam. It is very near to Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai. Nearest Railway Junction is Mayiladuthurai.

As per the legend. This famous temple helps to overcome the obstacles of Marriage . So many people are visiting to the temple and benefited. In the Temple, there is a special pooja for the person who seek for a nice partner. After the Marriage the Couple have to visit the temple to return or dispose the Prasatham in the Temple pond.



Mythology : Once upon a time, Parvathy wanted to marry Shiva in an earthly marriage with all religious rites on the earth;  Brahma, Vishnu and Indira came to earth as acharya in Thiruvaduthurai; while playing chokkattan (similar to Thaayam), Vishnu won and his sister Parvathy laughed aloud; Lord Shiva was angry and said “Ada pasuve!” and Parvathy was born as a cow on earth; Vishnu became her herder at Therazhundur; Barathamuni had no children and he prayed the Lord; he was given permission to remove her curse and so he converted her cow shape to a feminine figure at Thiruvavaduthurai; she grew up at Kuthalam alias Thiruthuruthi in Bharathamuni’s house;  Lord Shiva came to marry her as promised earlier and Barathamuni received him at Ethirkolpadi; Shiva performed all the marriage rites / velvi at Velvikkudi before marriage;  then he married Parvathy at Thirumanancheri. Shiva hence gets the name ‘Pasupathy’.

Steps to Pray at Thirumanencheri Temple

Every temple has a sequence in which you need to pray in that temple.We just can’t go around praying any idol we want.

Step-1: Go into the temple;  you will see Selva Ganapathy on the left; pray  him first.

Step-2: Then pray Lord Shiva (Sri Uthvaganatha Swami) and go to (Parvathi) Amman Sannithi on the right. Meenakshi Amman here appears as a 13-year old Kokilambal, head slanted to her right, with three bends (“naanikkoni’). This posture is before her marriage.

Step-3: On the left side of this huge Main mandapam is the most important Kalyana Sundareswarar Sannithi and Mandapam. Enter the mandapam and turn left; light the ghee deepams here,  right opposite to the Kalyana Sundareswarar Sannithi (but do not light Raghu dosham’s deepams here;  Mangala Raagu has a separate place for ghee dheepams); Kalyana Sundareswarar deities are in marriage kolam; Meenakshi is on his right looking at the floor in kalyana kolam; hence married girls should always stand on the right hand side of the groom during all auspicious functions; the priests perform the rituals here to remove our marriage obstacles. Details are given below. 

Step-4: As soon as you light the dheepams, wait for the next batch; only girls and boys concerned are seated inside the enclosure and those accompanying should sit around this enclosure; couples who come after marriage to complete the rituals (and the parents of boys/girls who are unable to come in person also can sit inside the enclosure; if you are parent(s) inform the priest as soon as you enter the enclosure).

The priests brief you first regarding the Do’s and Don’ts; then collect all the garlands and the archana tickets first; they keep all garlands at the feet of the god, return one garland each to the spouse to be worn; [parents must keep it in their hands]; sangalpam is done and the thattu is taken away; [parents should tell the boy/girl’s gothram/name/star and not theirs]; archana follows, coconuts are broken, thattus are returned after aarthi as usual; drop Rs.10 or Rs.20 in the plate (thattu) for the priests.

Do’s and Don’ts as informed by priests here:

Vibuthi, kumkum (plus manjal for girls) are to be used, after prayers, for one mandalam (45 days or till they last) by the boys/girls only and NOT by others in the family.

Lemon should be drunk, without adding salt or sugar, by the boys/girls only and NOT by others; the next morning after bathing the boy/girl should pray wearing this garland and then drink the lemon juice with a little water.

Then retain the garland in a cloth bag (manjal pai), not in plastic bag, till marriage is over and come again with spouse; the same garland is finally put in the temple tank here.

Coconuts can be used by the entire family for cooking.

Step-5: After these rituals at the Kalyana sundareswarar sannithi, go and pray Shiva again. Normally no separate archana is done here.

Step-6: The kalyana melam/Nadhaswaram party collects Rs.10/boyor girl while coming out of the sanctum sanctorum, though not compulsory.

Step-7: Pray Raagu. Mangala Raagu here in the north of inner praharam is special for puthira dosha nivarthi; normal ghee dheepam (5 for Rs.10) available near Raagu, should be lit only by the boy or the girl or one of the parents if the boy/girl has not come;

Prana Kishore has invited Shri Prana Arasu to contribute to the blog “One Page Hinduism” Prana Arasu is an senior corporate executive who is an expert on temples and guiding people on the right way to pray in a temples. He explains the sequence of praying making it easy to follow step by step for our benefit. We will see more contributions from him.